shelf life of cosmetics All of us, before we buy something from cosmetics,look at its expiration date This is exactly what determines not only our safety, but also the time that we will be pleased with the cosmetic remedy. The shelf life of cosmetics, as a rule, is prescribed on the lower part of the container with a cosmetic agent (tuba, jar, vial). It is always worth remembering - the shelf life of cosmetics is a guarantee of our safety. How to correctly determine the shelf life of cosmetics and how to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations? This and much more we will try to find out with you. Keep in mind: the shelf life of cosmetics is not just the shelf life of it in your box, but your healthy skin, nails and hair.

Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics

The simplest option is to determine the expiration datecosmetics by code. But it is also worth remembering that for each country-manufacturer or manufacturer, its format is typical. For us, the location on the cosmetics made in Europe, the date in the format "month-day-year" is unusual. Can be used and the name of the year, indicated by the symbols of the Roman calendar, rather than the usual Arabic numerals. Determining the shelf life of cosmetics by code becomes a mystery if the sequence is a set of eight to twelve digits. In this case, there is no universal code for reading information. Such code is the information of an individual company, recorded by the manufacturer in the order in which it is indicated in the certificate and in the documents confirming the quality. When buying any cosmetics the first thing to do is to check the expiration date of cosmetics. To do this, you need to use the system of decoding the date that is used by the company. shelf life of cosmetics

Universal definition of expiration dates

We all often wonder how to find out the timeshelf life of cosmetics. It is enough to find a set of numbers where the release date will be indicated, but there are universal rules. It is worth knowing that if the make-up smells unpleasant, its appearance and consistency has changed, then such cosmetics can not be used in the future. We give universal advice that will help you find out the expiration dates of cosmetics.

  • All creams (as usual, and tonal and cream-powders) are on average suitable for use from six months to one year;
  • Powders (except compact ball-point), shadows and blush - two or three years (no more);
  • Lipsticks, liquid shadows and pencils for the eyes, lips, masking pencils - about a year or two;
  • Carcases and podvodki - about a few months (up to four - five).
  • Varnish for nails - about three months.
  • If there is no information on the date on the tubestorage of a cosmetic product, then about the period of its validity it is necessary to ask the seller or the consultant of the cosmetic store. Large campaigns will never make you think about how to determine the expiry dates or fabrication. If you can not afford pretty expensive cosmetics, but want to buy only a quality product, then it's worth knowing that there is a procedure - decryption of the expiration date. As a rule, all companies do not use one universal code. Therefore, the decoding of the shelf life of cosmetics should be done separately for each product. There are sites that specialize in helping to determine the shelf life of cosmetic products. Usually the first and second digits are the year of release, the third and fourth are the day, the fifth and the sixth are the month. Then - the batch number, the international code of the enterprise and something else. You can always check the expiration dates of the product you purchase by the seller, consultant and any other specialist in the field of cosmetic business. Only with close attention to what you buy, you can be sure of the health and safety of the skin, nails and hair.

    Methods for checking expiration dates

    How to check the expiration date of cosmetics? such a check can be made directly in the store or in any other place of purchase of this one. Among other things, there is a variety of all possible methods of verification.

    • Calculator of shelf life of cosmetics

    With this method, to deceive the buyer in practiceis not possible. The essence of this check is that the definition of expiration dates is carried out in the global network on the official websites of cosmetic companies. It is enough simply to enter the figures indicated on the purchased product into the form - and you get the expiration date. Even if a new label is pasted on top, it will be easy to remove. Advantages of this method: rapidity, absolute confidence in the result, inability to correct the numerical codes on the goods, confirmation of the legality of the purchased goods. All methods, the reliability of which is quite high, can not be compared with the expiration date calculator.

    • Determination of shelf life by time of use

    Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics can beis carried out and by calculation on duration of that time during which the means will be used by you. Often the determination of the shelf life of cosmetics can not be carried out without difficulty (for example, the label or a part of the digits is erased). In this case, the best option is a calculator, discussed above.

    • Determination of shelf life in appearance

    Determine the shelf life and freshness of cosmeticmeans can and in appearance: by color, by smell, by flowability. Here everything depends only on the ability to evaluate these qualities. When you open the package, you should pay attention to how it is assembled, how it is closed and so on. If the cosmetic product is open, it was used by someone from the buyers or you are offered a sampler, then such a remedy should be discarded. Cosmetic can be infected with pathogenic microbes, putrefactive bacteria and viruses. shelf life of cosmetics by code

    Cosmetics storage conditions

    The storage conditions must correspond to thatcosmetic product that you use. So, for example, mascara and lipstick should lie in places, protected from outside air, especially warm. Often it is with such storage of lipstick, the top layers of which dry up, crack and roll down when applied to the lips. In the conditions of storing cosmetics, humidity, air temperature, the amount of sunlight in the storage areas and the possibility of fresh air access are linked together. When the temperature of the air is high, the agents melt or change the consistency, which indicates that it has become unusable. So, for example, with a temperature drop, the cream becomes layered and liquid. The lipstick column can change shape (if it's not liquid lipstick, which is like a cream), lumps appear in the mascara and so on. Shadows that are stored in a damp room, like the powder of various grinding and consistency, are inadequately applied to the field of how they become wet and swollen. Every woman, who has a small amount of cosmetics, even thinks about where to store them. Children and outsiders who enter the house should not use your makeup. Children can spoil your cosmetic remedy or stain them all in the house. Outside people even when considering may cause a viral illness. This is especially dangerous for mascara and shadows. Know where the cosmetics are stored, only you. On the question of what to store cosmetics, experts in the field of cosmetic business answer fairly simply. Cosmetics should be stored in a place where it will not lose its properties and will be able to serve you for as long as indicated in the period of its storage and use. You yourself should decide what to store your powders, lipsticks, creams, shadows and others like them, since you should be interested in the long term of their use. How to store cosmetics, every girl and woman should know. It's not just that you have to buy new and new products with improper storage, but also that one product may not be compatible with the other (not only with application, but also with storage). Sometimes such information is also in the instruction in the product to be purchased. To preserve cosmetics, it is best to choose a specific capacity. It can be:

    • case;
    • box;
    • container;
    • suitcase.

    We do not casually do not take into account cosmetic bags, sohow they were created not for storage, but for the temporary transfer of cosmetics. The case for storing cosmetics differs, as a rule, by its reliability, the impenetrability of sunlight, the presence of numerous compartments for all types of cosmetics. The case is convenient in the event that you have a lot of cosmetic products, and there is no space for their storage. Cases for storing cosmetics can be produced by cosmetic companies themselves for presentation and advertising purposes. In addition, they are convenient to carry or transport. Practically nothing (except respectability and representativeness) does not differ in a suitcase for storing cosmetics. Such kind of goods can be purchased in almost any cosmetics store or in the department of goods for hairdressers. At home, a convenient box is quite convenient to handle, since you can put in it almost everything that is in your arsenal of beauty. It should be borne in mind that the boxes can be of different volumes, most often plastic. In the box there are no compartments for storing different types of cosmetics, but it is rather convenient to use several boxes of size placed in each other. A similar function is performed by containers for storing cosmetics. They are the most convenient to handle, they can not take up much space. In addition, a container for storing cosmetics can be used for other purposes. So, in several containers that do not pass water, air and dust, you can fit all your cosmetics and at the same time create optimal conditions for their storage. This will not only save you from worries about your cosmetics, but also create favorable conditions for the extension of its life.

    Terms of use and storage of cosmetics

    As a rule, the shelf life of cosmeticsdepends not only on the indicators that are set by the company in their manufacture. During operation, attention should be paid to what is commonly called additional factors:

    • frequency of use of the facility;
    • the amount of the agent used in a single application;
    • conditions of use (for example, when carcasses are used, consideration is given to the degree of air-squeezing);
    • the compatibility of one agent with another (for example, with the application of foundation and powder).

    The means of whatever company you choose for yourselfdaily or holiday care, it is worth paying attention to the whole set of factors discussed above. Only a competent approach and correct use will help to avoid allergic reactions of your body and long-term treatment. Cosmetics is created in order to do even more beautiful and brighter. So use this chance, using only high-quality cosmetics. And not when do not use expired makeup. Remain beautiful always and against all odds!