calluses on foot treatment Corns are painful seals on the feet,which are formed for various reasons, the main of which is uncomfortable, unresponsive shoes. How to ensure correct treatment of calluses on the legs, if the problem is already present and prevent it not?

Folk remedies against corns

There is a mass of low-cost folkfunds that are very effective in controlling calluses. This is celandine, pork fat, coniferous tree, aloe and much more. It is not necessary to buy expensive medicines to cope with this annoying problem. We will discuss this in more detail today. Potatoes for the treatment of calluses It is known that simple potatoes, which certainly will be found in every kitchen, perfectly heals corns. It is necessary to prepare a gruel, wiping potatoes on a grater together with onions. The resulting mixture is transferred to gauze and attach to the inflamed patch on the foot. This will allow the corn to quickly fall apart and eventually disappear. In the same way, you can use the leaves of aloe, which you just need to cut and put the inner side of the corn. Aloe from above it is better to cover with polyethylene and by means of bandage to fix it. It is recommended to do such a compress before going to sleep. By the morning the inflammation will decrease significantly. The second stage is to remove the steamed skin and lubricate the damaged area with camphor oil or high-fat cream. Instead of camphor oil, you can also use any other oils, for example, olive or wheat. Such procedures must be repeated until the corn completely disappears. The Benefits of the Indian Mushroom For the treatment of calluses, a dairy Indian mushroom is suitable, from which it is necessary to make a leaven. In the resulting leaven, soak the bandage and attach it to the corn. On the bandage, put polyethylene. Now tightly bandage the compress. In this way, it is recommended to treat old calluses. Coniferous Grime Against Calluses It is known that needles are effective in curing many diseases. Corn is no exception. In this case, a small sized conifer is used. It needs to be heated and rolled in the form of a plate. Apply it to a sore spot, first steaming and drying the corn. Over the plate, glue a wide patch or bandage the foot with a bandage. Gum must be kept in a damaged place for three days. Then you need to replace the compress. After a while, there will be no trace of the callus. Ointment with fish oil and aloe vs. calluses Ointment, which contains fish oil and aloe juice, not only effectively treats corns of any complexity, but also cope with cracks, which often appear in the summer due to foot-rubbing shoes. To prepare the ointment, take fish oil and aloe, from which it is necessary to squeeze out the juice. Mix all the ingredients in the same amount. In the resulting composition dip a napkin and attach it to corn or natoptysh. It is recommended to do such a compress before going to bed, so that by morning the callus has decreased. After sleep, wash your foot with a decoction based on chamomile. Make such compresses should be exactly until the corn is completely gone. Garlic for the treatment of calluses Garlic and onion husks very well cope with calluses, both dry and fresh. You will need to take onion husks and pour it with vinegar. The mixture should be infused for two weeks in a tightly closed jar. After you open the jar, you need to take the husk and wait until it completely drains the vinegar and it dries. Before you go to bed, put the husks on the corns. The layer should be two to three centimeters. It is better to lubricate the skin of the corn with petroleum jelly - it will soften the inflammation. After that, bandage the foot and leave the compress until morning. Then the foot needs to be washed and the corn removed. Repeat this procedure until the corn is gone. Treatment of calluses with camphor alcohol Disposal of calluses can be effectively carried out with camphor alcohol. First of all, you need the English salt, which you need to pour into the basin and fill with water - the leg should go along the ankle. Do this every day, fifteen minutes. After its completion, remove the top layer of corn using pumice. Now, place a spot of corn with camphor alcohol. treatment of calluses on the legs

Features of treatment of dry corns

Corns are known to be fresh and dry. Dry calluses are old, getting rid of them is slightly more difficult than from fresh ones. There are many ways to get rid of dry calluses, the first of which is a common medicinal streptocide in combination with a bulb and vinegar. Boil water by adding a portion of the bulb to it. Let the bulb boil for three minutes in the water, and after that get it out and let it cool down. Undress your feet in warm water, then remove the top of the corn. Now, in the center of the sore spot, drip some acetic essence, and from above place the onion, the inner side to the skin. In the morning, clean the corn, pouring it over the streptocid - it will disinfect the damage site. Bandage yourself. Raw meat is another option for treating corns. Suitable as pork, and beef. Meat must be thawed, preferably fresh. A piece of meat is applied to a sore spot, fasten. Compress for two hours. If one procedure is not enough, repeat. Propolis is not bad. It needs to be warmed up to a soft state. Adding the lard to the propolis, make a cake. Now attach it to the sore spot and bandage it. Pre-steal corn, and compress yourself at night, so that by morning it has softened and it could be removed. Take note that in order to combat dry calluses, decoction of buds of coniferous trees is excellent - fir or pine trees are suitable. They will help to completely remove the old calluses. However, the most mild means is a poultice based on calendula flowers, from which it is necessary to prepare a gruel. Apply the mixture to the corn and bandage the leg. It is desirable to insulate the compress with a woolen cloth. It will take ten of these procedures. How to Cure Wet Corns Wet, fresh calluses appear usually after you have purchased new shoes and put it on for the first time. It is recommended to fix the problem immediately, so that the corn does not become even bigger and more painful. Attach the inner film from the egg shell to the damaged area. First you will feel a burning sensation, but after an hour it will stop. After a while, the film will stick to the corn. Corn from this treatment disappears in two days. Fresh calluses can also be treated with gruel from pea, ivy, plantain and milk. No less effective in the fight against such calluses and potatoes, which was said at the very beginning. Another way - bread crumb, soaked in vinegar. It must be fixed for the night with plaster and bandage. And periodically make a bath of oats, which allows you to steam feet. fresh calluses on legs treatment

And a few more tips from our grandmothers

Soap and soda bath for the feet - very simple,but a fairly effective method of getting rid of corns. Fill the basin with warm water (1 L), add soda and soap. In this solution you need to hold your feet for about twenty minutes. After the procedure, rub the callus with pumice stone and rinse your feet with water, then soften with a moisturizing cream. To enhance the effect of the bath, it can add a decoction of chamomile, which nourishes, softens the skin and gently cares for it. Treatment of callus on the legs, both fresh and old, is well done using wine vinegar and infusion of garlic (1: 1 ratio). This mixture should be infused for two weeks, then apply a compress on a daily basis for the night. Propolis is also useful. Just stick a piece of propolis and fix it with adhesive plaster. After several applications, the callus will disappear. Tomato or tomato paste is an effective way to quickly heal corns, because it is known that tomatoes are well disinfected and effectively fight bacteria. Just cut a piece of tomato and attach it for a while to the sore spot. You can attach it with a band-aid and leave it for a whole night. In the same way you can use a lemon, which will save you from the calluses for three days. The above methods are enough to cure even the most complex and old calluses. Note that the place of the previous inflammation should be additionally tended using softening creams and lotions - they will help to cope with the coarsened skin on the foot, which is especially common in the summer. As you can see, quite a lot of ways that quickly and effectively cure calluses. At all it is not necessary to go to a drugstore for special ointments or corn plasters, as soon as you have such a problem. Using products that are always in your refrigerator, you can prepare great cosmetic and medical products without significant costs.