Anticellulite massage Massage is your wonderful assistant in the fightfor the slenderness of the figure. With it, you can improve the flexibility and elasticity of the body, positively affect your well-being, increase productivity from sports activities and, most importantly, eliminate cellulite and accelerate metabolism in the body. But a couple of decades ago, massage played the role of an exclusively therapeutic event. Now most beauty salons offer their clients this procedure as a corrective and modeling figure. The name speaks for itself: anti-cellulite massage is an effective means to reduce the manifestations of the very "orange peel", which women of all ages are so shy about. And no matter how much doctors persuade the fair sex that it is only a physiological feature of the female body, which you can not even name a disease, no matter how many say that almost every one of us has irregularities and tubercles on the skin of the thighs and buttocks, not excluding and stars, but the fact remains. Such a defect of appearance upsets and makes you look for ways to get rid of it. By the way, "orange peel" is found both in ladies with excess weight, and in rather slender, even skinny. Its appearance depends on numerous factors: the hormonal background, the characteristics of nutrition, the number of births and so on. Cellulite - a structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer, which slows the outflow of lymph fluid. For the first time he was called a cosmetic defect in 1973 on the pages of the magazine Vogue, citing the statement of one of the owners of the beauty salon. And it is since then that women of all ages are waging a desperate struggle with the "orange peel". In addition to balanced nutrition, anti-cellulite massage also helps. There are different methods of carrying out this procedure, the effectiveness of which is provided by a gradual transition from surface techniques to deeper ones. The zone affected by massage from cellulite is a layer of subcutaneous fat. Perform it locally, in those places where pronounced manifestations are seen in the form of tubercles and pits. The main direction of the procedure is to increase blood circulation in the massaged zones, because the most important thing in getting rid of cellulite is the restoration of microcirculation in the body. anti-cellulite massage at home

What is the effectiveness of massage?

Massage against cellulite pursues the main goal,consisting in the correction of the figure or weight reduction, so it is quite rational to combine it with relaxing procedures for the back, hydrotherapy and lymph drainage. After all, with a complex approach, the result always comes faster and has greater severity. If you still hesitate and do not dare to enroll in a course of procedures, and with a sigh you look at your own reflection in the mirror, then remember that anti-cellulite massage is not only relaxation and rest, it is also an excellent figure and your health. It is not necessary to postpone the procedure for the summer, when only a few weeks remain until the holiday. It is better to take a course in advance, so that the body can rest, adapting to its new state. If you visit a beauty salon with a good reputation and consult a specialist beforehand, asking him all the questions that concern you, you will receive in return a fairly extensive lecture on the topic "Massage against cellulite". Its main conclusions in a shortened version will sound approximately as follows:

  • The procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation in the smallest vessels - capillaries. This method allows your skin to get rid of toxins, to find beauty and smoothness.
  • Massage from cellulite activates metabolic processes in the body, the cells are updated and enriched with oxygen. This is largely due to the improvement in lymph circulation.
  • The procedure prevents stagnation in the inner layers of the epidermis, so that unnecessary products of metabolism and decay are removed.
  • Massage helps to remove excess fluid from the body, so connective tissues become more elastic.
  • The respiratory function of the skin is restored, the work of the sebaceous glands and many internal organs is normalized.
  • Together, all these changes are favorableaffect the muscle tone, there is a feeling of vivacity. And if you add to all the balanced diet and exercise, then the main manifestations of cellulite, you will soon be able to say "Farewell!"
  • All these conclusions are true andare not exaggerated at all. Massage has a very pronounced effect, which not only will quickly affect the condition of your skin in problem areas of the body, but also contribute to improving the protective properties of the body, stimulating immunity. Try it, and you will see for yourself that the combination of therapeutic and cosmetic properties leads to excellent results in the form of smooth skin and excellent health.

    Anti-cellulite massage without leaving home is a reality or a myth?

    As a rule, with an "orange peel", which is notmoved to the fourth degree, and is somewhere on the border of the second and third, it is quite possible to cope without visiting the beauty salon, performing anti-cellulite massage at home. But resorting to specialist help is still worth those women who do not have time for themselves because of the rapid pace of life, are lazy enough to complete the course of ten deep-impact procedures or perform a daily light procedure. Girls who are not afraid of pain and are willing to pay to get rid of cellulite at the cost of minimal effort on their part, also it is worth making an appointment with a professional. In other cases, you can manage at home. Of course, this may seem not very convenient, because it is difficult to independently work out the buttocks and the back of the thighs, but if you want you will be able to adapt and soon you will get used. But, firstly, you do not have to spend money on the trip to the beauty salon, and secondly, you can massage at any time convenient for you. By the way, the most suitable period for carrying out anti-cellulite procedures is the morning before breakfast and the evening before bedtime. In fact, the technique of performing them is quite simple. You need to learn the basic movements, their sequence and focus, understand which areas of the body are forbidden, and how much time should be given to the procedure. All this needs to be thoroughly understood, because your goal is to be useful, not to harm your own body. So, massage should be started easily and smoothly, and when the skin and muscles get warm enough, you can accelerate the pace, while increasing the pressure. By the time procedure, depending on whether you choose the technique of performing (deep or superficial), it takes from twenty minutes to an hour, and its frequency ranges from daily to twice a week. Before doing anti-cellulite massage, consider some important points, namely:

    • All the movements must be started from the feet, gradually rising upwards, to the forearms;
    • You can not massage the groin and pubic area;
    • varicose veins, cardiovascular and skin diseases are direct contraindications for this method of fighting cellulite.

    how to do anti-cellulite massage

    Classic anti-cellulite massage at home

    There are four types of effectiveanti-cellulite massage: classic (manual), dry grinding, honey and vacuum. In this article, we will discuss each of them, since they are distinguished by the technique of execution and the additional means and materials used. To begin with, consider the classic version - manual. It is the most common and does not require special conditions, auxiliary materials and means, except for massage oil (optional). The main methods of this anti-cellulite procedure are to mash existing fat deposits on problem areas of the body and stimulate blood supply. Stage one - we do strokes. You need to prepare the skin for massage, relax the muscles with simple and smooth fingers. Move slowly and arbitrarily, but do not forget to start from the bottom, gradually rising higher. Pay attention to each problem part of the body, do not neglect such training, because it is aimed at improving blood circulation in the capillaries. Stage two - rubbing and kneading. Attach your palm with your fingers wide as wide as possible to the selected area of ​​the body and start rubbing. Make sure that the skin is displaced under pressure in the same direction as the fingers. This will improve her tone, bring out excess fluid and reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous layer of fat. Legs should be worked from the bottom up, and the hips - by movements in a circle. The area of ​​the knees, ankles and legs can be massaged and somewhat differently. Put your hands in the ring, clasping the narrowest place of the foot so that the little fingers and thumbs touch each other. Now start moving up and down, rubbing and stretching your skin. In no case do not hurt yourself, try to slide your hands over the body without strong pressure. Skip this step for those areas where you have broken capillary fragility, external damage, or a large number of veins on the surface of the skin. Stage three - pressure. The technique of performing this massage movement can be superficial or deep, depending on the state of your blood vessels and the epidermis itself. In the first case, you need to carefully tighten your fingers and release the skin. So you will be able to soften a little the fat deposits located at the very top. If you are ready to perform deep pressure, grab a fairly large area of ​​the problem area with your hands and knead it as a dough, moving from the edges to the center. But try and in this case avoid too painful movements. This technique is the most effective because it affects deep fat deposits, strengthens lymphatic drainage, restoring skin elasticity and relieving you from the hated "orange peel". It is suitable for performing on all problem areas of the body, so knead not only the legs, the outer and inner surfaces of the thighs and buttocks, but also the abdomen, as well as the forearms. Do not forget about the knees. Stage four - patting. This method, complementing anti-cellulite massage at home, is to impact the problem areas of the body with strokes. They can be different in strength and intensity, it all depends on your pain threshold. The technique of execution is very simple: strike punches with clenched fists or pat your fingers, carefully working out all the affected areas of cellulite. Stage five - and again stroking. Do not forget to "caress" a body that has been subjected to a rather rigid massage procedure, especially if this is the first time. With gentle touches of the palms and fingers, stroke the heated skin, it will relax it and soothe it. Similarly, an experienced massage therapist in the beauty salon, because any procedure provides for its comfortable completion.

    Dry grinding, vacuum and honey massage

    Trying to determine the most effectiveway of how to do anti-cellulite massage at home, do not forget about the method known as dry grinding. You will need a brush that has a natural bristle of medium hardness, or a special glove. True, you can do with the usual terry towel, twisted in a tourniquet. This version of massage is suitable for those who do not like to give to the procedure of looking after themselves a lot of time, because its duration is only five minutes, and the frequency - twice a week. The technique is to rub the problem areas of the body affected by cellulite, until the appearance of redness. What's the point? It's pretty simple. The fat layer of the skin with the "orange peel" is broken blood circulation, and you need to restore it. But do not be tempted to reach redness as quickly as possible, rubbing the body with sharp movements with great effort. So you just earn bruises and scratches. Accuracy and slowness - that's the key to success. Therefore, perform dry grinding on the same principle as manual massage. Move from head to foot, keep a small intensity, and increase as you warm up. Do not look at the clock, because at first you have to spend more time, but then you will get used to it, and the body will get used to it. Yes, and most importantly: the skin must be dry, otherwise you can not avoid injuries. After completing the procedure, treat yourself by applying a softening lotion or lotion to your body. No less effective and vacuum massage. Certainly, a specialist in a beauty salon will make it more professional, but its technique is not so complicated, so as not to try to master it at home independently. The duration of the procedure is about twenty to thirty minutes, but if at first you can not keep within this framework, it's okay. Finish anti-cellulite massage at home can be with the appearance of redness on the skin. All you need for this procedure is a silicone jar and massage oil. They can be purchased at any pharmacy. Apply the product to the areas affected by cellulite, squeeze the jar a little and put it on the skin. Do not forget that you should start from the bottom, gradually moving higher and higher. You will see that due to the displacement of the air, the bank "sucks" to the body. Moving it around the problem areas in circular motions, you will gradually achieve the necessary persistent reddening on them. As soon as it appears, stop the massage and lie down under the blanket to keep the rush of blood. Then take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream or emollient milk to the skin. Very effective and honey massage. Those who have experienced its effect on themselves, argue that the result of its use at home is not much different from salon. The "orange peel" disappears for a long time, the excess weight goes away. But massage with honey is quite painful, the owners of thin skin often remain bruises. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to take a course of ten procedures, which are conducted every other day. So, you need to mix two tablespoons of any honey (preferably liquid) with twenty drops of citrus essential oil and apply the resulting composition to the problem areas of the body. Now try to glue your palms and tear them away from the skin. Are you in pain? Do not be scared, it should be so. If the sensations are painless, then you have applied too thin layer of honey-oil mixture, fix it and try again. Move from bottom to top, do not rush. Massage can be stopped only after the honey in all problem areas has turned white and becomes very viscous. Take a shower and to enhance the effect, apply anti-cellulite cream to the body. With the onset of spring, many women with dissatisfaction note changes in the outlines of their own bodies and rush to restore their former forms. Agree, but sometimes it is very difficult to allocate part of the hard earned money for a course of professional procedures in the beauty salon! But this is not at all a problem - there is a way out, there would be a desire. If you are not lazy and willing to give yourself a little time, then go ahead - for beauty and harmony! We advise you to read: