milking day There is no woman in the world who would easilylooked in the mirror at her extra 10 kilograms of weight, would indifferently buy jeans in two sizes more and with a smile took the jeers of others about its completeness. All this is nothing more than a mask. In fact, the girl, faced with the problem of excess weight, first panics, then begins to feel the whole charm of the inferiority complex, and then convulsively writes out prescriptions for diets and addresses of gyms. Will the noble intentions throw off a couple of kilograms in life? It depends on the woman herself. Many prefer instead of resolute actions to cherish the problem and adapt to life "in the body." And only some fight with insidious genes for their own attractiveness. Agree, the second category of girls deserves praise. Since to refuse to myself a slice of a cake for the sake of a glass of freshly squeezed juice and to get up early in the morning for a run instead of spending an extra hour in bed, is a kind of feat. Although throw off weight can be much easier. It is enough to replace freshly squeezed juice with tea and milk. Yes, you understood correctly. This is a day of milking, the effectiveness of which has long been proven. Why starve yourself for weeks and crawl exhausted for a run, if you can just arrange a day off and bring the figure back to normal in the shortest possible time? Especially since milk is healthy. milk day

The Benefits of Milk

Those who are still skeptical aboutside milking, authoritatively declare: this drink will help you to throw from 700 grams to 2 kilograms of excess weight per day. In addition, milk will calm the loosened nervous system (during a difficult time we live!), Stabilizes the work of the kidneys, liver, heart. There are practically no contraindications to this method. Lose weight on the milk can not be only the one who "was lucky" to be born with intolerance to milk and dairy products. Even dislike for green tea can be overcome by replacing pure tea leaves with a mixture of black and green tea in a 1: 1 ratio. Therefore, we can safely say that such a day of unloading is universal. Of course, you will not feel full of this drink, but milk skillfully eliminates the feeling of hunger, which is an invariable companion of losing weight. By the way, it should be noted that after such a day of unloading a woman notices that her hair has stopped falling out, nails have grown stronger, and the whole body feels extraordinary ease. In other words - do you want butterflies in your stomach? Drink milk and lose weight at the same time! Of course, we need to do this with knowledge, so the next item in our article will be an overview of the day off.

Unloading day on milk

What is milk? Regular tea with milk, no more. Therefore, absolutely every woman can brew it. Of course, many of us with great pleasure drink overseas diet pills and teas in multi-colored packs with incomprehensible contents. And in vain! There is nothing better than ordinary milk and tea. Welding removes toxins from the body, milk reduces the level of caffeine and softens the taste of the drink. Truly, milk and tea are the perfect pair. But which tea is better? Nutritionists prefer green tea, although milk on ordinary brewing with an Indian elephant also has a right to exist. Moreover, there are people who simply do not like green tea. What now? Do not carry out unloading? No matter how it is! It is enough to adapt the unloading day to milk for yourself, and you can enjoy the long-awaited weight loss. We (with your permission) will take as a basis classical recipes using green tea. There are several options for brewing milk:

  • The simplest way is tomix 1 liter of freshly brewed green tea and low-fat milk. To stir thoroughly. Sugar is strictly forbidden! First, it's unloading you, not a traditional tea party. Secondly, sugar dulls some of the properties of green tea and reduces the effectiveness of the drink.
  • The following recipe is not only more complex, but alsomore specific. Here, nutritionists do not rely on female conscientiousness in brewing tea, but give clear instructions. So, we take as a basis 3 tablespoons with a slide of green tea. We boil 2 liters of water, make tea. After the brewing is properly dissolved in the water, we pour 1 liter of boiled milk into the tea. Leave the drink for 20 minutes, then carefully filter. Milk is ready for use.
  • The latter method is the most effective of all. Here we also measure 3 tablespoons of green tea, but we brew tea with boiling milk, and not with ordinary water, as we are used to doing. The amount of milk can vary from 1.5 to 2 liters, but nutritionists are advised to take only a low-fat drink, so that instead of the long-awaited weight loss you do not overtake the extra pounds that are taken from somewhere.
  • useful unloading day on milk

    Thinnesses of unloading on milk

    Agree that every diet and unloadingThere are secrets and subtleties. Not without them and in the case of milk. The first warning that I would like to give to slimming girls is to unload the house. The fact is that milk is a diuretic, so the toilet should be in saving proximity, otherwise you can not avoid embarrassment. Plus, you will experience hunger, and with it weakness. Agree, it is easier to lie down at home than in a noisy office, where the authorities monitor your every step! The following rule follows smoothly from the previous one. If we expel the liquid from the body, it needs to be filled in, otherwise the unloading days will turn into weeks on the hospital bed. But it's not about us and you. We will lose weight competently and except for milking drink 2 liters of mineral water a day. And then our water balance, as well as weight, will be normal. Only the mineral water costs to take a good and without gas. In the concept of "good" is embedded that sense that the mineral water had to be extracted from the well, rather than from an ordinary tap in a neighboring house. Do not be afraid to overpay for water when it comes to your health. Immediately rush to grieve lovers of a delicious meal. Is during unloading is prohibited. Absolutely. So be patient and milk. Drink a mixture of green tea and milk, too, you need by the rules - a glass of milking 1 time in 2 hours. This restriction does not apply to mineral water. It can be consumed at least every 5 minutes. Just do not forget that you are allocated only 2 liters of mineral water, so distribute this volume competently. By the way, milk can be drunk as hot (imagine that it is a rich chicken soup), and cold (if the heat in the street). The main thing is not to get off course and not to grab a sandwich or a piece of meat instead of a glass with milk. Those who have already fallen in love with this method of losing weight, for sure you want to repeat your feat and sit for a few more days on milk. Not worth it! Still, milk with tea is not just a way to quench your thirst, but an effective diuretic, so you should not joke with it. Nutritionists are allowed to spend only 1 day per week on milk, and even then, provided that you are a completely healthy person. As for the time of the year, it is best to start losing weight in the spring, when the vitamins are already filled not only with the table and the refrigerator, but also with the organism exhausted by long winter evenings; when the feeling of hunger is not so strong, and the desire to lose weight interrupts even the strongest urge of the stomach to appeal to your pity and beg for some food. In a word, the hotter in the street, the more useful the milk will bring. The last recommendation is a sense of moderation, which our girls are so clearly sometimes neglected. Only they can stay a day for milk, so that the next morning, encourage yourself for the resistance of a mountain of hot sandwiches. And only Russian women can carry out unloading in front of the corporation in order to get into their favorite dress, and at the evening they can grind the grilled chicken, drinking the meat with high-calorie wine. And it is good, if the long-suffering dress is made of elastic fabric. And if it spreads on the waist-fattened from the abundance of food in the midst of the holiday? Of course, we just frighten you. But in every joke there is some truth. Therefore, arranging a fasting day, let's set yourself to lose weight further. And then the milk will remain only a favorite drink, and not an effective means to quickly lose weight.