how to whiten teeth with folk remedies Whiten teeth with folk remedies in householdconditions - it would seem that it could be easier? But in fact, not all the recipes of beauty that we got from our mothers and grandmothers are equally useful and safe. In some cases, such experiments are fraught with quite serious consequences. And hypersensitivity will not be the biggest problem. Damage to the enamel and the destruction of healthy teeth - that's what should be afraid of the fair sex, who decided to test soda, vinegar, salt, citric acid, peroxide and many other similar ingredients.

Step One: Strengthen Teeth

Before you decide on teeth whiteningfolk remedies, take an examination at the dentist and strengthen the enamel well. For a week or two before the procedure, start eating milk and cottage cheese on a daily basis in order to replenish the calcium stores in the body. Please note that cheap products made from powders and chemical additives will not only not help, but will also harm your health. Also, take the rule in the morning and evening to rinse your mouth with a decoction of herbs. Not bad helps tea tree, bark of an oak, a camomile, a mint. Thanks to tinctures, you can get rid of bad breath, and prevent the emergence of bacteria, which cause caries, inflammation, periodontal disease and many such diseases. dentifrice

Step two: proceed to bleaching

To date, there is quite a lotthe number of methods and ways with which you can become the owner of a smart white smile. Like any self-treatment, teeth whitening at home, and even folk remedies, has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is preliminary recommended to carefully weigh the pros and cons to avoid many unpleasant consequences.

  • Soda

Soda, which we are accustomed to add to the dough,so that it rises, has another remarkable property - it cleanses teeth from yellow plaque perfectly. Until recently, it was added to almost all whitening pastes, since it was believed that this ingredient is completely safe. But, as it was explained later, it very quickly destroys the enamel, so it's still not worth using. So, mix baking soda with lemon juice in a one-to-one ratio, then add a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide (only three percent). Dampen the cotton swab and lightly rub her teeth, then rinse the mouth with copious amounts of warm water. After this procedure, it is recommended two hours to refrain from eating food and liquids (especially strong cold or hot). To apply such recipes in practice is recommended no more than once a week. If you are afraid of damaging the enamel, try a more loyal method of whitening. During cleaning, add a small amount of baking soda (at the tip of the knife) to the paste. Thus, the load will be distributed evenly, the surface of the teeth is almost not scratched, and the unpleasant taste will be imperceptible.

  • Peroxide

Previously, girls brightened with peroxideeyebrows, hair and even skin to achieve a noble pale color. In the future, beauties began to use this tool and to combat the natural yellowness of enamel and the appearance of plaque. They either rubbed their teeth with a cotton swab soaked in liquid, or rinsed the mouth with a solution after cleaning (for one hundred milliliters of water, forty drops of peroxide). Ten days later, the smile becomes snow-white, and the result is kept for a long time. However, it is incredibly difficult to predict the consequences of such procedures.

  • Activated carbon

Pack a tablets (ten pieces) incoffee grinder before forming a powder or crumble with a knife. Wet the wet brush lightly in the corner, then proceed to thoroughly brush your teeth. After five minutes, rinse the mouth with herbal decoction to remove the remnants.

  • Resin

Some more sophisticated recipes also deserveyour attention. So, for example, you can prepare a completely safe toothpaste, which should be used every day. Dry in the microwave oven or oven the banana peel, mix it in a blender or coffee grinder with a teaspoon of dry resin and with sea salt. In the resulting powder, add a small amount of olive oil to the mixture was creamy and did not spread. Apply on the gums and teeth in the morning and evening after eating.

  • Salt

To prepare a salt paste you will needa packet of tooth powder, a teaspoonful of shallow food salt, which should be ground into powder, and soda. Stir thoroughly all the ingredients. It is recommended to use this tool not more than once in two weeks.

  • Lemon

To lightly whiten the yellowed teeth, eachmorning wipe them with freshly squeezed lemon juice. However, such recipes are not suitable for women with sensitive gums or caries, as the acid can cause unpleasant burning sensations in the mouth. Unfortunately, the result in this case will not be visible immediately, plus you will hardly achieve the ideal whiteness. Do not use lemon peel, as it may contain chemical additives. Sometimes producers cover vegetables and fruits with special mixtures or wax, so that they are easier to transport and store. Therefore, even for consumption in food with overseas delicacies, it is necessary to peel the skin.

  • Berries

Strawberries, strawberries and many other berriescontain bleaching substances that will not harm your health. It is enough to do three-minute masks of fresh berries once a week. After the procedure, teeth should be cleaned with fluoride toothpaste. products for teeth whitening

Be careful, whitening!

Please note that not everyone approaches the folkmethods and means for teeth whitening. Self-treatment of non-professional products and products from the refrigerator should be avoided for those who have small cracks in the enamel or formed caries, patients with periodontitis, pregnant. Do not experiment with people who are allergic to one or another ingredient. Preliminary it is recommended to consult with your dentist, who will tell you the best option. However, in most cases the specialist will discourage his patients from self-medication, as some recipes can spoil even the most healthy and strong teeth. Common misconceptions of people whitening their teeth at home

  • Folk recipes are always effective

It all depends on what kind of results you expectget. If your primary goal is to lighten your teeth by one tone, then you will not be disappointed (for a week or two the plaque from tobacco, drinks and food will be cleaned off). But you will not achieve an ideal white Hollywood smile with the help of improvised means, even if you daily brush your teeth with soda and peroxide.

  • There are harmless folk ways of bleaching

There are no completely safe methods. But if you do not resort to such cleansing more than once or twice a month, the enamel will not be damaged and it will not crumble. Note that much depends on the condition of the teeth of the fair sex. Patients and susceptible caries can not withstand such a load.

  • The results of home whitening will last a long time

In fact, the effect obtained is short-lived andenjoy a snow-white smile you can for a maximum of three days, after which the teeth will again begin to darken. Part of the reason lies in the dyes contained in food, which we use daily, in part - in genetics.

Perfect smile or how to properly care for your teeth

Want as little as possible to contact the dentist andforget about yellowness of teeth once and for all? Often, the raid appears due to non-compliance with basic standards of hygiene, which sometimes some of the fair sex even do not know. For example, flossing in our country is used by units. Not to mention the rinse and special powders.

  • Cleaning

First, teeth need to be cleaned twice a day -in the morning and in the evening. And only two times a week it is necessary to use a whitening paste, at the rest of the time - usual with fluoride. Be sure to study the labels on packages and purchase products for daily use. By the way, squeezing a brush requires a small amount of paste (the size of a pea). The cleaning procedure should take about three minutes. This is quite enough to remove all the formed plaque and particles of food, without damaging the enamel and gum.

  • Toothbrush

It should be changed at least once every three months. During this time on its surface, bacteria begin to multiply intensively, which in the future can lead to a serious disease. If the bristles are worn out before the time, discard it without regret. Immediately after you have had a flu, ORL, sore throat and other viral diseases, change the brush.

  • Tooth elixirs

Unfortunately, the benefits of dental elixir are knownfew ladies. But this product has bleaching, antibacterial and refreshing properties. You can buy already prepared products or prepare tinctures and decoctions yourself, using folk beauty recipes.

  • Proper nutrition

The whiteness of the teeth is also affected by food. Coffee, wine, tea and other drinks containing natural and chemical dyes lead to yellowness of the teeth. Eat as much as possible fish rich in fluoride, milk, liver, beef, eggs, apples and carrots. Try to give a load on the jaw and do not rub the fruit and vegetables on the grater. teeth whitening with folk remedies

Yellow teeth - health problems

And, last but not least - if your smilesharply became dark yellow, and from the mouth appeared an unpleasant smell, undergo a comprehensive examination. Do not start using folk remedies immediately. Teeth whitening is the last thing you should think about in this case. Such changes indicate that something is wrong with your body. Remember, the first thing to do is find the cause, not eliminate the symptoms. We advise you to read: