age difference between a guy and a girl As a rule, the difference in age between a guy andthe girl is 2-3 years old. However, today in modern society you can find tandems in which partners can be older or younger than each other for decades. Many psychologists and sociologists have been trying for quite a long time to determine what is the optimal age difference between a man and a woman, but their opinions on this matter are often divergent. Thus, most experts believe that the strongest unions are obtained when the age of spouses or lovers is not more than 5-7 years. Others argue that a man should be much older than a woman, and even lead calculations on how to determine the optimal age of his future wife: you just need to divide the age of a man by two and add to it another 7 years. There is also a theory that in the most successful marriages, the husband and wife are always about the same age, because they grew up under the same conditions of society that have developed at one time or another. Opinions about the optimal age difference are many, but life sometimes dictates its own rules. It happens that the union of people, violating all the rules and decorum of age restrictions, exists much longer than the usual marriages. If people decide to connect their destinies at a conscious age, then neither the difference in years, nor the opinion of others can affect their desire for living together. Much more serious is the situation when such a tandem is solved by very young people who have yielded to the impulse of passion and are not burdened by a great life experience in order to understand what problems they can expect in the future. If we talk about the difference in age between a guy and a girl, then most often we mean that a man is older than his girlfriend. But there are also reverse situations, when girls (and more often women) choose young men as companions of life. And in that, and in another situation, you can find both pluses and minuses. Let's talk about how the age difference can affect the future of young people still. the correct age difference between a guy and a girl

If a guy is older

In most modern couples, the guy is oldergirls for at least several years, and this is quite normal. The thing is that for many reasons young girls are far ahead of their peers in psychological development, so they are simply not interested in coevals. At an older age, especially after 25-30 years, such a small difference in age is completely eliminated, since the level of development of men and women is approximately "balanced". Contrary to popular belief, adult men often look for and appreciate in young girls not so much beauty, as a certain ease of thinking, openness and the absence of numerous complexes, which, as a rule, "mature" older women. The sexual aspect of relationships is also very important in such cases, since it is the man "at the age of" who can teach an inexperienced girl to experience the whole gamut of intimate sensations. But the guys of her age, as a rule, are rarely interested in the pleasure of her lover. One can not exclude the fact that a man who is looking for a young companion of life also assesses her ability to become a suitable mother to her future children. Girls, as a rule, also see in adult men the most optimal candidates for the role of the father of their children. And this is quite natural, because compared to their peers, mature men are much more family-oriented, confidently "stand on their feet" and can provide the family with a decent standard of living. It is hardly worth blaming girls for such a mercantile approach, since most of them are not looking for any special material benefit. This is inherent in nature: following the ancient instinct, they try to do everything possible to ensure that their children know nothing about anything. Of course, there are marriages, which are concluded only by calculation, and they are not uncommon. However, in most cases a young girl still genuinely falls in love with a man older than her by age, interested in his settled views on life, and also with a sense of calm and confidence that he can give her, unlike peers who are not ready for serious relationships. The danger of such a relationship is that a girl may in time start to "bore" a little in the company of her lover, as over the years most men become more serious, thorough and even slightly boring. The only "cure" for this development is a healthy sense of humor, with which it is necessary to treat new manifestations in the nature of its second half, as well as the willingness to constantly "slow down" a man, provoking him into unusual and sometimes risky acts. When communicating very young girls with older men they need to be constantly on guard. Quite often there are cases of indecent attitude of adult guys or men to their young girlfriends, which consist in the manifestation of exclusively sexual interest, carefully masked by strong and passionate feelings. You can recognize these guys on insistent requests to spend the evening in an intimate atmosphere and resentment in case of refusal. Such impartial behavior is more typical of guys and young men under the age of 30-35 years, and older men tend to treat women more respectfully and do not allow such behavior. In a romantic relationship, it is very difficult to determine the line when a man becomes "too old" for a girl or a woman. Most young ladies are very good at adapting to the needs of their senior chevalier without any damage to their own personality. In addition, many women and so mature much earlier than men, so it may well be that the young lady of 20-25 years is at the same level of development as a 40-50-year-old man who only recently decided to settle down and start a family. A little bit more complicated is the situation with young girls who, due to their inexperience, sometimes can not distinguish real feelings from ordinary easy falling in love. For them, relationships with men who are older by 10 or more years, often turn into a real tragedy. However, this is not an obligatory trend, because in our modern society it is possible to find many couples in which a man literally "raised" and "fostered" his wife from a very young age, being much older than her. The main principles of successful relationships in which a guy or a man is older than a girl is his willingness to build serious long-term relationships, in every way to protect and protect his beloved. The girl also needs the ability to create the optimal psychological environment, comfortable for herself, and for the beloved man. However, the only indispensable condition for the success of the union, in which a man is older than a girl, still exists, is a community of interests and basic views on life. the big difference in age between a guy and a girl

If a girl is older

Recently, in connection with the changedthe social status of women in many countries quite often began to form unions in which the lady is older than her boyfriend for 10 years or more. Such relations are still condemned by the society, however, in fact, they have the same right to exist, like the tandem of elderly men with young girls, whom no one today is surprised. In such unions, the age of a woman who decides to associate her life with a younger cavalier is very important. For example, 25-year-old girls are rarely interested in guys for 10 or even 5 years younger, because they are often considered too young and naive, so we will not consider this type of relationship. Quite different is the situation with women of more mature age - 30, 40 or even 50 years. By the age of thirty-forty, many young women, especially those who did not have time to eat all the joys of family life, quite often pay attention to young guys. They seem to them such kind of young innocent Romeo with flaming hearts, ready for the most unpredictable acts for the sake of his beloved. It is the ease of relations and the kind of extravagance of feelings that come with union with young guys, and attracts women at the age of 30-40, because their peers by this time, as a rule, almost completely lose the ability to surprise and shock the lady of her heart. Of great importance in the tandem of a young guy with an older woman have intimate relations, which, as a rule, completely suit both sides of the union. In adulthood, the sexuality of most women is in full bloom, and their young lovers are always ready for loving pleasures. In addition, after 30 years, many women get rid of complexes associated with their body and the way they look in the nude, which allows them to be much better freed and completely surrendered to the power of their passions. One of the most obvious advantages of such a relationship is the desire of a woman to live up to her young gentleman, which results in increased care for her appearance. As a result, and so sufficiently a young woman begins to look more fresh and younger. And importantly, changes are not only in appearance - the whole inner world of a woman is transformed, giving her the ease and joy of realizing that she is still young and beautiful. On the other hand, the need for constant external correspondence to his second half can over time greatly exhaust the woman and even provoke the emergence of her neurosis, which can serve as the first "bell" to the termination of such relations. Also, the heavy psychological burden for a woman is society's reaction to her union with a young boy, especially those situations (with a big age difference) when they are perceived as mother and son. In such cases, it is very important to abstract from the opinions of others, paying attention only to the harmonious development of their relations. Especially since guys, as a rule, do not worry at all about the age of their beloved. Moreover, they are often proud of her experience and ability not only to not lose, but also to multiply her attractiveness over the years. The big danger is represented by young guys, who are only interested in the financial situation of their mature girlfriend. Such young people very skilfully disguise their true intentions. When a woman understands the whole error of such a connection, then, as a rule, has time to fall in love with her unlucky gentleman and is seriously worried about the inevitability of the gap. Also, the issue of childbearing is quite acute in such an alliance, as a woman can simply miss her childbearing age, waiting for her young lover to mature to become a dad. However, lately a large number of happy couples can be observed, who have such a difference in their ages. The main condition for the success of such unions is, of course, sincere feelings on both sides and a willingness to sacrifice some of their principles and life convictions for the sake of a joint happy future. Despite all the shortcomings and advantages of the alliances described above, always remember that the age difference is not critical in such a delicate matter as building strong romantic or even family relationships. It is much more important to look at life in one direction, striving for the realization of similar goals, to have the same views and the most important values ​​of life. If you have similar interests, know how to enjoy every minute of the time spent together and are ready to support your soul mate in any, even the most difficult life situations, then no difference in age will prevent you from being happy! We advise you to read: