sleeping postures for lovers The human dream is one of the most interesting andmysterious phenomena. About what it is, disputes have been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. A window into parallel worlds, a journey through distant galaxies, memories of past lives or the games of our subconscious? An unequivocal answer still does not exist. However, despite the fact that humanity is not yet able to explain the nature of dreams, people have long noticed that dreams are tightly connected with our reality. How often, falling into the depths of sleep, we commit acts that we fear in real life. We see our future, which we have already dreamed of, visit places we have not yet visited, but would like to visit. Dreams are the continuation of our obvious life, so psychologists say that they are able to tell a lot about a person, his character and behavior. Without delving into the abyss of dreams, let us dwell on the external manifestation - the sleeping postures of the sleeper. And not just a lonely, curled-up man, let's talk about the sleeping positions of two lovers. And they can tell us many secrets!

Pose for sleep "face to face"

This posture is maximally open andemotional character. The legs of partners can be woven or straightened, strong embraces make them touch the bodies and lie literally nose to nose. This attitude is typical for young couples, passionate lovers, when the relationship is so acute that it seems unbearable to part for even a moment. The inconvenience of this position, as a rule, does not prevent a couple from falling asleep and waking up in each other's arms. sleeping posture "spoons"

Pose for sleep "hugging from behind" or "spoon"

Imagine a gift set of dining roomsdevices. Spoons lie in it sideways, one after another. In this way, according to psychologists, a very large number of couples are sleeping. This pose is very eloquent. Lovers sleep, closely pressed, but without interfering with each other. The one from the pair who lies behind, and, as a rule, is a man, creates for the second half a feeling of warmth and harmony. Sleeping in front - usually the owner of a softer character, a person who can give more than take, prefer to give in, rather than argue. If, however, the "spoons" during the sleep change places, without changing the essence of the pose, this indicates complete equality and harmony in your pair. According to experts, "hugs from behind" - one of the most sexual, but at the same time, and calming the poses for sleep.

Pose of security and trust

This pose is even more gently called "underwing ", considering the most romantic. The partner sleeps on his back, hugging and pressing his partner lying on his side, his head on his shoulder. The open pose of a man speaks of his devotion, a gentle attraction and the ability to doze on his shoulder - the willingness to support and protect his soulmate from all the hardships of the world around him. The position of the woman shows a high degree of trust to her partner, peace and tranquility beside him. However, if the partner lies on her stomach, hugging the sleeping man with her hand, slightly modifying the pose, this indicates her jealousy, as if she protects her companion from invisible rivals, even in a dream.

Sleep pose "knots of love"

Characteristic of this posture is chaoticthe interweaving of the hands and feet of lovers during sleep. The complex of these postures is often found in fervid, impressionable, emotional people. During the night, they often tossed and weaved into new love nodules, not disturbing the sleeper nearby, but, on the contrary, adjusting to each other somewhere at the subconscious level. Such pairs, as if rooted trees, are very attached to their second half. back to back

Sleeping position "back to back"

Postures described as "back to back" may bereally different. In one of the options, when lovers sleep, touching their backs, there is nothing to worry about - just sleeping people next to them determine for themselves the most comfortable positions of the body during sleep. As a rule, we are talking about self-sufficient, moderately independent and self-confident people. At the same time, they are not cold and not separated from each other, because even at night they support a common "border", keeping the points of contact with their backs and feeling the warmth of their partner. However, the situation becomes completely different when it comes to couples sleeping literally on opposite sides of the bed, increasing the distance from each other to the maximum possible. During sleep, the gap between partners is like an abyss. you did not notice that if you quarrel with your lover and bring insult to your shared bed, do you jam on the edge or turn your face to the wall? If this posture is casual, there is no cause for alarm. After all, every couple has bad days, conflicts, quarrels, misunderstandings. But still, if this pose for sleep was not characteristic at an earlier stage of your relationship, being your permanent personal characteristic, but has appeared recently and continues to be in your life, it is worthwhile to think about. If you wake up day by day, turning away from your spouse or lover, as he is from you, and the distance between your backs catastrophically increases with each night, threatening to break the bed in half, it is worthwhile to take your relationship with a new look. Perhaps, having analyzed mutual claims and suppressed discontent, you can again fall asleep sweetly in each other's arms. In conclusion, I would like to note only one nuance. Remember, a dream is an ephemeral matter, a fine line of reality and subconsciousness, light and darkness, the present and the future. Therefore, of course, one can not accept as a given the instructions that give us these interpretations. Deciphering the postures of sleep lovers is just a kind of psychological portrait of relationships, and psychology is known to be subtle and non-direct. What is good for some couples does not mean the same for others. Each person is a person, with his own characteristics and moods, what can we say about a couple in love. Use knowledge for good, and do not focus on negative indicators. Sleep pose can be an indicator for you to identify problems, and not an excuse for empty tears. The main thing is to love each other and sleep sweetly!