diet on vegetable soup Remember how we were forced to eat soups in our childhood andvegetables, how to convince that they are more useful than sweets and cakes? Since then, a lot of time has passed, and we finally realized that the parents were right: they do not bring any goodness to anything good, and excess fat at the waist is proof of this. Well, it is better to understand later than never that proper nutrition is a pledge not only of health, but also of a slender figure. So why not take the wise advice from childhood and not start eating right, and at the same time and not lose a couple of pounds of excess weight? Moreover, there is a beautiful and completely harmless diet based on vegetable soup.

Amazing diet on vegetable soup: eat and lose weight

What is the value of a diet based on vegetable soup? Yes, it is an ideal solution for those who like and eat delicious, and lose weight. One of the main advantages of this diet is that it does not limit the amount of food you eat: the more you eat, the faster you lose weight. In general, a day is supposed to consume at least two and a half or three liters of soup, and in case of hunger, even more. Will you agree that the prospect of working with a spoon all day and losing weight at the same time is quite tempting? Any girl who sat on a diet with vegetable soup, say that losing weight by this method was very easy and pleasant. The fact is that such food is low in calories, although tasty and truly effective. It's no secret that soups from vegetables have a stimulating effect on the body, normalize the metabolism - it's these properties that help to stay healthy and well-proportioned. And then, let's not forget about the undeniable benefits of vegetables for the human body: they are rich in vitamins, macro and microcells, high in carbohydrates and various acids. In addition, any vegetable is primarily a fiber that cleanses our body. Eating just a few servings of vegetables a day, we not only improve our health, but also "take a place" in the stomach, not allowing us to swallow our appetite. vegetable soup diet

Diet menu on vegetable soups

Prepare vegetable soup is very simple -Use your favorite recipes for cabbage soup, borsch and other similar dishes, but cook them not on meat broth, but on water. Boil the vegetables for not more than ten minutes, otherwise you will lose all useful substances and vitamins. Also, do not add to the soup roast - extra calories we do not need. You can perfectly cook a huge soup pan and eat it all week, but it's better if you eat a fresh soup every day: it's tastier and more useful. Of course, the most effective are soups, completely unadjusted with salt. If you do not stop the taste of such a dish, then you will lose much more weight than those gourmets that can not live without a pinch of salt in the dish. However, if you belong to the category of the last, do not despair: in the end, seasoning the food with salt, you can hold onto the diet for much longer, which means - to lose more kilograms! So, the menu of our diet: First day: Vegetable soup and any fresh fruit (bananas are highly recommended, since they are very caloric). Pure drinking water - about two liters, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar). The second day: Soup from vegetables and any vegetables of green color. Corn and peas are not recommended on this day. For dinner - one baked potato with sunflower oil. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar). Third day: Vegetable soup, fresh fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar). Fourth day: Vegetable soup, fresh fruit (including bananas!) And vegetables. Low-fat milk, cranberry juice, tea without sugar. Fifth day: Soup from vegetables, boiled beef - three hundred grams, fresh tomatoes. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar). Sixth day: Vegetable soup, boiled beef - three hundred grams, any vegetables, a salad of leaves. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar). Seventh day: Soup from vegetables, boiled rice with vegetables, fruit juice freshly squeezed. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Are there any effects on the diet on vegetable soups?

Adhering to this diet, you can throw off a weekup to eight kilograms of excess weight. Moreover, a diet on soups is the rare case when no doctor will tell you: enough! You can sit on it as much as you want - thanks to this diet you will not only lose weight, but also perfectly clean the body of toxins and toxins. And yet this diet contributes to the restoration of tissues and improves the digestive system. Moreover, there are practically no contraindications to this diet - it can not be used only for people with serious chronic diseases. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers can afford such a diet. And obese patients before the operation on the heart doctors strongly recommends that you lose weight in this way - because the diet on soups is not only safe, but also very effective! Of course, not everyone is given such a diet easily, because her diet is pretty monotonous. Heavy, as a rule, there are the first two days - at this time the body is rebuilt and gets used to a new diet. However, the following days pass fairly easily, and changes in the figure become noticeable (and this, perhaps, is the best motivation!) It is necessary to leave the diet carefully: try to adhere to a similar diet for several more days, adding calorie products gradually and in small quantities. In this case, you will permanently fix the result obtained and will please yourself and others with a beautiful, harmonious figure. We advise you to read: