weight loss days "I'll lose weight, by all means!"- Many girls say to themselves, dreaming of throwing a few extra pounds. And, really, lose weight: they sit on strict diets, exhaust themselves with hunger and heavy physical exercises. But their joy, in most cases, lasts only a short time: sometimes the weight not only returns, but also brings together three or four extra kilos. But there is one proven, almost 100% way to build once and for all - fasting days for weight loss.

Efficiency of unloading days

Of course, this method is less popular withfull of ladies, because the result has to wait for a long time. It's understandable - nobody wants to lose weight during the year, everyone wants to find a model appearance in a matter of days. But in fact so beloved by many strict diets can seriously harm the body, dieticians of the whole world tirelessly insist. Do you know that there are thousands of diets in the world, but none of them is recommended by the Ministry of Health? Unfortunately, very few people stop it: the ranks of starving sufferers, who ruin their health, do not decrease. Nevertheless, scientists have long ago proved that any fasting is a stress for the body. Well, imagine: an evil aunt has got into your house, which strictly controls all your meals. Sometimes you are lucky and you eat as much as you want. But there are "black days" when this bad woman does not allow you to touch your favorite products, and you have to sit for a few days on yogurt with carrots. Your actions? Do not hesitate: you will certainly begin to save delicious and nutritious food in reserve, in case of another hunger strike. The same way your body does. Poor thing, he is afraid to death that you will again sit down on a new diet and he has absolutely nothing to eat. But as soon as you open yourselves to access to the refrigerator, the body immediately begins an "operation to prevent subsequent hunger strikes". He, as a reasonable hostess, slowly lays off the nutrients in the form of fat, so as not to let you starve to death during the next hunger strike. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that all the new wrinkles appear on your sides, although you regularly sit on terribly heavy diets. So pity your body, take care of your health. In the end, you have one. Think about it: just one day a week you follow certain rules and eat only the allowed products. All the other six - eat as usual. However, after starting the weight-loss days for weight loss, you willy-nilly change your habits and begin to absorb much less food than before. After all, the stomach gets used to reduced portions and proper nutrition, it slowly decreases in size. As soon as the weight returns to normal, the number of unloading days can be reduced to one per month. One of the most pleasant moments in days off is the fact that you will not feel hungry. Depression, anger at the entire surrounding world and the fear of falling and eating up to the dump will remain with those who prefer to lose weight instantly. Instead of these unpleasant sensations, one only benefits: the body becomes healthier, and excess fat melts. Well, is not it a dream? And let you not get the desired result instantly, but those grams and millimeters that will go weekly will not return to you again (of course, if you do not go all the way and do not eat half of the supermarket at a time). days of unloading days

How to organize a weight loss day

But what if you belong to those people, to whom andday hold on to low-calorie foods is not easy? After all, there are quite a few women who have firmly decided to "sit for a day on vegetables," and already closer to dinner absorbing fried potatoes with fatty cutlets. If your will power is slightly "limp", then do not worry - there are several effective tricks with which help your unloading day will pass easily and imperceptibly.

  • First of all, unload your body on a weekdayday, not on the day off. What could be worse than sitting all day next to the refrigerator, clogged with forbidden delicacies? Everything will be much easier if on this day you are busy with business and socializing with people - so you will not have much time to think about food.
  • Be sure to have a good breakfast on your unloading day - even if you do not feel hunger at all. Of course, there are only allowed products, but in sufficient quantities.
  • Evenly distribute meals throughout the day - they should be at least five or six. Remember the golden rule: it is better to eat many times and in small portions than to eat one time, but before dumping.
  • It is not necessary on the eve of a fasting day tooeat too much, try to move on to such days smoothly. Just slightly reduce the amount of calories consumed so that on the day of discharge the body does not experience stress. The same can be said about the "exit" from the fasting day - please do not overeat at the joys, otherwise there will not be any benefit from your efforts.
  • Try to drink as much liquid as possible. It can be non-carbonated mineral water or tea - at least two liters.
  • And, of course, try to be rightadjust yourself psychologically. By consuming less food, you will certainly feel light in the whole body - just rejoice at this sensation. In the end, a small moderation in food will benefit not only the figure, but the whole body as a whole. And most importantly, remember: you only need to limit yourself to food in a day, and tomorrow you can open the desired refrigerator (just do not overdo it and do not eat a double norm for joys).

lose weight on fasting days

Variants of unloading days

So, it was done - you still decided to do ityourself and experience the action of unloading days! First, think about what kind of diet you will stick to (orient yourself to the food that brings you joy and pleasure). There are different options for unloading days, but they all boil down to the fact that there are only allowed products. So, you can try: Unloading days on apples In whatever part of our huge country you live - apples always remain the most popular fruit on the shelves of stores. For a fasting day green apples are much more suitable, since they contain less sugar, which means less calories consumed. For a day you need to eat at least one and a half kilograms of apples, dividing them into five or six meals. If desired, some of the fruits can be baked in a microwave or oven - so you not only diversify the menu, but also increase the amount of pectin in the product (a substance that helps to remove toxins from the body). In general, apples are just a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Do you know that these wonderful fruits help not only to lose weight, but also cope with a cold, with heart disease, that they are useful for the intestines and help improve the condition of the teeth? And the apple diet is considered one of the most popular in our time, because these fruits are tasty, nutritious and do not contain fat. Unfortunately, apple eating days have their own contraindications. They do not suit those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract - in case of prolonged eating of apples alone, these people may experience an exacerbation. If you belong to this group of people, then do not get upset, because there are still many options for unloading days. Unloading days on meat Well, is not this the dream of any person who dreams of losing weight: there is juicy, tasty meat, becoming slimmer and thinner with every swallowed piece ?! If you are a meat-eater, not thinking for a day to live without a slice of delicious meat - well, this menu is for you: divide four hundred grams of low-fat boiled beef into five or six meals. As a side dish, you can use fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage - not more than one hundred grams at a time. What are the benefits of meat-free days? First of all, the fact that the body is replenished with the necessary protein and iron, which are best absorbed in the absence of carbohydrates. In addition, it is not so easy to sit all day on meat and stay hungry, so this day of relief can only be rejoice: the stomach is full, and the excess weight goes away. Contraindicated this "diet" only for people with kidney disease, as well as for those who have problems with the liver and blood vessels. Such people should take a closer look at the other menu of the day of unloading, for example: Unloading days on kefir The menu of such a day is easy to remember: throughout the whole time you need to drink only fat-free kefir. In a hundred grams of the product, only thirty-seven kilocalories, but the benefits of this sour milk product is incredibly high. We bring to your attention the most obvious advantages of using this product:

  • Activation of digestion;
  • Getting rid of the feeling of heaviness;
  • Suppression of rotting processes in the intestine;
  • Reduction of allergy manifestations;
  • Acceleration of metabolism in the body;
  • Improved complexion.

And this is not all indicators, because kefiris truly a unique sour-milk product! If all sorts of fashionable yoghurts and bifidobroducts are often unable to pass the sanitary epidemiological inspection, then our native kefir is wholly useful and safe for everyone without exception. Note that ordinary milk is not shown to everyone - unlike kefir, which you can drink "even to peanuts and teetotalers." On the other hand, the choice of kefir in the store should be approached with knowledge of the matter. If you select a package that was released three or more days ago, you risk causing the appearance of constipation in the body. If you are happy to grab a completely fresh, today's kefir - be careful, such a product is fraught with the appearance of excessive gas formation in the body. It is best to buy "yesterday's kefir", which acts on the digestive organs best. Unloading days on buckwheat Grechka long ago called "the queen of croup." With the help of buckwheat lose weight, it improves digestion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and cleanses the intestines. The buckwheat diet has firmly won the minds and hearts of those who are looking for a way to get rid of hated kilograms. And since there are practically no contra-indications to the menu of buckwheat porridge, such unloading days for weight loss are suitable for most girls. Just do not forget that this porridge is prepared in a special way. In order to maximally keep all the useful substances and vitamins contained in it, you do not need to cook this crop, you have to steam it. It is done this way: one glass of buckwheat is poured into two glasses of steep boiling water, wrapped in a dense cloth and left for the night. Salt, spices and oil can not be added, but this is no reason for regrets: true lovers of buckwheat will appreciate the natural taste of their favorite food! As in other days off, the whole volume of cooked food should be divided into five or six servings and eat them during the day. In addition to still water and green tea on this day, you can drink about one liter of low-fat kefir. Unloading days on potatoes Let all the furious opponents of carbohydrates cry and weep, because on potatoes you really can lose weight! This wonderful vegetable, long ago become so native and indispensable in any kitchen, is able to reduce a few centimeters on your waist. The fact is that in the usual potatoes, habitual to us from childhood, there is a whole lot of useful substances and vitamins. In addition to the high content of potassium, phosphorus and iron, this vegetable contains valuable amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of our body. And the menu of potato day of unloading can be quite diverse. We present to you three variants of the ration of a fasting day on potatoes:

  • Option one

Bake in the oven three hundred grams of potatoes withoutuse salt and spices, eat during the day with a small amount of sour cream. Try to divide meals by five to six times, you can drink with mineral water without gas or green tea without milk and sugar. Such a diet is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, the circulatory system and kidney disease.

  • Option Two

Breakfast: two hundred grams of low-fat milk; Lunch: three hundred grams of mashed potatoes boiled on water with a small piece of butter; Supper: light potato-egg salad (two hundred and fifty grams of potatoes boil, cool and cut into cubes, add finely chopped egg, hard-boiled, season with vegetable oil with a drop of vinegar, salt and pepper). Such a fasting day will surely save you three hundred grams of excess weight, while you will not feel hunger or bad mood accompanying normal diets.

  • Option Three

We cook baked potatoes with lemon juice. Thoroughly washed vegetables cut in half and put in the oven, peeling down. Salt, oil and water do not need to be used, but it's not forbidden to sprinkle the dish with dry dill. Squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic, pour lemon juice on the potatoes - after twenty minutes the dish is ready. Lose weight on health! Unloading days on watermelon This is another option of carbohydrate unloading days, which are well tolerated and do not cause any harm to the body. After sitting a day on a watermelon, you perfectly clean the body, facilitate the work of the intestines. And if you suffer from kidney disease, liver, if you have high blood pressure or problems with the urinary system, then the days of discharge on watermelon are "what the doctor prescribed". Buy an average watermelon (about six to seven kilograms), and do it not on the day off, but on the eve. The fact is that this way you will save yourself from unnecessary physical exertion in this already hard day (eating only a watermelon is just not easy). There you will, of course, only the flesh, and in a watermelon it is about one and a half to two kilograms. That is, about three hundred grams of watermelon flesh - this is your one-time portion, which should be at least six during the day, at regular intervals. Unfortunately, even in watermelon unloading days there are contraindications. Such a diet is absolutely not suitable for women suffering from severe kidney disease, cholelithiasis, diabetes mellitus. And if you have recently experienced poisoning, eating watermelon in large quantities is also contraindicated to you. By the way, try not to plan long walks this day, because watermelon is a powerful diuretic. As you can see, the options for fasting days for weight loss are quite enough, you can quite choose an acceptable diet for yourself. Of course, you do not have to expect immediate results, but with the regular holding of such days, you will not only noticeably lose weight, but also improve your body. Having organized the unloading approximately once or twice a week, in a year you will admire your beautiful, harmonious figure. And if you think that the year is too long, then remember yourself, but exactly one year ago: did not you get the idea of ​​losing weight and did you dare to take strict measures? Surely you have made attempts to lose weight, and more than once, "but it's still there, right?" Of course, unless you have gained a couple of extra pounds during this time (which is quite possible after severe, debilitating diets). And now imagine: what if you had already decided to lose weight a year ago with the help of unloading days? Take that decision then, now, you probably would have admired your new forms and you would not have wondered how to throw off those hated kilograms of excess weight. So why not start losing weight with the help of fasting days right now, so that in a year with pride look at yourself in the mirror? We advise you to read: