fasting day on curds Today, probably, you can not find a girl whois completely satisfied with her appearance and figure. This is not surprising, because from the covers of magazines and TV screens we are looking at long-legged, slender and smart models. Then you involuntarily think about the fact that you should lose some weight and pump up your muscles. There are many variants of diets, food systems and fashionable slimming products, but today we will talk about a cottage cheese-free day, which every day becomes an increasingly popular way to get rid of excess kilos and put yourself in order before vacation. Moreover, unloading is also useful for general cleansing of the body, because it works around the clock and almost does not rest. And unloading days enable our body to switch to cleaning and getting rid of the debris that has accumulated inside.

The advantages of a fasting day on cottage cheese

Doctors, nutritionists are often recommended to do a weeka couple of days, when the diet includes only dishes from cottage cheese. And it's no accident. The fact is that a fasting day on curd has a number of advantages that make it more widespread and popular among women of all ages. The main thing is not to go too far and not eat so constantly. So, what are the advantages of cottage cheese unloading? And here's what:

  • Cottage cheese is a product rich not only with calcium,which is simply necessary for beautiful and durable nails, shiny hair and a smart smile. It also contains a sufficient amount of proteins and fats, which are an important material for the skin and not just for it.
  • Unloading day on curd is considered the mostgentle and sparing kind of unloading, because during the whole day you can eat various dishes from cottage cheese, without suffering from hunger and without drowning it with water or other liquid.
  • Cottage cheese products are allowed to be consumed absolutely for all people regardless of age and health status.
  • Curd is easy to digest and does not create an excessive load on the digestive organs, which means that your body can relax and rest from heavy food.
  • Cottage cheese unloading has several variations that allow you to choose exactly such a recipe that suits you.

cottage cheese-free day

Discharge day on curds

This is not all the pluses that hasunloading day on cottage cheese. The list can be listed indefinitely, but do not forget about the disadvantages that any diet or weight loss means. Unfortunately, there is nothing ideal, so that the day of cottage cheese has a number of shortcomings that you need to know.

  • Unloading day will not give great results,maximum leaves 1-1,5 kg. If you want to get rid of a lot of extra pounds, then you have to seriously take care of their food. And unloading days use only as an auxiliary tool.
  • If you have lactose intolerance, then you are contraindicated in dairy products and this kind of discharge simply will not suit you.
  • Cottage cheese is quite an expensive product, so such a day of unloading can not be cheap.

How to spend a day on cottage cheese

The result of a fasting day, first of all,depends on the correctness of its conduct. Therefore, you need to know some rules that will help to cope with this task without the hassle and hunger, and also get a good effect even in just one day. So wait to run to the store, first read the rules for unloading, there are not many of them.

  • Before arranging a fasting day,it is necessary to prepare the body to reduce the usual level of caloric content. For this, on the eve of unloading, try not to eat as the last time, give up fatty and sweet food. For dinner, it is best to eat light salad or other low-calorie food.
  • In no case do not rush to extremes and do not refuse dinner at all. It will become stress for your body, and the whole unloading day will go wrong.
  • During a fasting day, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid (water or unsweetened tea) so that the body can take out the products of "cleansing".
  • To eat on a fasting day is necessary often, but for a little bit. On average, about 5-6 meals per day should be obtained.
  • Portions should be small, about 200-250 grams at a time. This amount is quite enough to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but not to overeat.
  • At the end of the discharge, it is also necessary to maintain moderation in the diet and to avoid excessive consumption of high-calorie food. Sweet substitute with dried fruits, cook in the oven or steam.
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    Recipes of a fasting day on cottage cheese

    As mentioned above, there are severalvariants of carrying out a fasting day on cottage cheese. Some are more sparing, others are more strict. Each of you can choose exactly what she likes. So, here are some of the most well-known recipes for a cottage cheese day. The classic day of cottage cheese in this recipe is simple, the main thing is to choose cottage cheese without sweeteners and other impurities. For a day you will need about 4-5 packages of cottage cheese for 200g and 80-100g of sour cream of low fat content. Cottage cheese is mixed with sour cream in a proportion of 10: 1. That is, for 200 grams of cottage cheese it is necessary to add only 20 g of sour cream. No other additives are allowed, especially for honey, sugar, jams and berries. From coffee on the day of unloading is also better to refuse. But green and fruit teas you can eat in any quantities (without sugar). Add sugar substitutes, too, is not worth it, since they load the liver, which is already very loaded. Hard discharge day on curds This version of unloading is more rigid and will suit only people who do not have stomach problems and good willpower. For a day it will take only 500g of cottage cheese with a fat content of up to 9%. It is allowed to drink mineral water without gas with the addition of lemon juice and herbal teas without sugar. Cottage cheese and berry unloading day This option is suitable for girls who can not do without the sweet. During the day it is allowed to eat 600g of low-fat cottage cheese and one glass of any berries. You can add them to the curd or use separately, choose you. You can drink only plain water without additives. To cottage cheese unloading is not boring, try to make the menu as diverse as possible. You can eat cottage cheese in its pure form, make casseroles, pancakes without butter, etc. Recipes of curd dishes are mass, the main thing is that they meet the requirements of a fasting day. And of course, a positive attitude and faith in success are important! We advise you to read: