porridge diet Do you want to throw off a pair of collected "winter" kilograms, without harming your health? In anticipation of spring, we suggest you clean the body without starving. Diet on the porridge will help lose weight quickly and easily.

Separate the grain from the chaff

Cereal products are our faithful helpers infight against extra pounds. But, it seems, the compilers of popular diets, calling us to give up carbohydrate food, completely forgot about it. And in vain. Because carbohydrates to carbohydrates are different. Of course, the "bad" carbohydrates, which are abundantly present in donuts and biscuits, will not be brought to the good. But this is not a reason to refuse "good" carbohydrates, the main sources of which are uncleaned cereals.

The Benefits of a Diet on Porridge

Diets based on cereals are considered the least harmful andmost useful. Want to lose weight? Then choose uncleaned cereals. Brown and wild rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, pearl barley should form the basis of your diet. Included in their composition, vitamins, minerals and phyto substances interfere with the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer. And thanks to the fiber content, they quickly saturate, thus saving us from overeating, so do not be put off on the hips and waist. Getting into our body, the grains work like brushes, stimulate the bowels, absorb toxins and toxins and remove all harmful, including excess cholesterol. Super-useful cereals contain mainly complex carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed, therefore they are charged for a long time with energy. The loss of extra pounds is caused by two main factors: activation of digestion and low fat content. A diet on porridges, or as it is called by nutritionists: a diet - Six cereals, is suitable absolutely for everyone who wants to improve their health and clean their body. Cereals stimulate the processes of rejuvenation, so after a diet based on cereals, the condition of the skin, hair and nails is greatly improved. six cereal diet

The ten-day diet

Diet on porridge is designed for 10 days. At this time, from their diet will have to exclude meat, poultry, fish, seafood, potatoes, bread, pastries, dairy and sour-milk products, butter, sugar and chocolate. The basis of your diet menu - any groats, except for semolina. Porridge should be prepared on water, without salt and oil. And to provide the body with everything necessary, add to your diet your favorite fruits (except grapes and bananas), vegetables, greens and mushrooms. The cereals should be alternated as follows:

  • The first day - oatmeal porridge
  • The second day - rice porridge
  • The third day - buckwheat porridge
  • The fourth day - millet porridge
  • The fifth day - barley porridge
  • The sixth day - barley porridge
  • Seventh day - millet porridge
  • Eighth day - oatmeal porridge
  • The ninth day - rice porridge
  • The tenth day - buckwheat porridge

If you really want a sweet in the morning, cook yourselfroyal porridge of oatmeal, dried apricots and fresh apples. You can add honey, vegetable oil and nuts (but only for those who want to get rid of toxins, and not lose weight). If your goal - to lose weight, then from these delicacies during the diet will have to give up! The number of meals is not limited. You can drink pure water and tea in any quantity. Diet on porridges is easily tolerated. Strictly adhering to a diet, you will get rid of 5-7 kg not at the expense of beautiful skin and hair. And the abundance of fiber, the lack of protein and fats will improve your body. diets based on cereals

Weekly Diet

The "six cereals" diet lasts exactly one week. It will be necessary to eat only porridges. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but in very small quantities. Do not forget to drink clean water - at least two liters, as well as green or herbal tea. Before a diet, it is desirable to clean the intestines (soft laxatives or enema). Beauty requires sacrifice! Eat porridge should be in a certain sequence, not changing places, otherwise the whole essence of the diet will change.

  • The first day - wheat porridge
  • The second day - millet porridge
  • The third day - oatmeal porridge
  • The fourth day - rice porridge
  • The fifth day - barley porridge
  • The sixth day - barley porridge
  • The seventh day - a porridge from a mix of all croups

Prepare porridge in a special way. In the evening, pour a glass of pre-washed cereals with three glasses of boiling water. Bring the porridge to a boil and cook for about 5 minutes. Salt porridge and add oil to it, but in this case the diet will give the expected results. Wrap the porridge in a towel. In the morning your porridge will be ready. On the last day, all kinds of cereals are mixed (2 tablespoons) and cooked exactly the same way. Quick-cooking porridges are not suitable for this diet. For half an hour before breakfast, do not forget to drink a glass of warm boiled water - and suck on your health! Diet on cereals will get rid of a week from 3-6 kg. You can repeat the diet in a month. We advise you to read: