rice diet to cleanse the body of salts "The one who offers rice, offers life itself"- so spoke the great Buddha. Well, or at least Buddhists genuinely believe in what he said exactly. Perhaps this is why rice is the basis of the national cuisine of almost all Asian countries. And judging by the results, the Buddha was not far from the truth. Asians are much less likely than other nations to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and joints. And the "problem of the century" - obesity - bypasses these countries side. Agree, not so often you can see a fat Japanese or Chinese. As it turns out, all this is due to the national rice diet. It is this product that helps purify the body. What is rice and what are its useful properties? Rice is considered one of the most ancient crops. His "domestication" happened a very long time ago. According to some sources, in Central Asia rice is cultivated since the II century BC. Even then he was the staple food. Of course, in Russia rice appeared much later - around the XV century. An interesting fact - in spite of the fact that this culture was already known, the very word "rice" appeared only in the XIX century. It came to us from England. Prior to this, rice was called "Saracen grain" or "Saracen wheat".

Types of rice

To date, we know a lotvarious types of rice. But even the same variety can have different taste, color and nutritional properties. It all depends on the way of processing. Conditionally it is possible to divide the rice into three types: steamed, white and brown. The most common is white rice. Its grains pass through all stages of grinding and, as a result, become smooth and snow-white. Unfortunately, along with the "skin" is removed and some of the substances beneficial to the body. Therefore, white rice loses steamed and brown in such indicators as the content of minerals and vitamins. Steamed rice undergoes a special treatment, which improves its characteristics. First it is soaked for a while in water, then processed with steam, which is fed under high pressure. After this, the grains are dried and ground. As a result of this process, the rice becomes translucent and acquires a beautiful amber tint. Perhaps the least common, but the most useful form of rice for the body is brown. By the way, in Asian countries it is used in cooking for the elderly and children. And this is not accidental. After all, most of the nutrients are contained in the shell of the grain. And brown rice is therefore of such color that this shell is preserved during processing. It is this kind of rice that doctors recommend to use for a healthy diet and a variety of diets. True, the price for it is slightly higher than for the usual - polished. This is understood. After all, you buy at once "two in one" - both rice and rice bran, which, in fact, are an independent product. "Brownie" brown rice contains folic acid, minerals, B vitamins and fiber. Thanks to this shell, the grains acquire a slight nutty taste. True, because of it, the shelf life of brown rice is lower than that of steamed or ground. The benefits of this product for the human body can be told for a very long time. The high content of lecithin helps activate brain activity, B vitamins have a positive effect on the nervous system and are very useful for hair and nails. Rice lowers cholesterol, and its regular intake helps to normalize the amount of sugar in the blood. In addition, the use of this cereal reduces the risk of cardiovascular and even oncological diseases. And, of course, rice is absolutely indispensable for those who struggle with excess weight or want to cleanse their bodies of toxins. However, despite all the "miraculous" properties of this product, it must be said that the rice diet is not suitable for everyone. Before you start experimenting, you need to consult a doctor. Otherwise, instead of the expected benefits, you can seriously hurt yourself. After all, how good are these diets and why they, in fact, work? Rice is an excellent absorbent. He, like a sponge, absorbs slag, salt and water from your body. Due to this, purification takes place. But along with harmful substances, he takes a part of useful ones - for example, potassium salts, necessary for normal maintenance of cardiac activity. That's why you need to strictly adhere to the recommended terms of diets. For example, a strict diet should not last more than three days. And with less severe, but longer, it is recommended to take special medications. In general, if your goal is to cleanse the body of excess salts and wastes, and not to fall asleep with a heart attack, then everything should be approached judiciously, guided by the principle of "do no harm". rice diet for cleansing

Rice diet

Recently, a huge popularity has wonrice diet for body cleansing. Strictly speaking, a diet - in the full sense of the word - can not be called the proposed method of purification. Rather, these are certain rules of nutrition. Nevertheless, like any normal diet, it is conducted by the course. The purification process is designed for two weeks. Before the beginning of the course you need a little preliminary preparation. Preparatory days are "not considered" - that is, they are not included in the two weeks allocated for the diet. You will need four glasses or glass jars and, of course, rice. As mentioned, it is better to take a brown one. The preparatory process. Take two large spoons of rice and carefully - in several waters - rinse it. After this, pour rice into a clean glass and pour with drinking water. Take the marker, draw a "1" on the glass to avoid confusion. Cover with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. The next day, remove the soaked rice, rinse and pour with fresh water. Take the second glass, draw the number "2" and put a new portion of rice there, repeating the entire procedure by analogy. On the third day, it is necessary to wash the rice already from two glasses, and in the third to pour the next portion. By the fourth day you will have the last empty glass. Guess what to do with it? That's right, everything is the same - nothing new. The main thing is not to confuse anything. To do this, find a free place in the refrigerator and set the jars strictly in a row, observing the sequence. Yes, and their households should be warned. And then, by getting something delicious, they can disrupt your system. Well, the training is over. It remains to wait for the next morning - the fifth - day and you can start cleaning. By the way, do you know why it takes so long to soak rice? Everything is very simple. During these four days, substances that form mucus in the body disappear from it. In the seeds appear voids - it is in them and will "settle" all the slag and salt. So, the preparation is complete. You can proceed. In the morning, drink on a hungry stomach a cup of green tea or just a glass of water. Take the rice from the first glass, rinse and cook again. However, you can not cook - just pour boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes. He will soften enough and so - after all he "otmokal" four days. All. Bon Appetit! I think it's unnecessary to say that you do not need to add salt, sugar and oil, right? After breakfast, do not forget to fill a new portion of rice in an empty glass and place it at the very end of your "system". Most importantly - after such breakfast you can neither eat nor drink for four hours. Otherwise, rice will not produce salt from your body, but from the foods that you eat. As you understand, there is no benefit from this. After four hours you can have lunch. Strictly speaking, there are no other restrictions. Although, of course, try not to abuse salt, spicy and sour. Well, alcohol should be excluded. If you do not want to mess around with all these glasses and jars, you can prepare rice in a simpler way. True, this training will take about a week. Open the rice packet, place it in a saucepan and pour it with water. Every day, wash it for at least twenty minutes. After about seven days you will notice that the water has become absolutely transparent - that means your rice is ready. Thoroughly dry it, place it in a paper bag and put it in a dark cool place. Further - all the same scheme. Take a small portion and cook without salt. If you did not manage to buy brown rice, try to find at least rice bran. For one large spoonful of rice, one small bran should be taken. Cook, stirring occasionally. If you do not want to cook - just pour boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

Other methods

There are other ways to cleanse the bodywith rice. For example, if you want to not only remove harmful substances, but also lose weight, you can try this method. Get up in the morning, take a few rice pips and rinse them thoroughly. The amount of rice should match your age. Then, on an empty stomach, eat them raw. The most unpleasant thing is that even with water this "delicacy" can not be washed down. After this "meal" is also recommended not to eat or drink for at least three hours. Then you can eat as usual, but until seven in the evening. However, for better effect, it is better to exclude starchy foods - for example, pasta and potatoes - and animal fats. After seven - it is allowed to eat vegetables and drink tea or weak coffee. Of course, without sugar. Raw rice perfectly cleanses the body of toxins. Proponents of this diet argue that it is very difficult to swallow rice grains only in the first two days. And then - as if by magic - rice will acquire a sweet taste in your mouth and, literally, itself "slip" into the stomach. It is recommended to adhere to this scheme for no more than 10 days. It is believed that after this period, rice will start to withdraw no longer unnecessary salts and slags, but the most that neither is useful and vital for the body elements. If you want to repeat the "therapy" can be after 1,5-2 months. As the wise Japanese say: "Moonlit night and boiled rice always come in handy." Perhaps they should listen to their words. Rice cleansing diet - of course, provided that you do not overdo it - will help bring the organism in order, to adjust the intestine and normalize the metabolism. Carrying out such a course once a year, you will remain healthy for a long time and a good figure. And what else is needed for happiness? We advise you to read: