apple diet for 7 days Folk wisdom says: you want to save on doctors - eat apples. Well, we suggest you do not just eat apples, but go on an apple diet. No, not for life, just for a while, for example, seven days. Then, after achieving the results - a gorgeous figure, fresh complexion and clean smooth skin - you can arrange one unloading (apple) day per week to fix the effect. Stunning view is guaranteed. Why apples and why are they so good? To begin with, nature has given apples all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, microelements, fiber. There is even superdeficit iodine in them, which, however, is not contained in fruits, but in seeds. The apple diet helps to restore the broken metabolism and get rid of extra pounds. The diet is actually very effective, but, as with any diet, it should be treated with caution. We want to emphasize that apples do not have any super-efficient possibilities to reduce weight, everything is built on reducing caloric intake, in other words, you have to spend more calories than you consume. And some more caveats. Mono diets should not last long. Therefore, even if we say that our apple diet is designed for 7 days, it is understood that these days in the diet will be some more products. On some apples it is not recommended to "sit" for more than three days. And further. Rapid weight loss is not very useful for the body. In general, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences from the diet and instead of doing no harm, we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor and get tested.

Variations of apple mono-diet

  • You can eat up to two kilograms during the dayapples. For a change, apples can be eaten raw, baked, making apple purees. It is also recommended to drink mineral water without gas, herbal teas, broth of wild rose, green tea. Do not use sugar. You can eat 1-2 teaspoons of honey during the day.
  • Only baked apples (up to two kilograms). Divide into 6 receptions. During the day you can drink green tea, mineral water without gas, herbal teas, rose hips.
  • Hard apple diet, designed for 7 days. The first day - 1 kilogram of apples; second day -1.5 kg; the third day - 2 kilograms; the fourth day - 2 kilograms; the fifth day - 1.5 kilograms; the sixth day - 1 kilogram; the seventh day - 1 kilogram.
  • The last diet is very heavy, it can withstandfew. If for you such a test is too heavy, you can spend a couple of days on apples, and then supplement the diet at your own discretion. The main condition - it should not be too high-calorie food, and it should not be much. apple diet 7 days

    Apple diet with supplements

    Apples + kefir Very effectiveapple diet, supplemented with products such as kefir, oat flakes. The daily diet of such a diet includes about a kilogram of apples and a liter of kefir. Apples can be eaten both raw and in the liver. Raw apples are recommended to eat in grated form, so they are better absorbed. Apples + kefir + cottage cheese

  • For breakfast, you can eat a grated apple with a spoonful of cottage cheese and a little honey.
  • The second breakfast: two baked apples and a glass of yogurt.
  • Lunch consists of two tablespoons of cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.
  • Afternoon snack: grated apple and a glass of yogurt
  • Dinner: 2 baked apples with a teaspoon of honey and a spoon of chopped walnuts.
  • Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of yogurt.
  • This is a great option for a diet, because in addition to applesthere are fermented milk products (kefir and cottage cheese), honey, nuts. Both honey and nuts are quite caloric, but since they are used in small amounts, the process of losing weight will not prevent. And the benefits are beyond doubt, since both products are biologically active and contain a lot of nutrients.

    Apple Diet: Pros and Cons

    The effectiveness of the apple diet is proven by time. To choose this method for weight reduction, each person decides for himself. One thing is clear: for a long time the apple diet is not calculated, because the human body must receive a balanced diet. Nevertheless, if you want to quickly get rid of extra pounds, a few days on apples are guaranteed to give the desired result. It is important after this not to attack the food. Take food often and in small portions. This will maintain a stable weight. Additional advantage will be the unloading days, which can be arranged once a week. Apple diet has contraindications. Rather, not even contraindications, but the need to adjust the diet, depending on the state of health. That's why before you start a diet, you should consult a doctor and get tested. For example, people who have ulcers, gastritis with high acidity, problems with bile, are contraindicated in acidic apples in raw form. They can only eat sweet apples, all the others should be eaten in baked form. Those who have low acidity, on the contrary, sour apples will not only give an opportunity to lose weight, but also help to improve health. Allergy sufferers should be very careful about brightly colored fruits - they can cause an allergy attack. For them, the most suitable are the green varieties of apples. Lose weight wisely and be healthy! We advise you to read: