Inna Volovich's diet Inna Volovichova's diet became known at allRecently, however, popularity to it has come quickly enough. And all thanks to a clear example. Inna is a member of the project "House 2", so its transformation took place in front of millions of viewers. Judging by reports and photos on the Internet, for a month of diet, the girl dropped almost 30 kilograms. And this is minus 6-7 kilos per week. Is this possible, you ask? Also what it is necessary to undertake for such growing thin? According to Inna herself, the main secret of her weight loss is willpower. No matter how trite it may sound, you can not achieve anything without desire and perseverance. And this fact applies to any diet. If you start a business, be sure to bring it to the end. Do not stop, no matter how hard the path seemed. A month is not such a long time, for the sake of a beautiful figure you can and suffer.

Stages of diet

Like any weight loss, Inna Volovichova's diet consists of several stages.

  • Getting ready for a new life

To begin with, you need to prepare yourself forthat it is necessary to abandon the habitual way of life and nutrition. Forget about sweet, flour and fatty foods, enroll in a gym or pool, and, of course, overcome your laziness. Only adjust to the positive result of losing weight, believe in yourself. And then you will definitely succeed!

  • Begin to lose weight

The second stage is the diet itself. In your menu should appear vegetables and fruits, lean meat, fish. But from spicy and hot sauces it is better to refuse. Salt should also be used with caution. The diet is designed for a month, but you can shorten its duration. Here everything depends on how many kilograms you want to lose.

  • Quitting the diet

This stage of weight loss is as important as itselfdiet. It lasts about a month and it depends on it to preserve the result achieved. To overweight did not return, you need to get out of the diet correctly, gradually replenishing your menu with the usual products. Completely abandon the semi-finished products, try not to eat before going to bed, drink more liquid. And do not stop playing sports. With this approach you will remain slender forever! diet wolf inow

Basic nuances of the diet

As already mentioned, the essence of the diet of Inna Volovichova is the use of only healthy food. Below are the principles of weight loss, which it is desirable to adhere to in any case.

  • For breakfast, obligatory cereal (any), boiled on water without salt and sugar;
  • Do not eat after six in the evening. At this time you can only afford grapefruits. First, they have a lot of vitamins. Secondly, they satisfy hunger well;
  • The main diet menu for a month consists of boiled meat, vegetables and seafood;
  • Be sure to drink juices. Try to cook them yourself;
  • Prohibited: sugar, salt, alcohol, butter and bread. The latter can be consumed only in minimum quantities;
  • A rather important role in the diet is the daily routine. Try to eat always at the same time;
  • Physical stress is necessary for weight loss. Without them, you will not achieve the desired effect, no matter how hard you try;
  • Several times a month, visit the sauna or sauna to cleanse the body of accumulated slag. This is another minus 2-3 kilograms.

This is the basic principles, adhering towhich you can achieve an amazing effect. Only a month will pass, and you will not recognize yourself in the mirror! For the sake of this, you can also move away from the usual norms, is not it? diet inna wowware menu

Sample diet menu for the week


  • In the morning: oatmeal without salt and sugar, green tea. In the porridge you can add grated apple;
  • In the afternoon: an omelette of four eggs and a glass of milk, a salad of cucumbers and cabbage, coffee;
  • In the evening: a gram of 200 boiled chicken meat, juice or tea.

After a couple of hours after dinner, exercise. Do any exercises aimed at the most problematic areas. Weight will go into minus, and health will be pleased with significant advantages. Tuesday

  • In the morning: rice porridge, tea or coffee;
  • In the afternoon: a piece of boiled beef (250 grams), one tomato, tea;
  • In the evening: also beef (150 grams), salad of sea kale.

After dinner (after 1.5-2 hours) go for a run. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of juice from grapefruit. Wednesday

  • In the morning: buckwheat on kefir. It must be prepared in advance. Half a cup of cereals fill with a glass of low-fat kefir and leave for the night;
  • In the afternoon: Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, boiled chicken breast, tea;
  • In the evening: the chicken meat and cabbage salad left over from dinner, the juice or tea green.

Two hours after dinner, it is advisable to go to the pool and swim for 30-40 minutes. Thursday

  • In the morning: any porridge on the water, tea;
  • Afternoon: beef with sea kale;
  • In the evening: a piece of chicken and one tomato.

Today you have a training plan. Do not less than half an hour. Before going to bed, you can eat an apple or drink a glass of grapefruit juice. Friday

  • In the morning: oatmeal, any fruit (except banana and grapes), green unsweetened tea;
  • In the afternoon: boiled lean fish, radish salad and cucumber salad, juice or coffee;
  • In the evening: a steam omelet from three eggs, a tomato, coffee with low-fat milk.

Before going to bed, jog or visit the pool. Saturday

  • In the morning: rice porridge with an apple, tea;
  • In the afternoon: seafood with vegetables, tea or coffee;
  • In the evening: steamed or baked zucchini, a piece of chicken, juice.

If the weather permits, make a bike trip before going to bed. Or do the same on a stationary bike. Sunday

  • In the morning: buckwheat with kefir, cooked in advance, tea;
  • In the afternoon: beef with green peas, juice or coffee;
  • In the evening: a glass of low-fat yogurt, juice from grapefruit.

This is an approximate diet. For a month of losing weight you can make your own menu, the main thing is that the dishes meet the principles of diet. Of course, do not expect fantastic results - minus 10 kilos for the first week. And you do not need such a result. A sharp change in weight can lead to sad consequences, so you need to lose weight with the mind, carefully weighing the pros and cons. Any method of losing weight has its contraindications. The diet of Volovichova is no exception. Before you change your diet so hard, consult a doctor. Especially if you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. With caution should be taken to this diet and people suffering from allergies to citrus fruits. With diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, weight loss without specialist supervision is also contraindicated.