diet for the blood group 2 positive For the sake of a slender figure, women areon everything: on debilitating diets, fasting, excessive physical exertion. Yes, if you persevere in this direction, the effect will not keep you waiting, but after ten, twenty or thirty years such mockery of the body can come out sideways. So it's best to bring your favorite body from the very beginning into a decent state gradually, not too quickly, while minimizing the possible harm to health. There are many ways to choose the right diet, and one of them is compliance with the rules of nutrition in strict accordance with the blood group that is inherent to you. This is not too fast way to lose weight, but, adhering to a similar diet, you can normalize the work of the stomach, adjust the metabolism and generally improve the body. Today we will talk about how the diet looks like by blood group 2 (positive). The second blood group has the same ordinal number in terms of prevalence among mankind. There was an opinion that this group of people's blood appeared in those days when they massively began to cultivate the land, that is, switched from meat-eating to vegetarianism. Accordingly, people with the second blood group given to them by nature should limit the amount of meat, even lean, in their diet, because their gastric secretion is characterized by reduced acidity. In addition, this type is strictly not recommended to use any dairy products, if possible replacing them with soy, as well as too fatty and fried foods. It should be borne in mind that the gastrointestinal tract in the owners of this blood type is very tender and sensitive, so different vinegars, hot pepper, as well as caustic seasonings and juices can cause its negative reaction. diet for 2 positive blood group

What is and should be avoided for people with this blood type

Below, we give a detailed list of allcategories of food, indicating what you can and what you can not eat for the benefit of your body to people with a second blood group and a positive Rh factor. Of course, it is very difficult to immediately remove all the usual but prohibited products from the daily diet. But, at least, you can change the vector of nutrition, increasing the proportion of healthy food.

  • Dairy products and derivatives

As it was said above, milk is not recommended. The thing is that the blood of the second group produces antibodies to the primary milk sugar, moreover, this food contributes to the excessive production of mucus, which tends to clog the airways and leads to infectious diseases. All owners of this blood group should replace the usual soy milk. The following products must be excluded from the diet: all hard cheeses, ice cream, cream cheese, blue cheese, cottage cheese. Allowed, but not recommended are yogurt, mozzarella, goat's milk products, processed cheeses.

  • Bakery products

If possible, products fromwheat: gluten, which it contains, slows down the metabolism. The usual wheat bread can be replaced with rice cakes or bread from soy. From the diet should exclude baked pastry, wheat bread, mats. Allowed, but not recommended: baked goods from Herculean bran, bread from corn flour, baking from flour without gluten.

  • Meat products and poultry

As mentioned above, the ideal food forpeople with this blood group and a positive Rh factor do not include meat. This reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Meat should be excluded altogether, but you can eat chicken and turkey, but their amount in the diet should be reduced to the possible minimum.

  • Cereal products

The main task - to exclude from their foodwheat in all kinds. Instead of traditional wheat pasta, you can and should eat rice, oatmeal, rye and buckwheat flour and products from them. The following products can be called neutral (they can be consumed, but preferably at least): brown and ground rice, spelled and barley flour.

  • Seafood

Fish is recommended for people with a second blood group. In fact, you can eat all the fish, except herring, flounder, caviar, eel and octopus. Recommended: silver and yellow perch, mackerel, red fish and sardines. You can eat, but in not too large quantities of sea and rock perch, pike, sturgeon.

  • Vegetables

Owners of this blood group are recommendedpractically any vegetables. The exceptions are aubergines, Bulgarian pepper, all kinds of cabbage (not including leafy), legumes, except soy, and tomatoes. The most useful vegetables are Jerusalem artichoke, leaf cabbage, parsley, turnips, carrots, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, artichoke. From vegetables it is preferable to make salads, you can extinguish them and cook for a couple, but if possible do not fry them.

  • Oils

Of course, salads need something to fill. Especially recommended linseed and olive oil, if possible salad dressings based on these oils should be done with lemon, and not with vinegar, as mentioned above; Do not overdo it with a sharp and sour. Do not use sesame, cottonseed, corn and peanut butter.

  • Berries and fruits

As "farmers", people with a second blood groupwith a positive Rh factor you can eat a lot of fruit. In the list of prohibited foods bananas, oranges, mangoes, coconuts, tangerines, as well as rhubarb and papaya. The most useful are cherries, grapefruit, blackberries, lemon and plums.

  • Beverages

Unfortunately many, all are strictly forbiddensoda, drinks with ethyl alcohol, beer, citrus (but lemon drinks can be) and tomato juices. But you can drink wine (red and white), coffee, tea and all juices, except those listed above. Practically any herbal teas are recommended to this type, except for those made on the basis of sorrel, cayenne pepper, rhubarb and clover. It should be noted that at the moment about forty percent of humanity has a second blood group. Strength of this type is considered good digestion and immunity. The main problem, alas, are heart and cancer. The founders of the described food system believe that compliance with the diet not only brings the weight back to normal, but also helps in the prevention of these diseases.