blurred vision The ability to see all the colors of the world is perceivedwe are for granted and therefore often not at all appreciated. But vision is one of the main and most important functions of the human body, with the help of which we receive about eighty percent of information about what surrounds us. Through the eyes we can distinguish colors, shapes, sizes and so on. Through vision in each person, his own image of beauty and ugliness is formed, of harmony and disharmony. It is through the ability to see that we have the opportunity to perceive the world as complete and complete. The human eye, with undisturbed vision functions, distinguishes what is located quite far from us. By the way, did you know that initially the image of any object on our retina appears in an inverted form? It is thanks to the complex structure of the optical system that the human eye has, that light passing through it and refracting in a certain way displays a reduced picture of objects on our retina, so to speak, upside down. And the correct perception of it is ensured by the work of our optic nerves in the brain. Have you ever wondered why in the dark we are almost blind? This is due to the fact that the human eye is perceived not by the object itself, but by the rays of light that are falling upon it and reflected. The darkness is the lack of lighting, and therefore it is almost impossible for us to see in it. It's terrible to imagine how people feel forced from birth or because of illnesses in adulthood to live blindly. And we, endowed with the opportunity to see, take it lightly. visual impairment

Causes of decreased vision in children and how to deal with it?

Very often parents face a problemfall in the sight of a child who does not even go to school. "And the lessons begin, homework - what then?" - panic moms and dads at a reception with an ophthalmologist. Is their excitement justified? It depends on each situation, because you need to determine why the child's eyes do not see very well. So, what are the main causes of impaired vision in children, and how to deal with this unpleasant problem?

  • Heredity: in this article we will not touch on such a complex medical topic, we only note that those parents whose vision is not ideal should closely monitor the state of the child's eyes.
  • Abuse of television and computergames. This is a real scourge of modern society. Unbreakable baby eyes are exposed to too much pressure and radiation, and, of course, resist, which causes a deterioration in vision.
  • Lack of necessary vitamins. In the diet of the child must necessarily include fish, fruits, nuts, juices. The spread of allergy makes it all the more problematic, and often our children do not get those trace elements that are necessary for the normal operation of the eyes.
  • Early reading. In addition to the pride of parents for their child, this can lead to problems with vision. In addition, most children read lying, in an unsuitable for this position. Even worse for some children is the habit of reading under the blanket, lighting the page with a flashlight.
  • Diseases of the spine. Oddly enough, problems with the spine can also worsen vision. This is caused by a violation of the blood supply to the optic nerve as a result of clamping of the vessels during osteochondrosis.
  • Can I avoid a problem or at least slow downa process in which your child's vision worsens? In the overwhelming majority of cases, modern specialists are optimistic. You, most likely, will be advised every six months to check the vision of the baby from the oculist and strictly follow his advice. It is necessary to limit viewing of telecasts and being at the computer two hours a day. The same applies to drawing and viewing pictures in books. It is necessary to include in the diet foods rich in vitamins A or beta-carotene. Especially a lot of it in carrots. Systematically conduct training for the eyes. These can be simple exercises: rotation, blinking, a massage of the ears. It's a good idea to practice the lens: for this you need to paste plastic circles on the windows about one centimeter in diameter and offer the child to translate the view from one of them to distant objects of the street landscape. It massages the lens and relieves the tension of the eye muscles. Physiotherapy exercises and walks, the general condition of the body, its tone, saturation of tissues with oxygen are of great importance. All human organs are interrelated, and if the child has headaches or stomach problems, one can expect that vision will begin to deteriorate. Compliance with these simple rules will help to strengthen the children's eyes, to prevent the loss of vision and, it is quite possible, you will not need further treatment.

    Factors provoking a decline in vision in adulthood

    Strange as it may sound, but to impair visioncan any trauma of the spine, if it falls on the area of ​​the spinal cord, which is related to the organs of vision. That's why gymnastics for the eyes includes exercises for the back and turns of the neck. Sometimes, in the reduction of vision, intervertebral hernias, various kinds of displacement and even the consequences of unsuccessful births in women are guilty, especially if no appropriate treatment has been performed. It is said that the scoliosis, which many of us acquire as a child, can adversely affect vision in adulthood. Autoimmune, infectious, venereal and many other diseases also have a negative impact on our ability to see. Bacteria and viruses that enter the human body are embedded in its nervous system and affect its individual areas, including those that are responsible for vision. For example, with multiple sclerosis, there is often an unjustified loss of sight on one eye, called retrobulbar neuritis. Cure with it can only a specific and timely treatment with hormonal therapy. The next factor causing a decline in vision is a banal overwork. This applies not only to the eyes, but also to the body as a whole, since all its organs and systems are capable of deterioration. Therefore, frequent stresses, a short sleep, an intense rhythm of life are quite probable causes of impaired vision. And most often it is our eyes that are the first to talk about fatigue, overwork and excessive stress. What to do? Do not deny yourself a full rest and not give in to stress. Surely many of you have heard that the present life, with its system of disorderly and not very high-quality nutrition, clogs our body with harmful substances under the general name "slags." Often this affects the organs of the digestive system, but we do not consider the decrease in vision as the consequences of an incorrect way of life. And in vain, as experts say. To avoid a decrease in vision for this reason, you need to establish proper nutrition and remove harmful substances and toxins from the body. It should be noted that drugs, alcohol and smoking can also greatly impair a person's ability to clearly see the world around him. Scientists have long proven the close relationship between bad habits and decreased vision. The results of the conducted studies say that a short time after the alcohol, narcotic substances and smoking products get into the body, the blood supply of the retina and eye muscles changes, as the vessels either abruptly narrow or expand. And this will necessarily affect negatively the vision of those of us who have such harmful habits. Therefore, to maintain the ability to see, you must lead a healthy lifestyle. Separately, it should be said about such a factor, adversely affecting our vision, as a long work at the computer. In addition to overwork and a rare blink that leads to dry eyes and their inflammation, there is one more thing. To clearly capture the picture or text, which on the screen of the monitor consist of many glowing points, our eyes need to constantly change the focus. This leads to increased costs of rhodopsin, the main visual pigment. And, as a result, you can develop short-sightedness. To avoid this unpleasant process, you need to train the visual muscles. You can do this: pick up a sheet with the printed text of the standard font and bring it to your eyes very close, then throw it at the distance of the outstretched hand, try to focus your eyes on what was written. The duration of the exercise is two to three minutes, and determine the frequency yourself - depending on how long you sit in front of the monitor and how tired your eyes are at the same time. Ophthalmologists are advised also to make frequent breaks in work, go to the window and look at the intimate components of the landscape, and then to the distant ones. And this principle works, because artists who constantly translate the look from the canvas to the painted object, there is almost no short-sightedness. causes of visual impairment

    Causes indicating the need to visit an ophthalmologist

    An amazing thing, but many people do not hurry toophthalmologist, even if they begin to understand that they are seriously deteriorating eyesight. They go to the optics and pick up glasses or lenses, not realizing that by doing so they do not solve the problem, but only pound into the depth, because temporarily eliminate the symptom, and not the cause. And then the following happens: at some stage you begin to understand that the glasses you bought are no longer suitable, because instead of training your optic nerves, you relaxed them with the help of lenses. Therefore, the process of reducing vision not only did not slow down, but also accelerated. And in fact often it can be avoided - if to not spend treatment independently, and to address for the help to the doctor of necessary specialization. Few know that myopathy (early myopathy) is amenable to correction. If you notice that the clearness of your eyes is changing during the day, then this can just indicate the onset of the disease. During this period, there is still the possibility to do without glasses, fulfilling the doctor's instructions for curative gymnastics for the eyes. But myopathy is often a companion of such a formidable disease as type 2 diabetes (insulin-dependent), which has significantly aged in the last decade. Therefore, do not delay contacting specialists to start treatment of any existing pathology as early as possible. Do not delay the visit to the doctor if you understand that from a distance of two meters stopped to distinguish the number of approaching vehicles, you can not read the names of the subway stations standing on the platform, or you have to squint to understand what and how much it costs in the supermarket. The same applies to those cases, if you notice that the colors in your visual perception have somehow faded, and everything around you has become dim, regardless of whether you are wearing glasses or not. We have to state that such usual things as reading, handicrafts or watching TV, provoke your headache and eye fatigue to such an extent that they want to cover up? This means that the usual activities, which you did not attach much importance to, now require a strong visual concentration and you need to find out the reason for such changes in order to choose the appropriate treatment. Refer to the ophthalmologist if you understand that even after a short time spent in front of the computer monitor, your eyes require rest, as they begin to water and hurt. The same applies to cases when you experience a frequent desire to rub them due to a feeling of itching and dryness. If you notice that the eyes almost always look inflamed, no matter how well you slept at night, or if the protein is covered with blood veins, then it's time to talk about it with a specialist. These are the most innocuous reasons for a visit to a doctor, and the treatment is likely to be conservative if you start it on time. But there are other more serious violations in the ability to clearly and colorfully perceive the world around. In this case, a decrease in vision can speak of severe eye diseases, when one can not do without surgical intervention. Because of careless attitude to their own health, people often do not pay attention to the first signs of cataract, when one or both eyes suddenly lose the transparency of the lens. If sometimes you get a feeling that the surrounding objects suddenly turn brown, such symptoms may indicate the onset of this formidable illness. Reducing peripheral vision often serves as a sign of glaucoma. In this case, you can notice your own awkwardness in movements, because you can not see objects with lateral vision because of the partial falling out of the fields. The threat of detachment of the retina is indicated by the appearance before the eyes of small flashes. Therefore, if you notice one of the listed symptoms, hurry to the ophthalmologist to catch the disease at the very beginning and immediately begin its treatment. Proceeding from the foregoing, a simple conclusion suggests: a problem related to vision impairment can be solved. Conservative way or operation - it depends on how far the process went, and what caused it. Therefore, people who want a long time, or even a lifetime, to retain the ability to see the world around you need to visit the ophthalmologist systematically, even if there is no apparent reason for this yet. After all, it is likely that someone from close relatives suffered from cataracts or glaucoma, transmitted by inheritance and for a long time have a latent (latent) course. Only such specialists can identify such diseases at an early stage. And although conservative treatment in these cases is ineffective, but you will be able to prepare morally and materially for the operation in the future, if necessary. And other problems, for example, myopia or farsightedness, can not be allowed to go by themselves - they need to be controlled by specialists, following their recommendations and not choosing glasses independently. Remember that careful treatment of your own health always gives positive results. Good luck, let the world always gladden you with a variety of bright colors!