thrush Women often complain about their hard share: and "critical days", and pregnancy, and childbirth, and female "sores". And the truth is in these groans - there are not so many diseases that are trapped by a woman. And one of such common diseases is thrush. Medical statistics say that at least once in a lifetime, more than 97% of all women were affected by thrush. What is thrush in girls? Doctors call this disease candidiasis. Its development is provoked by yeast fungi Candida. This fungus is found on the skin of any healthy person, however, in very small quantities. Control of their quantity is carried out by the immune system and that favorable microflora that lives in the human body. However, if favorable conditions develop for the fungus, it will actively multiply, penetrate into the vagina and cause this most thrush.

Causes of thrush development

As already mentioned above, with milkweed, is it too earlyalmost every woman encounters late. In some cases the thrush develops for no apparent reason. However, most often there are certain factors that provoke its occurrence. It is on these factors that we will dwell in more detail:

  • Treatment with antibiotics

Most often, the development of thrush leadsantibacterial therapy. Antibiotics are becoming ever more firmly in the life of modern man. Unfortunately, antibiotic therapy is beginning to be used even with mild bronchitis. But the main danger of antibiotics is that they destroy not only pathogenic microflora, but also useful. It is because of the destruction of useful microflora that dysbiosis develops - almost everyone knows about this fact. But in addition to dysbiosis, a strong thrush can occur, since the growth of yeast fungi can not be restrained.

  • Chemotherapy

Thrush is almost the inevitable companion of those women who have undergone chemotherapy or taken steroids.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus itself is not an easy disease. In addition, it is accompanied by a number of concomitant diseases. Including vaginal candidiasis, and quite strong.

  • Pregnancy

During pregnancy there is a very strongweakening of immunity. This is just necessary for the normal development of the baby and the course of pregnancy. However, the side effect of reducing immunity is the development of thrush.

  • Use of oral contraceptives

Contraceptive pills are a favorite by many women for contraception. However very often these tablets become the reason of development of a thrush.

Symptoms of thrush

Thrush in all cases is extremely acute, so not notice its appearance is almost impossible. The main symptoms of thrush include:

  • Discomfort in the genital area

In the first day of the disease, women complain ofstrong unbearable itching in the area of ​​the external genitalia. And on the second-third day, the burning sensation is also attached to itch. All this gives the sick woman extremely discomfort.

  • Discharge from the vagina

Almost immediately, the appearance of vaginal discharge is noted. These discharges are quite specific - they have a curd texture and a sour smell.

  • Pain during urination

Not surprisingly, because of the large numbervaginal discharge develops a strong irritation of the external genitalia. And with urination, because of getting drops of urine, a woman has pain and pain.

  • Pain in intercourse

Unfortunately, thrush in women leads tothe development of the inflammatory process of not only the external genital organs, but also the mucous membrane of the vagina. As a result - during sexual intercourse there are painful sensations, sometimes very intense.

  • Swelling of the genital organs

If the thrush does not start to heal in a timely manner,a very strong edema of the labia majora is possible, and in some particularly severe cases and anus. In some women, all the symptoms are immediately apparent, while in others only a part of them is observed. In any case, when the first symptoms appear, you need to seek the advice of a gynecologist. It is almost impossible to diagnose the disease independently. Moreover, very many diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, have similar symptoms. what is thrush

Forms of the disease course

Doctors distinguish two forms of candidiasis:

  • Acute form of the disease

The acute form of the disease occurs once, under the influence of certain provoking factors. After treatment, thrush in women disappears without a trace, leaving behind only memories.

  • Chronic form of the disease

In the event that the acute thrush is not treatedproperly, it will take the chronic form of the current. For this form of the disease, frequent exacerbations are typical, with practically no apparent causes. In most cases, women with a chronic form of thrush are found to have other gynecological diseases, as well as a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, such as dysbiosis. In no event should vaginal candidiasis be tolerated in a chronic form of the course. First, getting rid of it will be much more difficult. And secondly, such a harmless at first glance thrush can lead to the development of a variety of complications, for example, to the inflammatory processes of all without exception organs of the small pelvis, adhesions and even secondary infertility.

Thrush in a pregnant woman

Separately it is necessary to mention a yeast infection inof a pregnant woman. As already mentioned above, in a pregnant woman, vaginal candidiasis is very common. And in any case, it is impossible to ignore the treatment. Otherwise, the following complications may develop:

  • Gaps in the perineum during labor

Constant inflammation of the perineum,which inevitably occur in women suffering from thrush, lead to a loss of tissue elasticity, which can lead to rupture of the perineum during the passage of the child through the birth canal. Well, if a woman goes to the delivery room with an acute form of thrush, the gap can not be avoided.

  • Poor healing of sutures

A woman suffering from thrush, very poorly heal seams, if in the process of delivery there were breaks or an episiotomy was carried out.

  • Infection of the baby

In the event that the young mother is more candidiasis, the probability of infection of the newborn is high. As a result, the baby develops candidal stomatitis.

Treating Thrush

Any treatment of thrush - both acute andchronic form - you need to start by identifying the cause that led to the development of the disease. For example, stop taking antibiotics - of course, only with the knowledge and consent of the treating doctor, change the contraceptive, improve immunity. And only after this you can begin directly treatment of thrush. Most often, local remedies are used to treat thrush: candles, pills, cream and ointments. The average duration of such treatment is 5 days. However, these drugs have a number of drawbacks:

  • Method of administration

These drugs are used vaginally, which is not always convenient, especially if the medicine must be administered by the clock.

  • Irritation

Rarely, but still there are cases when the use of local antifungal agents causes the development of an allergic reaction and irritation of the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

  • Local impact

All such medicines are validlocally. And fungal foci, localized in the intestine, remain intact. As a result, there are constant relapses of the disease. A woman will unsuccessfully guess where this misfortune comes from. That is why today doctors prefer to use systemic antifungal drugs for treatment. As a rule, they act very quickly and the woman feels relief after the first admission. The choice of such drugs is very large, but still you should not buy this or that drug yourself, without consulting your doctor. Even if some medicine has very well helped your friend, it can not help you. thrush in women

Folk remedies for treatment of thrush

There are also several folk recipes,which very effectively eliminate thrush. However, remember that these funds should in no case become an alternative to the treatment that the doctor will appoint - just an addition.

  • Bifidumbacterin

Acquire the powder in the pharmacy bifidumbacterin. Dissolve one ampoule of powder in one tablespoon of warm boiled water, add ½ teaspoon of vaseline oil, stir thoroughly - you should get a homogeneous mass of creamy consistency. Put in this mass a cotton swab - it should be soaked properly. This tampon should be inserted into the vagina and left overnight. The duration of the course of treatment is 7 days.

  • Tampons with yogurt

Another very effective tool - tampons withkefir. Dampen the cotton swab in kefir and place in the vagina for the whole night. By the way, you can use yogurt instead of kefir. Of course, without any dyes and additives. In the morning, take out a tampon and syringe with a decoction of chamomile. Preparing the broth is very simple: boil one glass of water, pour two tablespoons of dry chamomile inflorescences and cook for 3 minutes. After that, turn off the fire, wrap the pan with a towel and leave to stand for two hours. Strain with gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. The duration of the course of treatment is 7 days.

  • Broth of the bark of oak

Oak bark has excellent bactericidalproperties that can also be very effectively used to treat thrush. First, prepare a decoction of oak bark: place two tablespoons of the crushed oak bark in an enamel pan, pour two glasses of water, bring to a boil and reduce the heat. Boil the broth until half the water boils. After that, cool the broth and strain with gauze. This decoction woman should douche twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed. The duration of the course of treatment is 7 days. Now you already know what is the thrush of girls, what it is fraught with and how to fight it. So try not to let it develop. And if this is not possible, start treatment with the first symptoms. We advise you to read: