tea karkade good and bad Tea carcade tea can be called conditionally, sinceit is produced not from the leaves of the tea bush, but from the inflorescences of hibiscus, or the Sudanese rose. According to its botanical status, this plant belongs to the Malvian family, it is cultivated in many African and Asian countries - Egypt, Sudan, India, China, Ceylon, Java, Sri Lanka, Thailand. In Egypt, carcade is considered a national drink - here it is drunk both hot and cold. Carcade tea perfectly quenches thirst in hot climates and is very useful for our body. Actually, the benefit of karkade tea is the theme of our article.

About the benefits of carcade tea

Tea karkade contains vitamins, amino acids,antioxidants, easily digestible carbohydrates and polysaccharides, including pectin. Such a composition helps to purify the body, eliminate toxins and even salts of heavy metals. In those countries where Sudanese roses are grown, karkade tea is used in folk medicine as a means to regulate blood pressure. It is believed that hot tea raises the pressure, and lowers the cold. Some experts express an alternative point of view - karkade tea precisely regulates (this keyword) blood pressure. Contained in the drink anthocyanins (thanks to them tea has such a rich red color) strengthen the vessels .. This is why carcade is recommended for varicose veins and other vascular diseases. Linoleic acid, which is in the inflorescences, normalizes the lipid composition and reduces the level of so-called bad cholesterol, which causes irreparable damage to our blood vessels. Karkade tea is ideal for people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack. The use of the drink is also due to the action of the flavonoids contained in it, which contribute to the cleansing of the body from the metabolic products. Thanks to them, the production of bile increases, the liver is protected, and the metabolism improves. In addition, karkade tea kills some microorganisms, is used as a helminthic agent, is beneficial at elevated temperature. It is recommended for use in tonsillitis, tonsillitis, since tea has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. A beautiful half of humanity, undoubtedly, will appreciate the quality of karkade as its ability to influence weight loss due to the diuretic effect and the improvement of metabolism. The benefits of karkade tea are not limited to the properties listed above. Unlike many drinks that have a sour taste, it does not have oxalic acid in its composition, which harms people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and also those who suffer from gout. Summing up, it can be said that karkade tea can be recommended practically to everyone as a multivitamin drink, which has in its composition the necessary substances in proportions useful to the human body. And further. Do not discard the inflorescence after brewing, they can simply be chewed, added to salads, as they contain useful proteins and amino acids, including irreplaceable ones. Can a tea bring a carcade harm? There are no contraindications to taking a carcade tea for healthy people. Of course, if you take it in reasonable quantities. Abuse of even a useful drink will damage your health. It is not recommended karkade for people with gastritis and stomach ulcers. tea karkade benefit

How to prepare a carcade tea

There are several ways to prepare this drink. Knowing them, you will not harm your health.

  • Experts for whom karkade tea isnational drink, believe that before brewing the petals of the Sudanese rose should be soaked for a few hours in cold water. In this there is reason, because in this way we do not just prepare the raw material for brewing, but also perfectly wash it.
  • The following important rule: for brewing use only glass or china. Tea, brewed in a metal vessel, can damage firstly, and secondly, it loses its taste.
  • Wet inflorescences pour boiling water and insist for 5 minutes.
  • Frozen inflorescences put in heat-resistantglass or porcelain dishes, pour boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Do not overexpose, otherwise tea will lose its bright, rich color and many useful qualities.

To make a cold beverage tea carcadebrewed by any of the above methods, cooled and fed with ice. If desired, a small amount of sugar can be added to the tea to make it taste softer. Drinking from the Sudanese rose will only benefit, not harm, if you follow those simple rules for its preparation, with which we have acquainted you. We advise you to read: