Depression Symptoms Treatment This morning you woke up, looked out the window andrealized that you do not want to go to work, have breakfast, go out with friends, because you do not see the point in this all. The first thought that occurs in modern women: "I have - depression." In fact, a bad mood is associated with lack of sleep, avitaminosis, trouble at work, etc. Handra runs quickly, just drink coffee, eat chocolate, make a new hairstyle, look at a mug of tea (sambuks, wine) to the girlfriend. If apathy, anger, bad state of health, unwillingness to do something and go somewhere, etc. does not pass for a long period of time (at least a week), then - urgently contact a psychologist. Since you really can have this dangerous disease, which you can hardly manage on your own. Only an experienced professional will be able to find out the cause of the problem, in order to help eliminate it as quickly as possible.

What is depression: a disease or just a bad mood?

So, the first thing to understand is that depression- this is a serious disease, due to which the woman's mood is lost, the ability to adequately perceive the world is lost. As a result, a sick person is simply not able to enjoy life. Also, there is often a strong inhibition, a lack of a normal reaction to what is happening. Often, such people begin to absorb immoderate quantities of alcohol, drugs. If a person does not find solace in friends or psychotropic substances, he can commit suicide. Therefore, immediately, as soon as you notice the first signs and symptoms of the disease, contact a therapist. severe depression symptoms treatment

How to recognize depression: symptoms of the disease

In fact, every individual depressionperson manifests itself in different ways. It can be emotional, physiological, behavioral, mental changes. Worst of all, when all the symptoms are detected simultaneously. But usually all this develops gradually, growing like a snowball. Very rarely a person at one point decides that to live on does not make sense, since no one likes or appreciates him. Therefore, if you notice that a person starts to change in a bad way, try to analyze his behavior. Perhaps he needs your help.

  • Emotional change

The first symptoms of depression - a constant sadness,depression, depression, despair, growing into panic fear. The ill person feels unpleasant, expects a dirty trick, worries about and without. If nothing happens, the complexes begin to develop, he blames himself for all the failures. He refuses to engage in routine business, as he loses interest in them. Plus, depression is manifested by the absence of any positive emotions.

  • Physiological changes

Problems with appetite (constant fasting orlack of desire to eat), sleep disorder (drowsiness during the day, insomnia at night), problems with digestive tract (constipation), lack of libido, increased fatigue. Usually the listed symptoms are written off on bad weather, fatigue is among the week. And only such manifestations as pain in the heart, stomach, spasms, etc., are forced to go to the hospital. And then, in most cases, doctors begin to treat gastritis, ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. Rarely when the doctor immediately makes a diagnosis - depression.

  • Changes in behavior

Once an active person ceases to participate in thevarious activities, seeks to reduce contacts with people to a minimum. Instead, a sick person prefers to drink a glass or two in a bar to relieve tension. You should be alerted if earlier a woman was an inveterate teetotaler, a fighter for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Thinking changes

As it was said above, depression -a psychological disease that manifests itself in the form of a hindered reaction, the impossibility of concentrating on specific subjects. In addition, a sick person begins to think negatively. It seems to him that death is the best way out of the situation.

The causes of depression

You analyzed the symptoms and realized that youor your friend - depression? This is the first step on the road to recovery. But you can not start treatment without first finding out the cause of depression. Agree, it is easier to get rid of what triggers the onset of the disease, than to constantly struggle with the consequences. Depression can arise as a result of some serious experiences, stresses. In the life of such a person something could happen that made a serious impression and affected the thinking, perception of the world. For example, death is expensive for a person, losing a good job, breaking up with a loved one, etc. If nothing happened with the fair sex, you should dig deeper. Perhaps the reason lies in the lack of certain substances that are not produced in sufficient quantities in the body. Usually this happens in the cold, rainy season, when the lack of sunlight is felt particularly acutely. This depression is called seasonal. Also, the disease occurs as a result of taking certain medications. Usually, depression goes away when treatment ends, for example, with psychotropic drugs. Therefore, if you suddenly find at least one of the above symptoms, tell your doctor about it. He will prescribe you other pills. Poor health is also affected by bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs. Of course, to give up such "pleasure" is very difficult, but only so you can cope with the disease. By the way, in extreme cases, you can seek help from specialists who will help get rid of addiction. And the last - depression can accompany any disease. Therefore, the first thing you need to go through a complete examination, take tests to exclude some neurological and somatic diseases. Important: Do not ignore such symptoms, even if you are an avid workaholic. You can work and then, but to restore health - it is unlikely. Nervous Depression Symptoms Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of depression

As you have already understood, the earlier the ill personappeals to a psychologist, the easier it will be to diagnose and fix the problem. Otherwise, everything can end sadly, up to a lethal outcome during an exacerbation. But why then do not people want to go to the hospital, but prefer to quietly suffer at home? The reason is fear. Girls are afraid that because of this diagnosis, they will be limited in some ways (sometimes a ban on travel, certain types of work, trips behind the wheel), they will be eschewed by others. Plus, after watching foreign films and reading horror stories, few people will want to go to a doctor who can prescribe psychotropic drugs. Suddenly "the roof will finally leave"! Lack of information and lack of information are the most terrible enemies of a person. In fact, the treatment of depression is a troublesome business, not easy, but completely safe. Usually, doctors combine several methods, ie prescribe medication and a visit to the therapist. Only in extreme cases is the patient hospitalized, if, for example, he poses a threat to life (both his own and others'). Otherwise, he just undergoes inpatient treatment.

  • Medication

Special drugs are prescribed to patients,regardless of the degree of severity. In this case, the patient must regularly visit the doctor, observe the prescription and treatment. During a conversation with a specialist, he should not withhold information, his feelings, symptoms, etc. Such a person should talk about everything in detail. Often when depression is prescribed treatment with antidepressants. Just do not do self-medication, buying drugs through the Internet. In fact, to buy such products should only be prescribed by a doctor. Plus, the doctor will be able to pick up that brand that will not harm your health. Also, he will tell you everything about the dosage, the method of taking, the side effects, etc. By the way, if after a week you do not notice improvement, do not panic immediately. Good antidepressants act gradually, not instantly. Please note: drug treatment is divided into three stages. The first is the diagnosis of the disease and the elimination of exacerbation. The doctor selects the appropriate drugs, analyzes the patient's behavior, studies how the medicine works for the patient. At the second stage, all the symptoms are eliminated. It lasts until the patient feels much better, he does not have an obsessive thought about suicide, his uselessness, etc. The last stage is the prevention of the disease. After complete recovery, the patient continues to be observed at the psychiatrist, without stopping the medication. This is necessary in order to avoid relapse in the future. And only after six months such a person can return to his old life.

  • Psychotherapy

Treatment and supervision at a psychiatrist isan additional measure that is necessary to stabilize the patient's psychoemotional state. The patient is taught to live anew: to express emotions, adequately respond to situations, to love himself and others around him. Often you have to take part in the consultation and family members. Such measures are necessary to ensure that a person in trouble knows that they love and appreciate her. In addition, in most cases it is because of the complete ignoring of problems that a person simply can not cope with the disease. The family helps to understand the situation, talking with the patient about the difficulties that have arisen.

How to lead family during depression

At your husband, brother, comrade appeareddepression. How to behave in this situation? Support, help, empathize, empathize? Unfortunately, many of us make mistakes that only worsen the situation. And sometimes a person who falls into depression, pulls for himself and others. Therefore, it is so important to know about what can and can not be done in the circumstances.

  • You can not go on about

When a person is sad, the mood disappears andus. We begin to experience with him, sympathize, cry, waste our energy and energy. Stop! In no case should you be a pessimist who drops his hands in any situation. If a girlfriend started to complain about life, support her, advise a good specialist. But do not try to get her drunk, assenting that there is no sense and justice in this world.

  • You can not criticize

A person who is depressed is hard to beareven the most insignificant criticisms. Learn to choose the right words, do not carp at the patient on trifles. Try to smooth out the corners. Plus, try to explain that nervousness, apathy, tearfulness is not his fault. In all the blame for the disease, which should be urgently disposed of.

  • Do not get hung up

The fact that someone fell into a depression is not a reasoncompletely abandon the fun. Do not close the curtains, cook with calming soothing tinctures and run around the patient, as if on it the light wedge came together. Try to cheer him up, but do it unobtrusively so that he himself wants to take part in the general amusements. terrible depression symptoms treatment

Preventing depression: help yourself

As in any other case, the appearance of thisdisease can be prevented, you just need to. So, in order to never again face depression, you must follow several basic rules. The main thing is not to fulfill such prescriptions once or twice, but to make it become a way of life. First, find a job for your liking. Only doing your favorite thing, you will avoid routine, bad mood. Every morning you will get up with joy, knowing that you will soon begin to do what you like most. If there is no possibility to change the sphere of activity, register for the courses. Learn to sing, dance, crochet, draw pictures. Secondly, eat right. Eat vegetables, fruits, sweet (dried fruits, jam, pastille, honey), drink green tea. Do not sit on strict diets, as hungry people are angry and aggressive. And apathy is manifested not only in relation to others, but also to yourself. The next thing you need to do is get rid of bad habits. Smoking, alcohol, drugs - all this negatively affects our nervous system. And it does not matter how long you sat down on such a "pleasure" - ten years or two days ago. The risks are too great. Do not forget about the benefits of exercise. Start walking with friends, hiking, learning to ride a bike, sign up for a gym or swimming pool. Take care of your figure, podkachayte press, buttocks, hands. Believe me, after training you will hardly want to cry. And the last thing to be mentioned is rest. Yes, at home the husband and children, a heap of garbage and a full sink of dishes. And you here and? One day a week, give only your beloved. And house affairs either postpone for later, or ask the faithful to help you with them. Hysteria, rolling of the eyes and reproaches, they say, he gets tired at work, quickly pass. The main thing is not to let yourself sit on your neck. And do not try to take over everything as if you were a dray horse. First of all, you are a woman who should be groomed, cherished and carried. After all, when you are loved, there can be no question of any depression.