how to become better Every person in life has such moments,when he wants to be better than everyone else, or at least better than himself. The world is imperfect, and we humans are also not perfect. Well, in every human life there is room for improvement. We can change our personal qualities for the better, and by doing this, we will change not only ourselves, but we will also influence the lives of others. But how to become better? What should I do for this?

To be better is a natural desire

Any of us would like to grow as a person, after allpersonal growth is the main difference between a person and a reasonable being. And each of us has his own definition of personal growth, as well as his list of skills, the acquisition or improvement of which could be of paramount importance. Achieving new heights in personal and professional development becomes especially important when we have a desire to move to a new, more successful level of life. Let's make a short excursion into science. After all, in order to develop a successful strategy of action for self-improvement, it would be nice to first understand why in general a person in the beginning has a desire to become better. Agree, because even in childhood, each of us compared ourselves to other girls, trying to understand why all classmates want to be friends with Anya, and Tanya likes all boys. And if in childhood we just tried to imitate our idols, then when we grew up, we began to think about how to become better than our friend. To be just like someone we did not like. So why does the desire for steel appear better and how is science trying to explain this desire? become better

The best qualities help to live better

The theory of automatic renewal states thatOnly when human beings aspire to a higher level, they are able to satisfy their basic needs. And what are the basic human needs? These are physiological needs, the need for security, the need for belonging to a group, the community and acceptance of this commonality, the need for self-renewal and high self-esteem. Why do these factors play such an important role in the development of the personality and how do they help us become better? The physiological needs of man are the needs for food and water, that is, the needs that ensure survival. If you are hungry and you do not have enough food and water, where will you take the strength to become better? Only when physiological needs are met, one can think of spiritual hunger and thirst. Your basic life needs take first place among all problems, and only after their satisfaction there is a need for self-knowledge. Once a person recognizes himself as a person, he has a sense of belonging to the community of people. So it comes to another important need. We all need understanding and love from our family and friends, from the society in which we live. The way we are perceived by others, worries and makes us think about how to become better. We begin to rise above ourselves - in the sense that we not only become better ourselves, but also begin to pay more attention to the needs and desires of others.

Do you want to make the world better? Start with yourself!

Start to change today! Many people have any dream or would like to achieve some goal; but most of them postponed their dreams and goals "until better times." They are wrong - there is no better time to achieve the goal than now. Only by taking a step today, we can bring our "better tomorrow" closer. Having decided to change for the better, set for yourself specific goals. Try to make the goals realistic, otherwise you will doom yourself to failure. Agree - if you suffer from your shyness, then you should not set yourself the goal of becoming a real orator for a month. In your case, you must first increase self-confidence, and only then start to learn oratory. Unjustifiably inflated goals will lead you to failure, and failures, in turn, will turn you away from attempts to do self-improvement. By setting a realistic goal in front of you, you can step by step, step by step, to the fulfillment of the target. When you achieve one goal - congratulate yourself, be sure to reward yourself with something pleasant. And set yourself the following goal, this time raising the bar higher and setting yourself the task of achieving more. After all, with the fulfillment of the first task, your faith in yourself has also strengthened! When you learn to challenge yourself, you can do much more than you ever thought possible, and you will see well how to become better.

What should I look for first?

First of all, listen to yourself toreveal all the best in you. Analyze your basic beliefs and principles. Your principles are the foundation of your value as an individual; they have a huge impact on the course of your life. If beliefs and principles are wrong, they can lead you astray. This will lead to the appearance of habits that will not allow you to grow as individuals. Do not confuse only the shortcomings from which you can and should get rid of complexes, caused, for example, by discontent with your appearance. Low growth can not affect your personal value in any way, just like too much ears. But from indecision or, on the contrary, stubbornness and arrogance is to get rid of. If you are thinking about the need for personal growth, the first step that will be reasonable to do is to compile a list of skills that you would like to acquire or improve. If you are thinking how to become better, you should understand that you will have to fully realize your inner potential. That is, you need to improve your inner self. It is the development of one's inner self that helps one to become better. And when our thoughts, habits and skills become better, we can try to help others live their lives better. And although it sounds simple, it will require a lot of effort on your part. But - dashing misfortune is the beginning! Let's see what skills and qualities are worth working out for yourself.

  • Perseverance

Have you ever wondered what a commonall successful people? They developed perseverance in order to achieve their goals in life. People who develop perseverance and perseverance do not give up even in the most difficult situations. They believe that only their commitment and hard work, including on themselves, help them to become successful. It is persistence that motivates them to move on to achieve their goals. Therefore, one of the main secrets of your success in working on yourself will be the development of perseverance. You must have a lot of patience. One who becomes persistent, gets not only a strong character, but also determination and will that will help achieve the goal and turn your dreams into reality.

  • Individuality

Never try to be like everyone else. Try to be an interesting person and learn to remain confident in any situation. Never hesitate to express yourself. Do not be afraid to speak out and defend your opinion. If you can maintain your individuality, you will never be "lost" among people and will be interesting to others as a person.

  • Elucidation and enthusiasm

In order to be interesting to people, and myselftoo, we must raise our erudition. Agree, no one likes to communicate with a person with whom there is nothing to talk about. The more you know, the wider will be the circle of your communication. But do not forget - to boast of your knowledge and to be clever to the place and out of place, a truly intelligent person will not. Always stay by yourself, do not try to talk or do something for show. Find for yourself some interesting thing to which you can devote your leisure. The wider the range of your interests, the more people you will be interested in.

  • Initiative

Sometimes it is very scary to say or dosomething that no one has done before you in your environment and has not offered to do so. But what if something seems interesting and important to you, does the rest seem like an empty stupidity? You do not know how to accept your proposal, so your fear is quite understandable. It is very important to overcome yourself and take a step towards something new. This will help you not only learn to show initiative, but also to strengthen your self-confidence. So do not be afraid to take the initiative, including in love and friendship.

  • Goodwill

Be kind and tolerant towardspeople. In any person - and you are no exception! - there is not only good, but also something bad. Try to see in a person his best qualities, not paying attention to the shortcomings. People will feel your disposition, and it will be easy for them to communicate with you. You will become a welcome guest in any home and be able to get along with others in any situation. Do not forget that your smile will be shown first of all by a smile and a friendly look. A frowning man, glancing from under his brows, will not be able to put anyone in his place. But a friendly smile can melt the most severe heart!

  • Sense of humor

To everything that happens in our lives,must be treated with a sense of humor. Even if something bad happened, you can always find something good in it. The optimism inherent in people with a good sense of humor helps to overcome adversity and difficulties, and laughter helps you stand at the most difficult moment. But just do not mix up the humor and wicked irony! You can laugh at yourself, but it is unacceptable to ridicule or shower someone else with causticism. Even if you really want to play tricks on someone, think first - would you be pleased if you made fun of you? Never with the help of stupid jokes or rallies do not infringe on the self-esteem of people. From this you will not get any better.

  • Attention to people

Learn to be an attentive interlocutor - givesay your opponent, do not interrupt him. Be attentive to people, try to notice if someone is worried or depressed. Do not meddle in the soul - just offer your help, if a person needs it, he will take it from you. Your attention to friends will be manifested if you find time to communicate with them and to help in solving their problems. how to be better than others

Is it worth it to become a better friend?

You can continue the list of qualities thatwould like to develop or improve in oneself. Your desire to become better than others is worthy of respect - you do not want to stand still, you have some goals, and you know what you want to achieve from life and from yourself. So, you have a great chance to achieve what you want. Just do not try to be better than someone. Especially, better friend. If she feels that you are jealous of her and try to compete with her, then simply will not be able to trust you anymore. In the end, you lose a reliable friend. Each person is unique and unique, so be yourself and just become better. We advise you to read: