inferiority complex Many of the actions of men are often for womenremain unexplained. In fact, all of them are due to the peculiarities of male psychology. Surely most of our readers of the man is represented as someone very strong, with unlimited possibilities and lack of weakness. But this is not so! The inferiority complex can be found in any person, even the most wonderful man. Therefore, knowing in advance the main syndromes, which at any moment can overtake your chosen one, you will not remain defenseless against his "oddities." inferiority complex tips

Inferiority complex and its types

What is an inferiority complex? According to psychologists, this is a psychological sensation, expressed in irrational thoughts about the superiority of surrounding people and a sense of worthlessness. Constantly on a subconscious level there is an idea: "I am worse than others. I'm not worthy of anything. I am a loser". The inferiority complex can be formed due to a number of reasons. Most often this is due to the characteristics of the parent family. Just imagine: a small person grows, and his mom and dad constantly point out to him mistakes and inability to do something in perfection. Gradually, he develops a deep faith in his own defectiveness. Exactly the same effect is possessed by various psychological traumas received at school, for example, when classmates strongly tease the child. If in the future such a person will make mistakes (and this is inevitable), then this will only strengthen the inferiority complex. In general, any attempts to suppress individuality end very, very badly for their object. The inferiority complex is manifested in the fact that a person is not just insecure - he constantly seeks endorsement from others, trying to compensate for the low ratings of adults he received earlier. At the same time, he tries to draw attention to his sufferings, exposing them to show off and playing the role of a victim. Such people, as a rule, are afraid of contact with others - their circle of communication is extremely narrow, they have few friends and acquaintances. They feel a constant tension and can not get rid of it. The person in whose mind the inferiority complex lives, does everything to avoid the slightest mistakes in his life path, because each of them indicates its inferiority. Men are often characterized by excessive arrogance (remember Napoleon?), Increased aggressiveness, the desire to prove their masculinity, craving for status things. At the same time, the inferiority complex can have completely different "faces". Since the reasons for its occurrence and manifestations can radically differ from each other, psychologists have accumulated a lot of descriptions of various syndromes, in the center of which there is a deep insecurity:

  • Syndrome of King David. This biblical character, to warm his aging body, lured the young beauties into bed. Many modern men also hope to look younger with the help of a young partner. Perhaps, some of them manage to start a new life with a young woman. But choosing a partner in a very young girl, a man needs to be ready for any troubles. Very often, others take such a couple for their father and daughter, overshadowing their lives with various questions.
  • The "boss" syndrome. As a rule, this inferiority complex is laid in the character of the future man almost from birth. Parents of children, neglecting the "female" features, thereby stimulating the development of "male" features. Get rid of the syndrome of "boss" is almost impossible, so a man all his life has to defend his superiority. For example, 70% of men suffer very much, falling under the beginning of a woman. 64% of the representatives of the stronger sex complex, if the chosen one earns more. 58% of men's lives overshadow the feeling of envy for the professional success of his girlfriend's life.
  • Napoleon's syndrome. For most men, small growth is a real tragedy. However, this defect in most cases is more than offset by crazy ambitions and vanity. And such people are almost always accompanied by success, because the desire, with which they reach it, is very great.
  • Syndrome of lost time. There's nothing you can do about it, that's how a person works: he wants everything and as soon as possible. Therefore, often the need to reduce the load and "reduce turnover" after fifty years in 80% of men turns into a bitter disappointment. In such cases, the majority of the stronger sex becomes even more vulnerable.
  • Infertility syndrome. The statement that a man at any age is "always ready" for sexual feats is nothing more than a beautiful myth that is responsible for the occurrence of more than a dozen male neuroses. Every man, the older he becomes, more and more afraid of "not being on top". Therefore, any social failure does not go to any comparison with the disappointment in their own men's power.
  • Lot's syndrome. After the destruction of the cities of Gomorrah and Sadom, this biblical character, escaping with his daughters in the caves, continued there the human race. Many fathers who have adult daughters like this are an unconscious dream. However, it is quite easy to cope with such a syndrome, especially since it is extremely rare. And the point here is purely in the instinctive desire of the father to treat his daughter's chosen one as a rival, and not at all in sexual perversions.
  • Syndrome of Hercules. This syndrome occurs in men who are completely dependent on women, forcing them to perform unusual for him. By the way, in most modern families this is the main reason for conflict.
  • Syndrome of Kotovsky. Why do you think men shave their heads? Yes, because baldness for them is like a catastrophe. Hiding in this way the bald bald patch, they try to escape from shame, closely associating this with the loss of male power. However, in fact - from any point of view - this is absurd. A shaven head symbolizes masculinity, although it is a reliable masking of hair loss on the head.
  • The syndrome of Don Juan. Perhaps, this syndrome is the most common. After all, throwing women is a "purely masculine affair." Therefore, no man thinks that the break of love relationships is the privilege of women. How can you calm down an easily traumatized male soul? Today, everything can be attributed to the rapid development of emancipation.
  • Alexander's syndrome. This exotic syndrome men are ashamed most of all. Few people know that most of all a man is afraid that he will be considered not courageous, or rather homosexual. At half of men even suspicion of associates in their non-standard orientation can cause strong stress.

inferiority methods complex

How to deal with this?

If you find at least one of yourone such complex, then do not rush to sound the alarm. Psychologists believe that it is not always necessary to interfere in someone else's life - a person should want to do it himself, otherwise there will be no sense. It is possible that with the help of such a syndrome a man compensates for some other shortcomings, and at the moment the system of the psyche is in a delicate balance. It is not known what else "picks up" from the hidden corners of the soul, if you now begin to actively "shake" existing complexes. However, if it is obvious that this way a man spoils his life very much, then something must be done about it. First, often praise and support your man. This is a woman's function, and it is especially needed by our insecure choices. Emphasize that your partner is doing well, and that is just wonderful. About shortcomings should be reported accurately and correctly, preferably in the form of "I-sayings": "I feel sad when you ...". Most men think that they need to be such supermen, nothing and no one is afraid. But this is impossible! Explain to your partner that it's okay when he's worried about something or something. Fear performs defensive function and helps a person to go in the right direction. And those men who do not show it, just hide it deep inside themselves. Usually the situation is complicated by the fact that a person begins to fear his own fear, because he seems to him a manifestation of weakness. You can even play a playful game called "Win your complex." When you find out what is stopping your partner from living happily ever after, make it your enemy. Each time a complex will manifest itself, a man will not have to go to him on occasion. On the contrary, it will be necessary to do something that will help him to "snap" the complex around his nose. Do you think it's easy to live in the world with such "purely masculine" problems? It seems to us that not very much. Men - our support and strength, which also have their weaknesses. So let's not once again overshadow them and so hard life!