self-confidence All people on earth are born with sensationself-confidence. Kids look at the world around with their eyes wide open. But at the moment when the child begins to realize himself as a person, doubts begin to arise and confidence begins to melt. Everyone has this process according to the individual scenario. Rest assured that no man on earth has escaped this fate. Another thing is that each person copes with this in many different ways. Everything depends on the nearest environment. Someone is more lucky, some less. There are people who do not think at all how to gain self-confidence. If you are ripe with the idea that something is wrong with you, you are missing something, you are already on the road to success.

Not sure - half defeated

Uncertainty makes it difficult to live. Thanks to her, dear, we sit on the unloved work and "pull the strap", thanks to her we tolerate a stupid boss, we earn a penny instead of a decent salary. Due to lack of self-confidence, we allow more successful colleagues to sit on their necks, tolerate rudeness. You can enumerate very long. At the same time the nervous system is loosened, very often serious diseases appear against this background. Insecurity is the enemy. At the crucial moment in life, this enemy always shows his teeth, and if you reconcile with him, you will not achieve anything in life. reasons for not self-confidence

How to gain self-confidence?

The main blow to the uncertainty is that youstrongly want to get rid of it. The most important thing is to clearly understand that it prevents you from living. The second and final blow - you begin to act. Do not wait for Monday or the beginning of a new month. Be prepared for the fact that your inner voice will whisper to you: "whatever comes of it", "why are you doing this". Do not listen to him. Think about the fact that you are standing on the threshold of a new exciting life, where you will become stronger, more independent. Your opinion will be listened to, the respect of colleagues will appear. And any problem will get to you on a shoulder. Do not forget, the feeling of confidence has not gone away, it was as it was in you from birth, and it remains. Just external circumstances have grown in you uncertainty. It's because of her that you have to make an effort to be invisible, submissive and too complaisant. Being confident is easy and simple. Being insecure is hard and unnatural.

How is a confident person?

A confident person lives in harmony with himselfby yourself. There are no fears of communicating with people, he is not afraid of tomorrow. He always has his own opinion, and he is not afraid to say it. A confident person does not pass before difficulties. A person who is confident in their abilities, life is much richer and more interesting. But also it is more difficult. After all, sometimes he has to assume responsibility and decide not only his own destiny, but also the fate of his loved ones. Unlike an insecure person who finds an excuse: "I can not", "I do not know", "I'm not competent" and in the same spirit. If you decide to change your life, you will have to make an effort. Within a month, if you follow all the recommendations, everything will turn out. Then your renewed confidence will only grow stronger and tempered.

The first steps of the revival of confidence

  • Become the most competent specialist in your field of activity. Having studied all the subtleties and nuances, you will feel that you have become more confident. You will be contacted by colleagues for help.
  • Work on your manner of holding on. If you are slouching, buy a suit in which you need to keep your back. Work on the look, gestures, speech. Mirror for this period of time will be your assistant.
  • Pay attention to your appearance. If you think that your physical form is far from perfect, go in for sports. Do not forget to refresh your manicure if you are a woman. A man must be clean-shaven. Do not forget about a good perfume. Old things - down.
  • Choose yourself a role model in your environment. Take a closer look at this man. Take something for service. Maybe the style of clothes, the manner of talking.
  • Start to do good deeds. It will be useful for you to get a positive result, this will add self-confidence. If failure occurs, do not give up. Analyze, draw conclusions and act.
  • Determine why you need self-confidence. What goal do you want to achieve? Set a goal and aim for it.
  • Take a look and see who surrounds you. Become more attentive to people. Support a colleague if he needs it.

If you hear that to gain confidenceyou must attend special trainings, do not believe it. No training will not help you, if you do not decide to get rid of uncertainty for yourself. If this solution is ripe, you will cope with the problem yourself. patience for gaining confidence

Change your way of life

Do not criticize people, events, anditself. Negative, which breaks out, always turns against the man himself. The thought is material. If you think about the bad, you will be ill. Think good - good comes. Enjoy life in all its manifestations and give a positive attitude to the world to everyone around you. Never make excuses or blame yourself. If you made a mistake, recognize it and live on. Do not go back in time, think about the future. Pulling yourself into a sense of guilt, you are destroying your personality. This is the biggest mistake. Tune in to the positive and share positive emotions with others. Change your environment, if the former is used to belittle your dignity. It is very important that you are surrounded by self-confident and positive people. Think about your hobby. Surely you forgot what you would like to do. Remember, maybe you liked drawing or carving wood? Or maybe you dreamed of learning to play guitar or piano? Doing your favorite thing is very useful for raising self-esteem and gaining self-confidence.

Do not wait for the results of your transformation this minute - have patience

Set yourself small and realistic goals andstrive for their implementation. Achieving the goal strengthens self-confidence, you have an additional incentive for further improvement. Listen to your intuition, this feeling rarely deceives. Get rid of feelings of self-pity for yourself and others. Do not take to heart the failures of others. If you can help, help, but do not delve deeply into the problems. Protect your resurgent confidence. Treat with gratitude to any gifts of fate. And do not forget to do good deeds. Do not consider it shameful to seek help from a more experienced, wise person. There is no manifestation of weakness in this. A strong person is not afraid to ask, as he is ready to help. Learn to trust the world around you. Be grateful to fate for the misfortunes and misfortunes that it presents to us. After all, overcoming difficulties, you become stronger and your confidence grows stronger. Do not forget about your body. It's not clothes that can be changed. A healthy spirit can only be in a healthy body. Do any business to the end. Even if you really do not want to. Collect the will into a fist and finish what you started. you will feel how your self-esteem is increasing. The most important enemy of confidence is fear. Try to do something that you were afraid of. Of course, without undue risk and heroism. With fear, you need to work constantly, and eventually there will come a day when you will win.

How to live with the established, not natural confidence?

At first, when you only feel in yourselfrevived confidence, you will be a little uncomfortable. Have patience, this feeling will soon pass. And you, remembering your former self, will be surprised: "Was I really like that?" You will soon get used to a new one, become different in your attitude to the world and others. You will have new goals. you will understand that confidence is the most natural state of a person.