value of a pose in a dream In a dream, we spend about a third of our lives. Of course, most of us dream about the arms of Morpheus in a spacious bedroom on the beach, but, oddly enough, the quality of sleep does not depend on it. Rather not only from this. A very important role in this matter is played by the postures of sleep, and their importance can not be underestimated. If you want to know more about this - welcome!

A little about the phenomenon

Before you say what those meanposition in a dream, you need to sort it out yourself. As we know from school, we are drowning in sleep in order to give the body a rest. At this time, the speed and intensity of metabolic processes decrease, and all internal organs begin to work many times slower. It happens that the person's dream turns out to be so deep that the body goes on to the rhythm of work, close to comatose: breathing is almost not audible, the heartbeat is slow, and the brain rests. In addition to rest, sleep performs for the body and other useful functions. Sleep is necessary for many processes implemented by the central nervous system. In particular, thanks to him, our memory functions normally, because he participates in the processing and storage of information. Slow sleep contributes to the consolidation of the studied material - that is why the preparation for the exam is recommended to stretch for several days with a mandatory break at night. And during a fast sleep, our unconscious expectations unfold regarding the desired course of events. Hence the phenomenon of prophetic dreams and deja vu. Surely, you noted that sleep is more comfortable and comfortable at night - in the dark. This is due to the fact that sleep also ensures our adaptation to a change in illumination. In general, it is normal every twenty-four hours. At the same time every day the rhythm can change due to the change in the duration of daylight hours. Do you remember the idea that people who sleep little often get sick more often? It has serious physiological grounds. During the vision of dreams, activation of T-lymphocytes takes place, which fight against catarrhal diseases, both viral and bacterial. Thanks to this, immunity is restored and strengthened. It is for these and many other reasons that sleeping and sleeping out is very important for our physical and mental well-being. postures in a dream meaning

The value of poses in sleep

Psychological features of nature are manifestedin all our actions: appearance, gait, speech, wardrobe selection, etc. ... But if all of the above can be controlled if desired, then it becomes almost impossible with a pose in a dream. The way we sleep can tell a lot about us as a person: about our mood, character, state, relations with other people, world perception. What does each particular posture mean?

  • Pose "embryo" A man sleeps on his side. He pulls his bent knees straight to his chest and takes, as a rule, one of the corners of the sleeper. The face at the same time turns away from the wall. Often between the knees is a pillow or a piece of blanket. This posture resembles a child's dream in the womb and tells us about the need for safety. In our mother's belly, we all felt protected, and in the outer world such a state is an inadmissible luxury. Therefore, being in a difficult life situation, in a dream, we often take this pose, wanting to return to a feeling of peace and grace. But if a person sleeps this way always, then it can talk about his character. Most likely, he is indecisive and anxious. In his youth, he did not separate from his mother and now feels a constant need for help and support from the other. At the same time, he may experience isolation and difficulties with communication. He experiences some anxiety towards the people around him, which makes it difficult for him to express his emotions and feelings openly. He can not establish close and trustful relationships, but when this happens, he becomes a good and faithful friend.
  • Pose "star" A person can lie on his back oron the abdomen. His arms and legs are wide apart so that he seems to be trying to occupy as much of the bed as possible. Approximately the same thing happens in life: a man seeks to manifest himself in everything. It is important for him to sense his own worth, often he has an overestimated self-esteem, under which various complexes can hide. He can demonstrate insistent or even aggressive behavior. Sometimes this posture is a consequence of situational problems in a person's life. For example, when someone presses too hard on him or tries to "climb on his territory". In this case, he wants to designate his own place in space and defend it. Also this posture can manifest itself in those situations when you feel the upsurge and feel yourself incredibly successful.
  • "Soldier" pose A man is sleeping on his back, as ifstretching his hands at the seams. It is characteristic for people closed and closed. As a rule, such a person behaves with other people silently and with restraint - he prefers words of action. At the same time, he does not like fuss and unnecessary gestures. Such a person is distinguished by directness and rigidity (as well as those to whom the name of the pose relates). He makes high demands to himself and others, he likes everything to be of the highest order.
  • Pose "King" This pose is different freedom andrelaxed: the person's arms are stretched along the body and are a short distance from him, legs are straightened and unfolded, but not "scattered" on either side. It is likely that the sleeper differs in self-confidence, frankness, straightforwardness and innocence. This is a consequence of his honesty and decency. Some of its manifestations may seem rude, but they are related to the directness of the character. Such a person can distinguish distinct leadership qualities, due to which he persistently achieves his goals. At times it grows into stubbornness, when the goal is already not needed, but it all goes and goes to it. It is not easy to convince him, on the contrary, from this he can insist even more on his own.
  • Pose "on the belly" You lie with your arms outstretchedhead with his hands, legs straight, sometimes slightly bent. In general, people like this pose are closed, but not as much as in the case of the "embryo" pose. For them, the most important thing is to keep the boundaries of the personal space, for example, not letting strangers into their personal lives. They are quite independent and independent of society in their judgments. They like order and structure in everything. People who sleep on their stomachs like to plan their day, arrange things in places, which sometimes comes to pedantry. In communicating with them, some dullness is found, which is more than compensated by their perseverance and perseverance in achieving their goals. In this regard, they often seek a certain social status and financial situation. In the case when the sleeper sleeping on the stomach turns a lot, it can talk about the situational need for solving problems. Currently, he is actively fighting with them, and he needs a resource in the form of additional stability and reliability.
  • Pose "philosopher" A man sleeps on his back, as iflaying his hands, bent at the elbows, behind the head, which rests on the palms. It seems that right now he is solving some serious philosophical problem. And this is not far from the truth, because such a posture is characteristic of serious, discreet comrades who are inclined to communicate on profound topics. They differ in some slowness in their actions. All this together can cause some problems in communicating with the opposite sex. This posture can be taken by a person with a slight variation - he sleeps on his stomach. Because of this, the head turns sideways, but everything also lies on the palms. They, by and large, are roughly the same as the people described above, but a little bit differently. They differ closedness, refinement and shyness. These people are practical, but it is difficult for them to make a decision about their lives, so they tend to change their minds.
  • The "cross" position The sleeper looks twisted: one hand is at the top, the other is below, one leg is straight in the thigh, but bent at the knee, the other is vice versa. Thus, a person becomes like a frozen runner who, while in the process, waves his arms and alternately throws his legs. This posture is characteristic of unorganized people. They are always late, and, when going somewhere, they can not always put in the bag the necessary things and always forget something. Naturally, the discipline of them is lame: they can not fit into any framework or norms because of their lack of assimilation and capriciousness. They should not be relied on in a more or less significant business. Often they throw things in the middle, not leading up to the end.
  • The usual pose of Her so called because of the fact thatit is her preference to sleep about thirty percent of the world's population. You lie on your side, your limbs are slightly bent, your hands may be slightly above your head, and one of them may lie on your chest or under your pillow. Since this pose is chosen by most people, it is difficult to say anything about the characteristics of their character. Nevertheless, usually a sleeper in such a position turns out to be a man open. If he manages to turn from side to side, to maintain the chosen posture, this indicates his ability to adapt to changing circumstances. He is calm, sociable, balanced, flexible in communication, thanks to which he has a wide circle of acquaintances, and among friends he often becomes the soul of the company.
  • Pose "herons" This is a variation on the theme of the usual posture: under the head are the arms of the sleeper, one leg is straightened, and the second is bent, adjoining a triangle to the first. Such people are usually capricious and unpredictable. They all depend on the mood in which they are: one day can pass "on the positive" in an active mood, and the other - in complete apathy and passivity. The same applies to their sexuality, and if the upper leg is bent, then it is lower, and if the lower one, then vice versa.
  • Pose "logs" A man lies on his side, and his handsstretched along the trunk. This means that he is usually good-natured and open. He likes to communicate with people - it gives him real pleasure. Thanks to this, he quickly and easily converges with new people. In some cases (especially this is emphasized, if the hands are stretched forward, which makes the pose look like the silhouette of a person begging for alms), he is too gullible. The decision is taken by the person slowly, but if he has already made up his mind, he is unlikely to give it up. Although it sometimes happens that, often encountering deception, he turns into a cynical and distrustful person.
  • value of the dream posture

    Who sleeps with you?

    Every girl in the depths of her soul loves fortune telling. It is very interesting for us to learn something about others on some specific grounds. This is especially true for beloved men. By the way they sleep, you can say a lot about their character. Watch your partner during sleep, and perhaps you will discover his new facets. If a man sleeps on his stomach, then chances are high that he is inclined to keep everything under control. Especially, this applies to those individuals who like to take a large part of the bed during sleep. He seems to be hinting to you - "this is my territory." In general, the desire to win is a striking feature of all the members of the stronger sex, but in this specific it may be more expressed. In sex, such partners tend to be conservative, but try to make it so that both are good. The man sleeping on his back is calm and balanced. You probably noticed him optimistic statements - a positive view of things in many respects is inherent in him. He does not have a neurotic desire to protect himself, which can be understood by looking at the defenseless belly, and this indicates a rather high self-esteem. However, if he regularly throws his hands behind his head, then this can mean excessive self-confidence and vanity. Usually such a man turns out to be very sociable and likes to be in the spotlight. In sex, he likes to be domineering and controlling the process, that's why he is the one who is inclined to choose poses, rhythm and other intimate nuances. Sleep on the side is very common among men. Those who choose this position are usually simple in communication and unpretentious. Easily yield to the palm tree of the championship or go on a compromise. They are not alien to openness and emotional sensitivity. However, if in a dream your partner pulls his knees to his chin and turns into the "embryo" pose, then be vigilant: this man needs comfort and affection. In sex, they are pretty sweet and romantic, like a long prelude. The same they expect from a woman, so you can please your beloved with passionate kisses and gentle touches. In general, they like diversity. You do not need to control yourself and try to stay in a certain position. This is not a psychotherapeutic moment, but a psychodiagnostic one. At the same time, after observing the sleeping person, we can conclude that he cares at the present moment, even if he himself does not realize this. But the interpretation of poses in a dream is not a science, so the most important thing is for you and your loved ones to be comfortable and you sleep in the position chosen by you.