delicious diet Everyone knows that women, like no other,are "hostages" of their taste buds. However, because of gastronomic delights and high-calorific culinary masterpieces, their figures become fuller and lose their former forms. However, to win in the fight against excess weight and not at the same time hurt your feelings of a real gourmet is quite realistic. After all, this only requires a delicious diet and a desire to look attractive. It is not difficult to find such food for yourself. After all, there are a lot of options for a delicious diet. Meat and lean, vegetable and fruit, strict and sparing, short and long-term - in general, for every taste. Let's consider them, and let each woman find that her only delicious and healthy diet, which will forever forget about the hateful fat folds.

Effective diet for sweet tooth and fruit lovers

Each sweet tooth dreams to lose weight, using infood cakes, sweets and cakes. However, they will have to be abandoned. But to replace your favorite sweets in this delicious diet will come extremely useful and very sweet fruit:

  • pineapples
  • oranges
  • apples
  • kiwi

The diet is designed for three days, during which timein the food used only the fruits listed. How to use them? It is possible in the form of salad, it is possible in a natural kind, the main thing is it is no more than 200 g for one meal. The number of meals in knocks should be equal to 5-6. From drinks you can eat low-fat kefir or unsweetened green tea. This diet was invented by the well-known television presenter Joan Lunden, whose seductive forms are driving millions of men crazy. However, not only does she periodically manage to throw off up to 5 kg in three days with this delicious diet. Many women who tested this diet were satisfied. delicious and healthy diet

Diet for "predators"

Not all women can withstand fruit and vegetablediet diet. After all, many of them are real "predators". For them, a day without meat or fish is a real torture. But do not get upset, because dieticians have created a delicious and healthy diet, which is full of various meat dishes. At the same time, only each woman decides independently which dish to cook for her in order to lose 6 kg per week. Basic principles of the meat diet:

  • Daily intake of not more than 450 g of protein food: meat, fish and eggs.
  • Every day you need to eat 300 to 500 grams of vegetables, except potatoes and carrots.
  • Permitted drinks: tea and coffee without sugar, mineral water without gases.
  • All other products are banned.
  • The entire diet is divided into 5 equal meals.
  • The last use of food for 2.5 hours before bedtime.
  • This delicious diet is calculated for a week. At the same time, if desired, it can be extended for an additional 3 days. It should also be noted that the dishes can be boiled, stewed and cooked for a couple. To achieve maximum effect, it is better to give up fat. For example, salads fill with lemon juice, and instead of roasting cook food in a double boiler or aerogrill.

    Vitamin Spring Diet

    At the time of spring avitaminosis, it is very important thatThe diet was not only effective, but also maximally useful. That is why many women choose a delicious vitamin diet, which is based on a balanced diet. Her approximate diet for the day is as follows:

    • Breakfast: a little cottage cheese (100-125 g), 1 dried bread, green tea with a spoon of honey
    • The second breakfast: 1 fruit and 1 fresh vegetable
    • Lunch: a small plate of vegetable soup, 100 grams lean meat, 50 g green peas, 2 any fresh or stewed vegetable oil.
    • Afternoon snack: 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad with 1 spoon of olive oil.
    • Dinner: 1 unsweet fruit, 1 glass of dietary kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

    In addition to a diet that can withstandas many as you want, in the menu of this delicious diet you need to include a large amount of fresh greens. It is she who will give a piquant taste to the usual dishes and at the same time make up for the supplies of vitamins and minerals lost during the winter. Also, basil, rucola or parsley (choose only to you!) Will help accelerate metabolism, which in turn will accelerate the process of losing weight on such a delicious diet. delicious diet for a week

    General principles of all delicious diets

    Despite the fact that the diets of delicious diets differ, there are unshakable rules that must be adhered to regardless of the diet:

    • To eat should be strictly by the hour.
    • Do not drink water with water.
    • Eat at least two liters of liquid per day.
    • Supplement the diet with physical exertion.

    Only adhering to these rules will manage to say goodbye to the excess weight forever. We advise you to read: