carbohydrate diet Many women dream of a slender and beautifulshape. To make dreams come true, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts. Namely: it is necessary to go on a diet and start to actively go in for sports.

To get started, you need to read this information

Nutritionists are advised to use a non-carbohydrate dietdiet, which can only a week to get rid of 5-6 kilograms. But only take it seriously, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. So, what foods can I use? It can be squid or shrimp. Just do not use them in large quantities. It is enough to eat 100-150 g of sea food. Still allowed to eat cooked chicken or beef. But it is best to eat eggs and skim yogurts (0.1% fat). You can include in the menu and cheeses, but only not more than 100 g. It is advisable to have a notebook in which it will be necessary to write down the menu for a week. It is very important to count the number of calories. In a day you need to consume at least 1800-2000 calories, otherwise a person can feel fatigue and mood decline. Moreover, even fainting can occur. The diet to be adhered to is called "bezuglevodnaya." You must first hold on for 1 day

  • The first day for breakfast should be consumedbuckwheat porridge (300 g) and coffee with milk. For a second breakfast, nutritionists recommend eating low-fat yogurt (150 g) and a green apple. You can not skip dinner, so at 14:00 you will need to eat soup on chicken broth. For those who like bread, you can eat a piece. But only 2 times a week. Therefore, initially it is necessary to determine those 2 days when you can eat bread. For a snack, you should eat a peach or pear. But to have supper it is desirable vegetable salad (no more than 200 g).
  • The second day of the diet "Bezuglevodnaya" will appearmore difficult. The fact is that for breakfast you will only need to eat a carrot salad and drink a cup of green tea. For the second breakfast you should eat a pear or peach (no more than 200 g). But at lunch you can already eat tight. You can eat cabbage soup and boiled rice without salt. And from drinks it is best to drink black tea without sugar. At noon you can eat 5-6 pieces of apricots. For dinner, it is advisable to eat stewed cabbage. But those who do not like this dish, can replace it with potatoes in uniform (2 pieces).
  • A carbohydrate diet on the third day will not be easy. For breakfast, you will only have to eat oatmeal and black coffee without sugar. For the second breakfast only plums (100-150 g) should be eaten. Lunch should not be missed, because in the evening dizziness may start, so you should eat rassolnikom and salad from vegetables (cucumbers + tomatoes). From drinks it is best to drink compote from dried fruits. For a mid-morning snack, you have to eat fat-free cottage cheese and drink with mineral water. Do not skip dinner. At 19:00 you should eat a small portion of squid and drink a glass of tomato juice.

for breakfast buckwheat porridge

And here are the hard days that are just necessary to withstand

  • Diet on the fourth day will already seemso difficult, because the human body has already adapted to such a diet. Therefore, on Thursday you can already have breakfast with an omelette with cheese, preferably without the addition of salt. Also allowed to eat a piece of rye bread. From drinks it is best to choose tea without sugar and milk. The second breakfast should consist of two different fruits, except bananas. It is necessary to have lunch with fish soup and pearl barley. It is recommended to eat some other vegetable (preferably if it is a tomato or cucumber). Drink for lunch preferably cranberry or cherry fruit juice. And in the afternoon you should eat cottage cheese with raisins (without sugar). But the dinner should consist of stewed vegetables (cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots). And you should drink green tea.
  • Diet on the fifth day, almost nothingis cast from the rest of the days, that is, it is necessary to eat in limited portions. For breakfast, you can cook baked apples with cottage cheese - quite a satisfying and useful dish. But it should not be consumed in large quantities, about 200-300 g. You can drink pomegranate juice. At the second breakfast you should eat yogurt. If there is a famine, it is best to drink mineral water without gas. At 14:00, as always, lunch should be held. You can eat borsch (without potatoes) and fish cooked in the oven. And from drinks it is desirable to choose cocoa. Also allowed to eat grapefruit. In the afternoon snack you can have a snack with some fruit (except bananas). You can still pamper yourself. Namely: it is allowed to eat pasta with sauce. Still you can eat boiled chicken.

for snacks is best for vegetables

Buckwheat porridge - an indispensable dish in any diet

The penultimate day of the "Bezuglevodnaya" dietwill again seem difficult. The fact is that the menu on Saturday is very strict. For breakfast it is allowed to eat only cabbage salad (200 g) and drink black coffee without sugar. When the second breakfast starts, at about 12:00, you need to eat 1 peach. In the afternoon you should use chicken soup without salt. It is desirable not to eat meat. And for lunch you can eat a small portion of buckwheat porridge. Of the drinks best suited apple compote or tea with lemon. Snack on this day, many do not like, because you can eat only half a pear. But the dinner will be dense, because you can eat rice with squid and vegetable salad. Of drinks drink only green tea. And, finally, the last day of the diet "Bezuglevodnaya" is considered the most responsible. It is very important not to break, as the food menu for a day is rather limited. I'll have breakfast only with corn porridge and drink a glass of water. The second breakfast you need to miss. But for lunch, it's best to eat aza of beef. Preferably on Sunday, soup is not. And drink pomegranate juice. Snack on this day should consist only of low-calorie yogurt and apple. Dinner is allowed curd casserole with raisins or dried apricots. A drink is best black tea with milk. It should be noted that the menu of a carbohydrate diet is very limited. Therefore, not everyone can survive for 7 days. Therefore, before you sit on it, you need to consult a doctor, otherwise you may experience sad consequences. So it is strongly recommended that you first take tests and find out what are the health problems. However, "Carbohydrate diet: a menu for a week" is an effective way to lose weight. Diet is a serious step on the way to an ideal figure.