mushroom for weight loss We all have seen tea mushroom floating inglass three-liter cans on the windowsills of our grandmothers. In the eighties of the last century there was a real boom of consumption of a tea mushroom - it was practically in every house and replaced with itself kvass and lemonade. Everyone drank it - from small to large, because the healing properties of this drink are truly unique. Nowadays, he is undeservedly forgotten, but recently, more and more often recall the amazing properties of the tea fungus - he treats diseases such as angina, intestinal distress, heart failure. In addition, many use a mushroom for weight loss, achieving impressive results. So maybe it's time to remember the true friend of our grandmothers and experience the amazing properties of a medicinal drink prepared with the help of a tea mushroom?

Kombucha: what is it and where did it come from

Externally, the mushroom is most likeA jellyfish floating in a brown clear solution. In fact, no relation to the inhabitants of the sea, not even to forest relatives by the name of the tea mushroom has. It is rather a colony of unique living microorganisms living in symbiosis with each other. And the fungus was named because its upper part really resembles a multi-layered cap of a large fungus. However, it is worth placing this living organism in a container of triangular or pentagonal shape, as he immediately accepts the form suggested to him. From where the tea mushroom appeared initially, scientists have not been able to find out yet. In order that it is ripe, you need special water and sugar. Imagine that the tea mushroom develops in natural reservoirs, at the bottom of which lie the deposits of sugar, is quite difficult. There is an ancient legend that the appearance of a tea mushroom was predicted by a monk, called to cure a sick emperor. The elder said that soon the ant will come to the aid of the patient, who will bring with him a miracle cure. The next day an ant fell with a small tea fungus into the emperor's mug. The insect explained to the patient how to grow a culture and create a healing drink. The Emperor did everything, as was said, drank the solution and recovered. Many scientists believe that for the first time the tea mushroom appeared in Tibet, but so far this theory has not been proved. There are historical sources telling that this drink was popular in China already in the third century BC, and the recipe for its preparation was kept in great secrecy. Only high-ranking officials and the nobility could consume a drink from a tea mushroom, for others it was inaccessible. However, the mystery can not last forever, because the glory of the tea mushroom spread far beyond the Celestial Empire. In 414, one of the Chinese doctors was called to the aid of the dying Japanese emperor. As you understand, it was the tea mushroom that helped to raise the head of state. Then he quickly got to Manchuria, Korea and Eastern Siberia. Since then, the victorious procession of the tea mushroom along the continent has begun. In Russia, a tea mushroom came in the middle of the nineteenth century, quickly gaining popularity. And it lasted approximately until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War - in the period of famine and devastation sugar was in great deficit, and in fact it is responsible for the development of the tea fungus. Therefore, for a while this drink was forgotten in our country, but after the war it again spread. And now almost in every house on the window are banks with a mushroom, healing both young and old from a variety of diseases. tea mushroom weight loss

Benefits of a tea mushroom

From what only heals the tea mushroom! The list of diseases with which this drink helps to cope is almost endless. Due to its chemical composition, the solution of the tea fungus has an excellent bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, improves the functioning of the heart, increases immunity. For a long time the tea fungus was a real panacea for all kinds of ailments, especially in the context of the shortage of many medicines in our pharmacies. Few people know that, in addition to treatment, the tea mushroom can also be used as a cosmetic. This is especially true for owners of oily skin, prone to acne and pustules. With the help of this yeast culture, you can create a special lotion; it is enough to insist the tea fungus within seven to nine days. Once the solution is ready, you can wipe your skin twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. With regular use of such a product, the skin restores its lipid balance, clears itself of acne and acquires a fresh, blooming appearance. And, of course, it is very effective to use a tea mushroom for weight loss: it will not only help you get rid of extra pounds, but it will also have a significant benefit for your health. After all, if you prepare the infusion correctly, then, in addition to the general health-improving and strengthening effect, the tea fungus establishes the work of metabolic processes in the body. And it's worth talking about this in more detail.

Kombucha for losing weight

In the tea mushroom there are special substances -Enzymes that help break down fats and proteins. Moreover, this magic drink helps to accelerate the metabolism, from the work of which the rate of weight loss largely depends. You probably noticed more than once that there are a lot of girls around who can eat half a cake at a time and do not gain a gram of excess weight. And the thing is just that the metabolism in their body works not as an example of yours more actively, having time to burn excess calories, until they are deposited in the form of fat on the sides and waist. In order to "stir" your own metabolism, a day you need to drink at least two or three glasses of this delicious drink in the morning and the same evening. And for a more effective result, you can drink it not in its pure form (after all, in normal infusion, high sugar content), but mixed with a decoction of useful herbs that can be purchased at any pharmacy. On how to make a mushroom for weight loss, we'll talk a little later, but for now, we bring to your attention the recipes of valuable supplements, which should be used to quickly lose weight:

  • One tablespoon of the roots of the drugdandelion, two tablespoons of roots of the field stalk and four tablespoons of the buckthorn bark brittle to brew in a liter of boiling water. Put this mixture on the fire for about half an hour, then drain and cool.
  • One tablespoon of peppermint leaves, onea tablespoon of dandelion roots, one tablespoon of garden parsley seeds, one tablespoon of fennel fruit and two tablespoons of buckthorn bark brittle put in boiling water, mix and keep on fire for thirty minutes. Ready to cool the broth and strain.
  • One tablespoon of yarrow,one tablespoon of corn stigma, one tablespoon of tri-colored violets, one tablespoon of cumin fruit and three tablespoons of buckthorn bark brittle to brew in a liter of boiling water, after half an hour remove from heat. Cool and drain.

Each of these broths must be mixed with a drinkfrom a tea mushroom in a proportion 1: 1. If you take the drink every day for two to three months, then not only accelerate the work of metabolic processes in the body, but also establish a digestive system. And this, in turn, will help to quickly and effectively lose weight and improve the skin, making it more smooth and supple. Agree, lose weight and acquire a radiant skin at the same time - very tempting! That's why many girls who want to look at all one hundred percent choose a mushroom for weight loss. useful mushroom for weight loss

How to prepare a drink from a tea mushroom

It is best to feel the kombucha intransparent glass jars. You can take a five- or six-liter container. Prepare the infusion is not difficult: one liter of boiled water at room temperature will need a hundred grams of sugar and three tablespoons of brewed tea (hence the name - a tea mushroom). Tea does not necessarily have to be black - and with green you can create a drink that meets all our requirements. Do not forget that our tea mushroom is a living organism that requires special treatment. Do not put sugar directly on top of it - so you can damage it. Do not add tea brew until it cools. And, finally, do not cover the jar with a lid - otherwise the tea mushroom will suffocate and die. It is better to wrap the neck with several layers of gauze, so that harmful bacteria or flies do not get inside. To put a jar of a tea mushroom on a window sill is also not advisable, since he does not like getting into direct sunlight. Keep it in a well-ventilated place - for example, on an open kitchen shelf. Preparing the infusion for the tea mushroom, do not fill the liquid up to the top of the jar, because your fungus will develop and grow, it needs space and access to oxygen. The most favorable temperature for the normal development of the tea mushroom is about twenty-five degrees Celsius. If the room is hot, then the drink will be cooked for two to three days (roughly like kvass). If the window is winter and the apartment is cool, then you have to wait five days, not less. Once you combine the resulting infusion, do not forget to add a little water, tea and sugar to the jar. Moreover, it will be better if you pre-melt the sugar in tea, after which you will pour it into the jar. Of course, you need to do this very carefully, avoiding getting a strong jet directly on the mushroom. If everything is done correctly, very soon you will be able to start the process of losing weight with the help of a wonderful drink made from a tea mushroom. And when he grows up a little, you can share it with friends and acquaintances. To do this, carefully separate from your adult mushroom thin upper film and place in a jar with clean water. Sugar and tea on the first day is not necessary to add, but wrap the layer of gauze with a good layer of gauze - necessarily. The fact is that the new tea mushroom is still very weak, and all the dust, bacteria, insects that can get to it, will damage its health. As soon as the young fungus settles to the bottom of the can - and this usually occurs on the second day - you can add tea and sugar. Of course, you should not put these ingredients there in the same proportions as for an adult mushroom - first you need a weak tea solution and just a little sugar. Feed this fungus every two to three days, gradually increasing the "dosage". Approximately on the seventh day the drink from the new tea mushroom will be ready for use.

Tea fungus: contraindications

Probably, there is not a single medicine in the world,which would not have its own contraindications. And the mushroom here is not an exception. Unfortunately, there are people who can not use this infusion. For example, they include those who have high acidity of gastric juice. Otherwise, instead of good and healthy, they will suffer from heartburn and stomach pain. Due to the fact that the preparation of a tea mushroom requires a large amount of sugar, infusion is contraindicated in persons suffering from diabetes. If you have gastritis or a stomach ulcer, low blood pressure, then you should be careful with adding green tea to the drink - this can increase the course of the disease. Also, care should be taken to women suffering from various fungal diseases: you are recommended an infusion that has stood for at least seven to ten days. Otherwise, the sugar, which is in a special acidic environment, will weaken the defenses of the organism and push the fungal diseases to exacerbation. And after seven days, sugar acquires properties that will even improve the skin, helping to cope with the disease. Another serious danger for those who want to lose weight with the help of a tea fungus is the wrong preparation. Some girls may carelessly treat the sterility conditions in which the infusion should be prepared. And this is a serious mistake: do you know that in Russia there are two deaths from drinking a tea mushroom cooked in the wrong way? Of course, these are isolated cases, but it is better to be more careful and with accuracy to follow all the recommendations for making a drink. Still in no case can not prepare infusion of tea fungus in ceramic dishes. In ceramics there is such an element as lead, and it has a very negative effect on human health. Preparing the roast at home in ceramic pots, we do not risk at all, as lead is firmly "locked" in its shell. However, the acidic medium created by the infusion from the tea fungus is quite capable of leading lead into a drink - this is exactly how serious poisoning occurs. In addition, it is not necessary to drink still not ready-made infusions, or, conversely, "overripe". If you overdosed the drink and it fermented, then it is better to drink it diluted - it will significantly reduce the possibility of allergic reactions and digestive system disorders. In our time, the stores are just full of colorful lemonades and such drinks, containing a huge number of harmful additives and preservatives. Unfortunately, people forgot about tasty and really useful infusion of tea mushroom, which is refreshing, and healthy for health. However, the period of food deficit and the boom for carbonated beverages of suspicious content are long behind, now people are increasingly thinking about that it is not worthwhile to poison your body in order to please advertising from the TV. That is why the tea mushroom has returned from non-existence, helping everyone to improve their health and find a beautiful, slender figure. We advise you to read: