how to cook a carbonara paste Agree, pasta in the Navy, whichcertainly knows how to cook almost every hostess, sound less attractive than spaghetti in Italian. When you hear this expression, images of a tasty, fragrant dish come to mind involuntarily. To pamper yourself with exotic dishes, you do not need to go to a restaurant and give a considerable amount for such a pleasure. We offer to prepare an unusual paste of the carbonara on its own. Thanks to our recipes, you will see in practice that doing this is not so difficult.

Standard Carbon Black Paste

The native inhabitants of Italy are real gourmets. No wonder their national cuisine has gained such popularity throughout the world - every year the restaurants where Italian dishes are served, is becoming more and more. We suggest you also master some recipes and prepare a standard paste of carbonara. Try it, it's not at all difficult! Ingredients:

  • 2 chicken eggs
  • 250 grams of fat pancetta (juicy brisket)
  • one small spoon of olive oil
  • Italian spices - at your discretion
  • salt - to taste
  • half a kilogram of good quality spaghetti (better than real Italian)
  • 250 grams of elite Parmesan cheese or, for example, pecorino

Preparation: Start cooking spaghetti. To do this, bring the water to a boil, then lightly salt and roll the pasta. Consider one feature, namely: paste and sauce should be made almost simultaneously, so look at the packaging, how much time it takes to brew pasta (about 1/6 hours) and start preparing the filling of carbonara in advance. While spaghetti is brewed, make sauce. In a frying pan, preheat the refined olive oil a little, add pancetta pre-cut into thin strips. Fry until the color of gold and put into a deep dish. Now take the eggs and separate the yolks from the protein - put them to the meat. Rub on a small grater pecorino or Parmesan, add pepper, several spoons of warm water, spices at your discretion - mix all the ingredients. Carbon black filling is ready! Spaghetti in Italian should be slightly undercooked, as experts say, "al-dente." Ready hot pasta should not be thrown away or washed, just lay them with a spoon on a dish where the sauce already is. Thus, the cheese will melt, and the chicken eggs will thicken - you will get a real paste of the carbonara! how to cook a carbonate

Pasta «Assorted mushrooms and chicken»

Prepare such a paste will not only be a young inexperienced mistress, even a man can cope with it. This dish is an ideal option for a bachelor party. See for yourself! Ingredients:

  • large bulb - 1 piece
  • 300 grams of any pasta (highest grade) products
  • 200 grams of fresh large champignons
  • 200 grams of cheese of solid varieties (better than elite, for example, Parmesan)
  • 300 grams of fresh chicken fillet
  • ground pepper - according to your preferences
  • for frying - a couple spoons of olive oil
  • salt - at your discretion
  • italian condiments to taste
  • cream low-fat (take 25%) - 250 milliliters

Cooking method: To make a real Carbonara of Italy, you need to prepare the sauce and spaghetti at the same time. Take into account this feature and count how many minutes it will take for cooking pasta, since during this time you must have time to make a refueling. So, boil the water, add salt at your own discretion and boil the pasta. It should turn out to be "al-dente". While cooking Italian pasta, you need to cook the sauce. To do this, in advance (about 15 minutes) cut into small cubes of fresh fillets, add salt to taste and seasonings to taste - let it brew. In this case, the chicken will be very juicy and soft. Then fry it on the olive oil until golden, then place the finely chopped onion. Cut medium mushrooms and combine them with onion-chicken mixture - keep on low heat until cooked. After pouring the room temperature low-fat cream, do not forget to stir, bring to a boil. If you like spicy food, you can also use soy sauce. Rub on a small grater cheese. At the final stage, put spaghetti in a beautiful dish, pour hot dressing and sprinkle with grated expensive cheese. Voila, your carbonara is ready! To make a little exotic, put a couple of leaves of freshly cut basil on top. Agree, to prepare such a paste - a pleasure! It's fast and very tasty. It can be served for lunch or a romantic dinner. In the latter case, do not forget to buy a bottle of real Italian wine. Enjoy your meal!

Pasta "Sea Carbonara"

Cooking pasta can be from a variety ofingredients. Someone likes a chicken, someone prefers mushrooms. We propose to make a "Marine Carbon Fruit" with shrimps. Try this extraordinarily juicy and satisfying dish! Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of fresh bacon
  • 500 grams of Italian pasta (highest grade) products (we used spaghetti)
  • store shrimp frozen - half a kilogram (can cook fresh)
  • 150 grams of expensive, but delicious parmesan
  • common salt
  • few Italian herbs
  • ground black pepper at your discretion

Cooking method: In a special stewpan, add low-fat cream (take 25%) and in a low heat, bring to the formation of bubbles. Slice thin cubes of bacon, grate cheese on a fine grater - combine with cream and cook for about 1/6 hour. While the dressing is going to be done, you need to cook shrimp. To do this, follow the instructions that are indicated on the package, - boil in lightly salted boiling water until ready. You can put a small amount of Italian seasonings, then the taste of sea inhabitants will be more exotic and spicy. Simultaneously with the shrimp, start cooking and spaghetti. They should get a little hard and undercooked. After that, combine with the sauce the sea component of the dish and pour them pasta. If you still have cheese left, sprinkle the pasta. You can put a few fresh basil leaves. Serve the "Marine Carbon Monoxide" in a hot form. We hope this recipe suits you! Do not spare money for quality products, experiment with the ingredients and remember: to make the dish appetizing, the main thing is to cook for your own pleasure! Good luck!

Spaghetti "Vegetaria"

Today, many are trying to lead a healthy imagelife and to use the right, environmentally friendly products. Some refuse meat. If you also belong to this category of people, then this dish is ideal for you. To cook a Carbonifer "Vegetaria" is simple and very entertaining! Ingredients:

  • half the large Bulgarian sweet red pepper
  • 250 grams of special tagliatelle pasta (you can use other)
  • medium-sized zucchini - one piece
  • Crimean bulb sweet
  • two eggs of chicken
  • one large carrot
  • normal yogurt - 60 grams
  • pepper at your discretion
  • a little parmesan or cheese of other hard varieties
  • common salt

Cooking method: At the initial stage cut into small cubes of vegetables: sweet carrots, fresh zucchini, Crimean bulb purple, and pepper. Then heat in a deep frying pan the butter of refined olives and lay out all the above ingredients - salt and lightly season with spices. Cooking future sauce should be on low heat no more than fifteen to twenty minutes. While the vegetable dressing is being stewed, boil the water, then, at your own discretion, slightly salt and roll the tagliatelle (or other pasta). Cook according to the directions on the package. Now whip one egg in the bowl, and use the yolk from the other. Pour in the fresh plain white yogurt, pour the previously grated Parmesan cheese and a little table salt - stir well with a spoon. When the tagliatelle is firm and slightly undercooked, place them on a beautiful plate, top with egg-yoghurt sauce and decorate with stewed vegetables. We hope you enjoyed cooking! The main thing is that the products are quality, and the mood is excellent. In this case, the carbonara from vegetables will always turn out to be unusually appetizing! We wish you further culinary success! how to cook a carbonate

Unusual carbonara paste

We offer to prepare another wonderful andA nourishing dish with non-standard ingredients. Such a paste of the carbonara is quite simple and not costly both in terms and in time. You will not spend more than half an hour in the kitchen. Surprise and delight culinary masterpieces all family! Ingredients:

  • ham real Parma - 20 grams
  • 40 grams of fresh bacon
  • 30 grams of elite cheese (you can take a cheaper) Parmesan
  • 20 grams of low-fat fresh cream
  • 60 grams of pasta with cuttlefish ink
  • yolk of one large egg
  • garlic oil - 10 grams
  • 30 grams of white (any) wine
  • 10 grams of refined olive oil
  • salt according to your preferences

Cooking method: Fresh bacon and Parma ham cut into thin strips, put in a frying pan with olive oil heated. When the products have a beautiful golden hue, add the salt of the cooking (the amount at your discretion) garlic dressing, wine, low-fat cream, and also parmesan grated in an average grater; Stew to a thick consistency. Before removing from the heat, mix with egg yolk and stir. Cook the pasta to the state of "al-dente" according to the recommendations on the package, but do not tilt or rinse. By the way, to make pasta not glued, you can add a little oil to the water. When everything is ready, place the items on a beautiful plate, pour sauce over them, decorate with ham and freshly cut basil. Now you can start the meal! Pleasant! As you can see, pasta recipes are quite diverse. Cooking a dish is not difficult and not long, so this is an ideal option for a quick lunch. Gather your loved ones at a big table and enjoy new culinary masterpieces! Be healthy! We advise you to read: