shrimp in creamy garlic sauce Recipes, which will be discussed today, will suitfor any person, regardless of age, culinary skills or experience in cooking. Even if you have never stood at the stove, it does not matter - shrimps in creamy garlic sauce can not be spoiled, well, unless you really need to try very hard. The dish is prepared quickly and often served with pasta or rice.

Shrimp in tender sauce with garlic and parsley

No wonder they say that everything is perfect. Try to make a dish on this recipe, and you in practice make sure the veracity of this statement. Shrimp, cooked in a delicate creamy garlic sauce, is a real extravaganza of unforgettable taste. Despite its simplicity, the food turns out really insanely appetizing. Ingredients:

  • 50 grams of butter
  • slightly less than a kilo of shrimp
  • two cloves of garlic
  • 15 grams of fresh parsley
  • salt - to taste
  • 200 milliliters of cream

Cooking method: First, put a piece of butter in a frying pan and melt it, then put the garlic, chopped into small cubes, and fry it to a slightly golden hue. Here, the main thing is not to overexpose the product, otherwise you risk ruining the dish. So extinguish the garlic no longer than one or two minutes. Now pour the cream and bring the mixture to a boil. As soon as the first bubbles appear, make a minimal flame of the burner. If you use frozen prawns, about an hour before the start of cooking, get them out of the refrigerator. After cleaning, rinse and discard in a colander to allow the glass to excess fluid. Then transfer the seafood in a frying pan to the rest of the ingredients and cook for at least eight minutes, constantly stirring the dish. By the way, as for table salt, then add it only to your taste, you can also introduce some spices or black freshly ground pepper. Finely chop the greens and sprinkle it with food. Take the shrimps out of the frying pan and put them in a separate bowl, and let the sauce stand on the stove for about a quarter of an hour. It should gently thicken. After this happens, put the seafood back into the creamy garlic mixture, turn on the minimum fire and cook the dish for two minutes. Now you can serve it to the table. As a side dish, cook spaghetti or boil long-grain rice. Bon Appetit! tasty shrimps in creamy garlic sauce

Shrimp "Appetizing" with fuchsozoy

Invited to visit friends? We suggest to depart from standard dishes: salad olivier, fried chops, mashed potatoes and the like. Surprise comrades with original food with seafood. For its preparation, we used the function. For the uninitiated, we explain - this is a thin "glass" noodles, which is very often used in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. However, you can boil ordinary spaghetti or, for example, tagliatelle. Ingredients:

  • 12 cloves of garlic
  • 30 milliliters of olive oil
  • 400 grams of peeled shrimp
  • cream packaging (take about 200 milliliters)
  • 50 grams of Parmesan cheese
  • a piece of butter (you need about 15 grams)
  • fachoza or paste
  • Dried or fresh basil, as well as salt - to taste
  • a bit of tabasco sauce
  • ground pepper (black) - optional

Cooking method: First turn on the oven and warm it up to 180 degrees. Then take ten cloves of raw garlic, sprinkle it with fragrant olive oil, wrap in foil and send to the oven for about fifteen minutes. After remove the husks and temporarily put the product aside, as it will come in handy to you later. Now go boldly to the next stage: pour olive oil into the saucepan, when it is warmed up, add the remaining garlic, crushed with a special press, and short-fry until it gets a slightly golden hue. Vegetables do not need you anymore, so you can get rid of it. In the resulting garlic oil, enter the shrimp and cook with constant stirring for about 60 seconds. Now you need to boil the paste, so follow the instructions on the packaging. If you decide to use the feces, first soak it in lukewarm water for five minutes, and then transfer it to boiling water and cook until ready. Then rinse under the tap and swing it over the colander to get rid of excess liquid. You come to the final stage, there is very little left - to make the sauce. To do this, melt the butter in a frying pan, then pour the cream here, add a little salt, spices, a few drops of Tabasco and cook over low heat, not forgetting to stir occasionally. At the very end, enter grated Parmesan, for lack of such, take the usual cheese. After about three or four minutes, pour fresh chopped basil (or dried) and shrimp into a frying pan. In the resulting mixture, add the garlic, baked in the oven, noodles, stir the food several times and invite guests to the table. In this case, of course, no garnish you will not need, because you already have a full dish of seafood. So enjoy a meal and a pleasant company. We recommend to buy a bottle of dry white wine in advance! tiger prawns in creamy garlic sauce

Broccoli, mushrooms and shrimps in sauce

Most of the fair sexprefer light meals from fish, shrimp, crab meat and so on. The choice is clear: all these dishes do not leave unpleasant gravity in their stomach and, besides, are not too high in calories. Therefore, if you decide to have a hen party, this recipe is ideal. Cook rice or Italian pasta and serve them with a delicate creamy garlic sauce with seafood, broccoli and champignons. Believe me, my friends will be delighted! Ingredients:

  • half kilogram of Royal or ordinary frozen shrimp
  • the same number of mushrooms (we used champignons)
  • refined olive oil
  • broccoli - 500 grams
  • a packet of cream of medium fat content
  • four garlic cloves
  • salt - to taste
  • 50 grams of any hard cheese (it is desirable to use elite varieties, for example: Parmesan, Edam or others)

Cooking method: Shrimp should be cleaned, rinsed under a faucet and discarded in a colander. Then divide the broccoli into four parts, and chop the mushrooms into thin circles. In a preheated sauté pan, pour a little oil and stew the two ingredients in it (do not touch seafood yet). Do not forget about salt and favorite seasonings - add them to your taste. Now put the shrimps, broccoli, and mushrooms on a baking tray or in glass heat-resistant dishes. Then grind the peeled garlic and mix it with the cream, the sauce obtained, pour the products so that it covers them exactly half. Send the dish to the oven, preheated to 175 degrees. If desired, add fresh finely chopped aromatic basil or coriander, you can use oregano, thyme or rosemary from dried herbs. The dish is prepared from half an hour to 40 minutes, so you will have enough time to share with your girlfriends the most intimate. Immediately before serving, spread a side dish - pasta or boiled rice - on serving plates, pour over everything with the finished aromatic sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese. As an ornament, you can use bright green curly parsley or dill. juicy shrimps in creamy garlic sauce

Shrimp in creamy wine sauce with garlic

Experience of great cooking gurus can be trusted, after allfor their shoulders long years of practice and grateful visitors to their restaurants. Many chefs working in the best institutions in Europe use wine to prepare seafood sauces. We suggest testing one of these recipes. It's very light, so you'll probably cope with the task. Surprise your loved ones with a delicious and delicious dish! Ingredients:

  • large frozen shrimps - 500 grams (preferably buy Royal or Tiger)
  • 50 grams of fresh butter
  • two glasses of cream
  • salt
  • lemon
  • 50 milliliters of dry wine (recommended to use white)
  • six cloves of garlic
  • bunch of parsley

Cooking method: At least half an hour before cooking, defrost the shrimp, then rinse them under the tap and throw into boiling slightly salted water. Put half a bunch of parsley and a few slices of lemon. Cook seafood on low heat for no longer than three minutes, then drain the liquid and swing them. Meanwhile, heat the saucepan and dissolve the butter in it, which should brown the peeled and cut into small cubes garlic. As soon as he gets a beautiful yellow-orange hue, pour the wine and cream into the dishes, enter the freshly squeezed lemon juice. As for salt and seasonings, here the advice will be superfluous - focus only on your taste. Stir the mixture several times with a spoon, and then put seafood in it, simmer for about ten minutes. Note that the dish should be on very low heat. After the specified time, take out the shrimp, and keep the sauce on the stove until it is cooked almost twice. Then return the seafood in a frying pan to their rightful place and sprinkle the remaining parsley, cut as small as possible. Sauces, unlike salads, hot meat and fish dishes, are much easier to make. After all, their cooking takes quite a bit of time - ten, well, a maximum of twenty minutes. Shrimp in creamy garlic sauce is perfectly combined with cooked rice, noodles, spaghetti and other pasta. So now you do not need to think what to give to the family for dinner - just remember a couple of the above recipes and, if necessary, put them into practice. We advise you to read: