homemade sausage recipe Not every mother and wife will risk todayto feed their family with what is sold in stores under the name "sausage". Gone are those wonderful times when meat products should strictly comply with GOST and necessarily consist mainly of meat. Nowadays in sausage, especially boiled, which you just can not find: both soybeans, and by-products, and starch-thickener, and a large amount of water. We will not say that all sausages are equally bad and unsuitable for food. No, we are writing this article for those who are serious about the issue of healthy nutrition and are trying to minimize the amount of artificial colors and preservatives in their diet. And also for those who love diversity and experiments in the kitchen. Therefore, today we offer you the recipes of homemade sausage. They are not as complicated as one might think. Of course, it takes more cooking time than going to the store. However, the result will be much more pleasant. Homemade sausage gives a huge scope for creativity. You can make sausage cooked and raw for drying. You can use any meat and various additives: cheese, olives, mushrooms ... There are a lot of recipes and variations. The main thing is your desire to master one more direction of home cooking.

Cooked chicken sausage at home


  • Chicken meat - about 1 kg
  • 150-200 g of fat or fat
  • 1 egg white hen
  • Starch - 2 tablespoons
  • About 1 cup of milk
  • Dry herbs (basil, thyme)
  • Olives or mushrooms as an additive (half a cup chopped)

Preparation: Meat and lard are let out twice through a meat grinder to achieve a gentle, uniform consistency. We add to beaten beaten protein, salt, spices, starch (diluted in several spoonfuls of milk), pour in milk (look at the thickness of the stuffing, but it should "take" no less than half a glass). In the end we add "stuffing". We will cook sausage. If you have a natural shell like a pig in your head - just wonderful. But you can completely do with a plastic bag or a thick food film. We put the stuffing in a bag, we form a round sausage "bar" of the desired thickness (do not chase after the thickness, otherwise you will cook for a long time). Densely and tightly tied, for reliability we place in one or two packets or in several layers of food film. Boil the water in a large saucepan. You can add a little spices or a cube of chicken broth into the water. In case the water still gets into your sausage. Cook should be about an hour, or less - if the sausage is made more "slender". It will be worse to digest than to undercook. In the second case, it will be possible to correct the oversight by subjecting the cut sausage to additional processing (in the oven, in a frying pan, cutting into slices and so on). In the first case you will get ... you know what. Of course, the disadvantage of this preparation is that you can not check the readiness of the dish until it is open. However, this is only the first time it can be a problem. That is, you can learn from the mistakes. Overexposed for the first time - the next shorten the cooking time. Not fooled - next time do not rush off the plate. Fire, by the way, all the time should be minimal! If you doubt that the food film or bag will last an hour in boiling water - carry out a preliminary check without a valuable product. That is, just put them in boiling water for a while. In general, ready (in your opinion) sausage you need to get out of the pan. Must cool down. And then you can cut and make very useful sandwiches. And further. Of course, without all the dyes, your sausage will not be gently pink, but rather pale. You can correct the color with a pinch of turmeric added to the ground meat. But, on the other hand, the main thing is - what is tasty and natural!

Another version of delicious sausages


  • A hen
  • Pork fat (bacon)
  • 0.5 - 1 cup of clean water and 2 tablespoons. milk powder
  • Herbs (sage, thyme, tarragon, rosemary - what you will find and what you like).
  • Black pepper, white pepper
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Pig intestines (one and a half to two meters)

Preparation: Cut the chicken: meat in one direction, bones - in the other. Skin in the third (we need it unnecessarily). From the bones we put a broth with herbs and salt. Meat and fat are passed through a meat grinder. Proportions should be chosen according to your taste. Of course, do not add too much fat, the average chicken will be enough and 150 grams. You can do without it at all. We add water and milk. You can substitute for regular milk or even cream (for those who like fattier), already without water, naturally. Add spices. Solim. For a gentle consistency, you can once again skip everything through a meat grinder or blender. Then the process varies. If you are lucky enough to buy pork intestines, and you know (already learned) how to handle them, then we stretch the gut onto a special nozzle for the meat grinder and fill with mince small sausages (10-15 cm long). We tie each sausage with a thread (or we tie the bowel with a knot). It turns out 4-5 sausages. Well, or more ... Do not try to fill the gut very tightly, we do not need it. If you do not have guts, you can take on food film. Sausages on it will have to be squeezed out of the pastry bag. Well, or from another very dense package (for example, from milk or a packet for freezing). We cut off the corner, fill it with minced meat, squeeze it onto the prepared food film, spread out on the table. Spread sausages 3-4 cm thick, retreating 5-7 cm from the edge of the film. Then wrap the free edge up, and continue to twist our sausage into a film, a few turns. With this approach, sausages should be packed tightly, without holes and voids. When the meat products are ready, remember the broth, which all this time "happily" was boiling on the stove. You can send the sausages directly into it, in a saucepan. You can put them in a fireproof form and, pour the broth, send to a preheated oven. Preparation time - 15-20 minutes. Readiness of sausages in a natural shell is checked in a classical way: pierce with a fork, if transparent juice follows - you can eat. Readiness of sausages in the film should be determined by eye and time. Garnish to sausages choose at your discretion. Go and any porridge, and vegetable salad, and mashed potatoes. Yes, if the chicken bones on the broth is a pity, or you bought chicken mince ready in the store, you can get by with a bouillon cube. Or just add spices to the boiling water. By the way, the broth, which was cooked sausage in a natural shell, it is quite possible to make a high-grade chicken soup. There will be both first and second! homemade sausage recipes

And a little more about sausages

Recipe for homemade pork sausage is smalldifferent from chicken. For pork sausages, a mixture of different parts of pork - paddles, brisket, neck. Then you can do without a fat. The technology of cooking is the same: grind in a meat grinder, add spices and salt. In pork, be sure to add black ground pepper, cumin, coriander, garlic. These spices are ideal for pork dishes. Pork is more juicy and fat than chicken, so that the addition of milk or water can be canceled. Having stuffed with such stuffing guts, we send them to boil or stew. And you can also do with a stock and send some of the product to the freezer. And get it on occasion, instead of buying store dumplings or sausages. Cooked homemade sausage whose recipe is offered first, obviously, is not intended for long-term storage. Two days in the refrigerator is a maximum. Although, it is unlikely she will stay there so long ... Doing sausage for the first time, it is not necessary to "accelerate" to large volumes. Having mastered the basic recipe, having learned from the mistakes, you can experiment and make sausages from different types of meat with various additives. And each time to amaze your homemade culinary masterpieces. Good luck and good appetite! We advise you to read: