contact lenses night Unfortunately, eye problems for todaythe day became very common and commonplace phenomenon. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism - this is only a small list of common diseases of the eye apparatus. And an increasing number of people refuse glasses in favor of contact lenses. In particular, very many people are interested in contact lenses at night. Before describing what it is and what disadvantages and advantages are possessed by night lenses, it is necessary to clearly define what is meant by this definition.

Lenses only night wear

The last few years, doctors - ophthalmologistsoffer those patients who suffer from myopia, an alternative surgery method of treatment, designed to improve the sight of a sick person by about 7 diopters. By the principle of its work, the eye strongly resembles the principle of the film camera. In order for a person to see, the image of objects should focus on the retina of the eye, as if on a photographic film. And in the event that a person suffers from myopia, this same image focusing does not occur on the retina, as in healthy people, but in front of it. And the image itself gets blurred on the retina itself, as a result of which a person sees a blurry picture. In the same case, if a sick person puts on medical night lenses, overnight they change the shape of the cornea. And as a result, in the morning, waking up, a person sees the surrounding objects clearly, as if he does not have short-sightedness. Unfortunately, this method of vision correction is very short-term - the therapeutic effect is enough for only one day, after which the vision again will quickly return to the previous level. However, in the event that the next night a person again wears medical lenses, vision again will become remarkable. Agree that this method of vision correction, unlike ordinary contact lenses, has its advantages - in the afternoon you are almost completely healthy. You can perfectly see surrounding objects without glasses or contact lenses. And before the operational method of vision correction, the advantage is obvious - if something goes wrong during the treatment process, the output is simple - it is enough to stop using contact lenses. However, never try to use such corrective lenses on your own. They, like any other, must be selected strictly individually, taking into account the characteristics of each individual person. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite result - even worse vision. It is much more sensible and safer to consult your ophthalmologist, who will help you choose the corrective night-wear lenses. In addition, the doctor will tell you how to take care of contact lenses. And in the event that previously you have never used contact lenses, it is the doctor who must teach you how to dress and remove them. Believe, independently, without having the necessary skill, you are unlikely to get the right contact lens. night contact lenses

Continuous wearing lenses

And sometimes, saying "night lenses", peoplemean that type of corrective contact lenses that can be worn around the clock, without taking them off for the night. Such nighttime contact lenses are very different from normal daytime lenses. If you go to bed without taking off the ordinary lenses for the night, the strongest discomfort and dry eyes in the morning will surely be provided for you. Specialized same contact lenses, designed for round-the-clock wearing, are made of a special material that does not lose water, and besides, very well passes oxygen so necessary for the eyes. And as a result, a person wakes up in the morning without any discomfort, red eyes, or even without signs of inflammation of the eyes. In addition, such contact lenses are made of such material, on which protein deposits typical for contact lenses are not deposited. However, this feature of continuous contact lenses does not in any way negate the general rules for the care of contact lenses and the need to observe precautions. In any case, no matter what night lenses you choose, be sure to visit your ophthalmologist before buying them! We advise you to read: