how to quickly get rid of acne Acne pests very many people, not justadolescents. And of course, they do not please anyone. Especially in the event that on the nose of any solemn event - a date, a party or another celebration. And here comes the question of how to quickly get rid of acne. It goes without saying that acne treatment is a difficult and long-lasting occupation. But what if there is not this time? There are several ways that will help to quickly remove the inflammatory process, resulting in pimples decrease in size and disappear bright color. Of course, this is not the complete disappearance of acne, but it's still better than nothing. Alas, there simply does not exist a magic remedy.

Aloe with honey

Melt a spoonful of honey on a water bath. While the honey is heated, crush to the state of mush one leaf of aloe and add to honey. Proteat the mixture over low heat for an hour, then leave to stand for three hours. Rinse your face well, then apply a thick layer on the problem areas of the skin. Leave for 40 minutes, then rinse with water and wipe with ice cube. After two hours the procedure must be repeated again, increasing the time of exposure to the healing mixture to one hour. And, finally, after another two hours, the final chord - only the need to apply only aloe vera, without the admixture of honey. As a rule, after three similar procedures, even the most pronounced acne diminishes.

Vishnevsky ointment

Vishnevsky ointment has long been "written off" andseriously do not perceive, and very many people do not even know about it. And very vain - this ointment can save you from acne in the shortest possible time. You can buy it at any pharmacy, without a doctor's prescription. And do not be afraid of a specific smell, far from the smell of roses - the result is worth it. Apply ointment is very simple - put on problem areas thick layer of ointment, top cover with plastic wrap and fix with adhesive plaster. Leave the bandage for two hours, then replace it. Do not be alarmed if you notice pus - Vishnevsky's ointment pulls it out very well. By the way, this is why this ointment is recommended for treatment of purulent rash and boils. how to quickly get rid of acne yourself


The fact that with the help of toothpaste, you canto treat the eruptions of herpes, no one is surprised. Do you know that acne under the influence of toothpaste dries quickly enough? Just apply a small amount of toothpaste on the pimple - preferably mint - and leave until it dries completely. After this, rinse with plenty of running water - the paste should be washed off completely. Please note - this method can be used only if the rash is spot. If there are a lot of pimples, toothpaste should not be used, since when applied to a large area of ​​the skin it can provoke the development of significant irritation. In addition, do not leave the paste for longer than an hour - to avoid all the same skin irritation.


Another very effective remedy for acne -the most common acetylsalicylic acid or, more simply, aspirin. If you want to quickly get rid of acne, try using the following remedy. One packet of aspirin (10 tablets) is carefully crushed to a powdery state, pour one spoonful of water. In the end, you should get a thick paste. Put it on the problem areas and leave it for 15 minutes. If you feel tingling or tingling, immediately wash off aspirin with plenty of water. If you do not feel any discomfort, repeat the procedure in three hours. After you wash off aspirin, be sure to apply any moisturizer to your skin. This is necessary in order to avoid skin irritation.

Levomycetin tablets

If there are a lot of rashes, you will have a hard time. But in this situation you should not give up - you can try to improve the situation. Get a pill of Levomycetin in the pharmacy - you need five pills. And also cook three tablespoons of any butter. Tablets are carefully crushed, butter melted in a water bath and mix all the ingredients - you should get a homogeneous mass. The resulting mass is transferred to a glass container and let it freeze. Place in a small bowl one tablespoon of dry chamomile inflorescences, pour a glass of hot water and leave to cool slightly. When the steam ceases to be scalding, rinse your face well and apply the previously prepared mixture on the skin with a thick layer. Leave the mixture on the skin without rinsing. After about 40 minutes, the mixture is completely absorbed. And if the surplus still remains, just pat them with a regular paper napkin. Of course, to completely get rid of pimples and acne, you will need at least ten such daily routines. However, one procedure will greatly improve the condition of your skin. how to quickly get rid of pimples for a long time

Cosmetic preparations

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find specialpreparations. Their manufacturers promise a quick release from acne - within 12 hours. Of course, these drugs also have the right to life. Moreover - someone claims that these funds help them very effectively. In the end, nothing prevents you from testing their effect on yourself. We advise you to read: