after birth, it hurts to have sex Very often childbirth leaves indelible marks inlife of a woman. And not always so positive, as the appearance of a charming crumbs. Very often after giving birth, a woman begins to have problems in her intimate life - sometimes quite serious. And the most frequent complaint of women is that during sex it hurts. However, as practice shows, it is quite possible to cope with all such problems. Of course, if you "know the enemy in person." This is what will be discussed below. We will tell you about the difficulties that young mothers face most often, as well as how to cope with them. So, does it hurt to have sex after giving birth? About two-thirds of all women who have recently become happy mothers are familiar with this nuisance. And, as a rule, they are completely unprepared for this. And it is no accident - the first weeks after the birth of a crumb woman is in the most real euphoria - she finally waited for a meeting with her baby! And she does not notice anything around and no one around. But a month and a half later, this euphoria slowly disappears, and the husband is ever more insistent about himself. And the woman willy - nilly remembers that she is not only a mother, but also a beloved and loving wife. And it's time to return to normal intimate relationships. Very good, if everything goes smoothly. However, disappointing statistics indicate that in most cases, instead of enjoying a woman feels pain. Do not panic and succumb to despair. Very many women are frightened that a normal sex life is over forever. After all, now she has a lot of other concerns - feeding crumbs, washing, cooking, and even caring for other members of the family. And a woman accepts this state of affairs. However, this should not be done. In no case should one not tolerate discomfort silently - it is necessary to find out as soon as possible what became the cause of pain in each specific case. And take measures to eliminate this problem. it hurts to have sex after giving birth

Causes of pain

As already mentioned above, the first thing that is necessaryto do is to establish reliably the reason for the appearance of painful sensations. Independently do this is not always possible, so it would be much wiser to turn to a gynecologist. And pay attention - it's best to do this before the beginning of sexual contacts. Of course, midwives at the discharge from the hospital will give you some recommendations. They, as a rule, in most cases boil down to the following: you should not start sex before 6-8 weeks after giving birth. The recommendation, of course, is good. But it has a very general character, without amendments to the individuality in each particular case. Therefore, going to a gynecologist will not be superfluous. The doctor will examine the internal and external genitalia of a woman, assess the condition of the uterus, the degree of healing of the joints and ruptures, if any. If necessary, a blood test can be assigned to the level of the content of certain hormones, ultrasound, a surgeon's consultation. And in the event that the doctor finds that the woman's health condition allows, he will allow her to have sex. In the same case, if sexual contact will be accompanied by pain, a visit to the doctor should be repeated. The doctor will try to find the cause of the pain and take measures to eliminate it. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that serious problems, because of which it is painful to have sex, are extremely rare. Most often they can be handled on their own. But it's worthwhile to reinsure - do not rely on "maybe". So, what causes pain after delivery? Most often it is:

  • Poorly healed seams and cracks in the perineum

Very often during sexual intercourse injuredseams and microcracks left after appearance of crumbs to light. Usually this happens in two cases - either the couple hurried and resumed intimate relationships before the damage managed to heal completely. Or else, if the man is rude and harsh through the chur - after all, the tissues in the places of damage to the mucous membrane and the skin are extremely sensitive for the first few months. And as a result - a woman is hurt. In this situation, the problem is solved quite simply. In the event that the cause has not yet healed crotch damage, it is necessary to wait some more time. How much - the gynecologist will tell you. Well, in case if the excessive haste of her husband, it's still easier. Talk to him, explain. Try a more calm and gentle sex - believe me, it also has its own charms. And the chances that you will be hurt, much less.

  • Incorrectly applied seams on the perineum

In more rare cases, pain in thePerineum during sex can persist for a very long time - sometimes up to a year or longer. And this can be caused by improper suturing. In this situation, there is only one way out - surgical intervention. Of course, the procedure is unpleasant. But you do not want to associate the rest of your life with intimacy with pain and discomfort? And the operation is extremely simple, not posing any threat to women's health.

  • Dense suturing of the entrance to the vagina

Often, gynecologists facethe result of "zeal" of their colleagues working in maternity hospitals. Stitches with tears and perineal incisions are superimposed correctly. But too tight, if I may say so. And the entrance to the vagina becomes very narrow. The degree of this pathology is different - in some cases, it manifests itself only a slight discomfort, and sometimes makes itself felt by sharp intolerable pain. In this situation, a man will need a lot of tact, patience and endurance. And do not forget about lubrication - without it it will be very problematic. As a rule, the solution to this problem goes from one month to six months.

  • Seam after caesarean section

Very many women believe that, in the event that,if the baby was born with the help of cesarean section, they are insured against problems in the intimate sphere after childbirth. However, this is not so. Incidentally, the ban on sexual relations for two months in this case is also extremely relevant. After all, this time is necessary for the uterus to return to its former size, and the place of attachment of the placenta is healed. Otherwise, pain during sex is guaranteed. And the seam, left after the caesarean section, can also very much disturb the woman. The solution of the problem in this case is only one thing - the correct selection of the pose. Avoid those postures in which the post-operative suture is affected - for example, by friction or pressure.

  • Dryness in the vagina

In some cases, the cause of pain inThe time of sex is nothing more than the lack of a sufficient amount of lubricant. It is quite natural that when the vaginal mucosa is dry, there is no need to talk about comfort. Moreover - there may be a sharp pain. And a similar problem can be observed for a very long time - sometimes up to a year, or even longer. There are several reasons that can lead to the development of such a problem. The first and most common cause is the condition of the hormonal background of the young mother. Whatever one may say, people were, are and will be children of nature. So, all the laws of nature apply to people. A small man has just appeared. So, all the attention of a woman should be focused on it. And the continuation of the family is not yet discussed. And accordingly, the female body does not see any need to develop a lubricant that facilitates sexual intercourse soon after birth. And it's not surprising that a woman can be hurt. By the way, a similar woman can observe in the second half of the menstrual cycle, when conception becomes impossible. The body "understands" that this month the birth of a new life can no longer be expected, so it reduces the level of lubricant production. In this case, the only correct solution will be a visit to the doctor. Only a doctor can decide whether it is worthwhile waiting for a while, or it is necessary to start the appropriate hormonal therapy. If the doctor decides that the body needs to be given some time, he will certainly advise the couple to use the lubricant. In the postpartum period, it is best to use a water-based lubricant. Lubrication on the same oil basis can cause irritation for a very sensitive mucous membrane of the vagina. And, in addition, if a couple uses condoms, she should remember that oil-based lubricants often lead to the destruction of latex. So, there is a risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Crowded bladder

Sometimes after childbirth, the cause of pain inthe time of sex is extremely banal - a full bladder. And the urge to urinate a woman can not feel, but the pain during sex is very sharp. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar situation, try to go to the toilet.

  • Various infections

In some cases, the cause of paincan be the presence of infection - both the vagina and the bladder. This pathology can be diagnosed only by a doctor, so be sure to seek medical help. The doctor will select the necessary course of treatment and give recommendations that will help to cope as quickly as possible with the problem.

  • Bartholinitis

Most women, even those familiar withanatomy, do not know that in the area of ​​the external genitalia is a fairly large number of different glands. And at the entrance to the vagina are the largest of them. They are paired and are called Bartholin. The function of these glands is very important - they develop a secret that provides a stable level of moisture in the vagina. It is simply necessary for the normal course of the sexual intercourse. But sometimes Bartholin glands can become inflamed. And the inflammatory process proceeds in several stages. First, the excretory ducts of these glands are clogged. Because of this, a normal outflow of secret is disrupted. As a result, it begins to accumulate inside the gland itself. As this process develops, pain first appears in the sexual act, and then the tumor can be probed - its diameter varies from a few millimeters to several centimeters. And during this period, the inflammatory process itself begins to develop. Of course, at this stage, the nearby genital tissues are involved in the inflammatory process. Self-treatment in this case is unacceptable, since it only worsens the course of the disease. Therefore, a young mother should seek help from a doctor as soon as possible. Physicians deal with this problem quickly and without difficulty. pain in sex after giving birth

Psychological reasons

In no event must we lose sight of thisthe possible cause of pain during sex the first time after childbirth, as psychological problems. The human psyche is still the biggest mystery for scientists, despite the high level of medicine. But the fact that the psyche has a very strong effect on a person's physical condition is reliably known. There are several psychological reasons that can lead to pain during sexual intercourse:

  • Fear of pain

This problem is most relevant. A woman implicitly expects pain during sex soon after childbirth. And thus she "programs herself" to see that this pain actually appeared. And sometimes the reasons for its appearance are quite material. So, for example, a woman is afraid of pain, muscles of the vagina tightly compressed. Voila, get - the pain is right there. And in some cases this can happen both before the very first sexual intercourse after childbirth, and before the next. Especially in the event that the first sexual contact really turned out to be painful. In this situation, the main role of the savior of an intimate life is assigned to the husband - it depends on how he behaves, whether he has enough tact, tenderness and endurance, depends on how quickly everything will return to normal. In an extreme case, if you can not cope with the problem on your own, it's worth asking for a consultation with a psychologist. A specialist will certainly find a way out of this difficult situation.

  • Dissatisfaction with his appearance

Many young mothers believe that birththe baby affected their appearance in the most unfavorable way. And strongly complex in this regard, believing that after the birth for her husband lost her former attraction. As a result, at a subconscious level, such women are very much "clamped" - they are embarrassed to undress, they can not relax properly. And the result is the same notorious pain during sex after childbirth.

  • Cultivation of motherhood

Sometimes a woman forgets everything except herthe kid. And all attempts to incline her husband to intimacy are literally "hostile". And often all this happens on a subconscious level - the woman herself does not realize what exactly is happening. Again, the classical scheme works - tension, muscle spasm, pain. As a result - the subsequent expectation of pain - a kind of vicious circle. And you can break it only with the help of a husband and / or a specialist. As a rule, psychologists know well how to help a woman after childbirth. pain during sex after childbirth

Solving psychological problems

In order to reduce the risk ofpsychological problems, you must adhere to a few simple rules. Only in this case sex will bring proper pleasure - both physical and moral. So:

  • Do not try to be a super woman

Do not put on your shouldersabsolutely all worries and worries - you are a living person and have the right to a full rest. As often as possible, bring to the aid of her husband - this will allow him not to feel detached from the family, and he will begin to understand you much better. And in the event that there is such an opportunity, do not hesitate to ask for help from other relatives - for example, mother or mother-in-law. They know firsthand how hard it is shortly after birth.

  • Learn to stay away from problems

No matter how trite it may sound, but you justIt is catastrophically necessary to learn to stay away from reality and relax. And you need to learn this not only during sex, but in everyday life. This skill is useful to you more than once. Start with the most simple exercise. Sit in a chair, close your eyes and try to relax. "Disconnect" from the outside world. In order to make it easier to do, at first you can imagine any pleasant moments - for example, rest on the beach. And during sex, this method can also be used. Although the visual image during sex, of course, should be with an erotic bias. Do not rush to smile skeptically - very many women this little trick really helps. It is enough to relax before you have sex, so that the sexual act is not so painful.

  • Get enough sleep

Of course, for the newly mummifiedadvice may seem like a real mockery. And this is understandable - most women in this period of the dream can only dream of. But you still should try to find an opportunity to sleep. At least during the day, at least in snatches. Then the general psychological state of the woman will become much more stable. Finishing the conversation, I would like to reassure the young mothers once again. What is happening to you is a temporary phenomenon. In the event that you and your spouse show the necessary restraint and patience, everything will very quickly come back to normal. Moreover - most women after a while after giving birth noted that their sex life became even brighter and more intense! So we wish you good luck in this difficult matter - the fight against temporary difficulties. At you necessarily all will turn out! We advise you to read: