folk remedies Furuncle - a thing quite unpleasant. And it is only natural that you need to get rid of boils as quickly as possible. Of course, it is best to seek help from a dermatologist. However, not all of us immediately go to the clinic - that time is not, then the desire, then something else. But after all boils without treatment should not be left in any case! How to be? Perhaps, in this situation it will be appropriate to recall the folk remedies for boils. They are often much more effective than most pharmacological agents. The only thing that you should pay attention to if you have chosen treatment with folk remedies is that the sick person does not have allergic reactions to one or another component of the remedy chosen by you.

What is a boil?

But first, let's figure out what isfuruncle. In fact, it is a powerful inflammatory process that develops gradually. First there is a small red dot - a dense inflammatory knot develops. And, which is typical, first of all the inflammation deepens inside the skin. Then the redness captures an ever larger area of ​​the skin, there is a strong swelling, the affected tissues become denser. There is a strong soreness. Then the condition worsens even more - the densification becomes stronger, the swelling - more and more. The hair bulb dies, forming the core of the furuncle, and the nearby tissues begin to die. The skin acquires a specific bright pink color, and the pain becomes very strong. The general state of health of a sick person worsens - there is weakness, pain, fever, the purulent abscess is increasing. By the way, at this stage of the disease, it is no longer worth trying to get rid of boils - the inflammatory process has gone too far and it may well be that the patient will need a course of antibacterial drugs. After all, in all cases, the development of boils was provoked by various bacteria. foliculum treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of boils

So, with what the boils are, we figured it out. Now it's time to figure out how these same boils can be treated using folk methods.

  • Treatment of aloe

In a rare house there is no such useful plant astree-like aloe or, as it is called in common speech, an age-old. Very many folk recipes include this component, including the treatment of boils. You will need one leaf from a plant older than 5 years - the younger one does not yet have strong healing properties. Cut the leaf, rinse it under running water and peel. Then crush it thoroughly - you should get a kind of gruel. From a sterile bandage, cut small gauze napkins and prepare an adhesive plaster. Apply on the affected area aloe vinaigrette, top cover with gauze and fasten with adhesive plaster. This compress should be changed at least three times a day. As practice shows, such treatment is very effective - aloe not only draws pus, but it also has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory action.

  • Treatment with potatoes

Speaking about treatment folk remedies, you can notnot to mention the most common potatoes. However, it should be noted that this treatment is effective only at the initial stages of the disease. Wash and clean one small tuber of raw potatoes, grate it on a fine grater. The resulting gruel is applied in a thick layer to the affected area, top with a plastic wrap and secure with bandage. Change the compress every 4 hours, for two days. If there is no improvement, it is worthwhile to try another treatment.

  • Herbal Treatment

Many folk methods of treatment meanuse of herbs. So, for example, the inflammation is very effectively eliminated by the medicinal clover. To do this, you will need to prepare a special therapeutic ointment. Melt two tablespoons of butter on a water bath, rub into it two tablespoons pre-filled with steep boiling water (in the proportion of 1 to 1) flowers of sweet clover. Lubricate the boil with this ointment as often as possible - 8-10 times a day. If the inflammation is very strong, buy a drugstore in the pharmacy - its effect is particularly strong. Grind two tablespoons of herbs, in a water bath, heat two tablespoons of any vegetable oil and mix the ingredients. Pour into a glass container and insist in the refrigerator for several hours. The resulting remedy must be lubricated three times a day.

  • Treatment with onions

Peel one small onion from the peel,Bake it in the oven for an hour. At this time, grind two tablespoons of laundry soap on a small grater. Onions with a fork chop, carefully mix with soap. Apply the received mass to the affected area, cover with a plastic wrap, bandage and fix with a stick plaster. Change the compress every two hours. Pain and inflammation will go away very, very quickly.

  • Laundry soap

If the inflammatory process has gone too far,to help come all the same laundry soap. But the tool itself is prepared quite differently. Tent five tablespoons of laundry soap, pour a glass of water and cook over low heat until the water is one third of the original volume. After that, cool the solution - it thickens. The resulting ointment is applied to the gauze napkin, attach to the boil and fix it with a patch or bandage. The dressing should be changed at least three times a day. However, if you notice that the pus separates too much, change the dressings more often.

Do not ignore the doctors!

Of course, the people's means are very, veryare effective. However, sometimes it happens that one can not get rid of boils only by folk remedies. So remember one simple, but very important rule - if there are no improvements within two to three days, consult a doctor without fail. Further treatment of folk recipes can lead to the development of very serious complications. And a normal, not dangerous at first glance boil can lead you to a hospital bed. And all because of the excessive desire to be treated exclusively by folk remedies. So is the game worth the candle? We advise you to read: