styles for teenagers For modern adolescents, the most important thing is notget lost in the crowd and not look like everyone else. For this, not only girls but also young men dye their hair in incredible colors, wear unimaginable clothes, than upset and puzzle their parents. Psychologists recommend not to put pressure on children, forcing them to wear what you like. Teenagers have their quirks and, entering a certain age, they feel the need to declare themselves to others. Therefore, some begin to study hard or play sports, while others find an outlet in their clothes. Modern style of teenagers is a variety of different fashionable trends. On the streets of large cities, you can often meet boys, more like girls, and young ladies dressed in dark rock dresses. To reflect their inner experiences and reveal themselves through clothing, young people have all the possibilities for this. We will talk about the main features inherent in this or that style. Therefore, if you want to create your own individual image and attract attention, read how to achieve this by picking up an unusual wardrobe. dress style for teens

Trash is a protest against the standards

For many, a style of clothing called "trash"is new and unknown, but more and more modern youth prefers it to him. This subculture originated in the territory of the post-Soviet countries and represents a kind of protest against the accepted standards of behavior, rules and norms dictated by society. Teenagers who dress in this style, their behavior and appearance appear to be mocked and treat with irony to everything that surrounds them. Some critics compare this image with emo, but although there are some similarities in both currents (for example, bright, flashy colors, extravagant hairstyles and makeup), yet these are two different trends in fashion. For ordinary ordinary people trash can seem like a model of bad taste and absurdity. Since not only the appearance of adolescents who give preference to it, but also their behavior is intended to shock the public, thus stating that they are not like all that compliance with the generally accepted rules for them is not the norm. Such people despise the constancy and commonness, choosing a free and unruly lifestyle. The very word "trash" in English means "garbage", "dirt". So called in the thirties of the last century in the US the dregs of society, which refused to recognize American culture. This concept was directly associated with asociality and vulgarity. However, today many modern teenagers from all styles of clothing choose this one, wishing to join the subculture trash. So, the main characteristics of the flow are:

  • Style trash is not just a certain wardrobeIs a whole philosophy. His followers perceive clothing not as a means of protection from the cold or cover of nudity, but as a means of self-expression. At the same time, they deny the very existence of the concept of "style icon", in matters of fashion, relying solely on their desires and inner flair. In adolescents belonging to this subculture, there is a negative attitude towards shopping, as well as a consumer lifestyle.
  • This style differs from the others in the absenceclear rules and wording. In this case, it is permissible to wear anything, combining even incongruous things: jewelry made of plastic, metal or paper, bright tights of various shades, t-shirts with cartoon prints, diadems in hair. The main task is to express your individuality through the prism of clothing, relying solely on your taste, and not on fashion trends.
  • Fans of trash style pay particular attention tomake-up and hairstyles. Business card girls - bright hair (blue, blue, red, pink), inaccurately protruding in different directions. Also popular are dreadlocks and afrokosichki. As for make-up, the more the face is painted, the better.

If you want to create a trash-look, do not be afraidexperiment and select the most incompatible items of the wardrobe, for example, shabby jeans and a classic cashmere coat, a strict shirt with a tie and sneakers. Many girls dress in a ballroom and rubber boots. An indispensable attribute of young women of fashion are also bright tights and leggings with holes. different styles of clothes for teens

Free spirit hipsters

Today, many young peopleFourteen to twenty-five years old they chose a hipster style for themselves. This subculture preaches a non-consumer way of life, gives preference to non-commercial things and advocates freethinking. The name of the current came from the English phrase "to be in the subject". The prototype of this culture is beatniks. The main task of teenage hipsters is to stay away from the rules, opinions and behavior imposed on society. Many representatives of this trend are creative people who are fond of alternative art and are connected with it in their work. Often these are journalists, designers, gallery owners, photographers, DJs and so on. If hipsters watch a movie, then this is necessarily an art house, if you listen to music, then there is no question of pop music - they prefer synthpop, low-fay, indie-rock. Unlike teenagers who dress in trash style and oppose the massive dominance of expensive fashion brands, hipsters, on the contrary, build some modern things in the rank of a cult. Their inalienable attributes are:

  • Apple gadgets;
  • notebooks Moleskine, which representa dermatine notebook on an elastic band, where young people enter the results of their creative work. Most teenagers who belong to the hippest subculture can be found on social networks, where they discuss art, fashion and so on;
  • cameras Zenit, Lomo, as well asHolga. The art of lomography attracts many hipsters, wanting to capture real life in all its manifestations, decorating nothing and not planting it.

Naturally, this style of clothing, in fact, like others, has its own specific characteristics, which we will tell you:

  • This current in fashion is distinguished by a combination ofwardrobe of vintage or homemade items with modern models of budget and well-known brands. Look hipsterov can be described as "deliberately careless."
  • This style involves wearing tight jeans and tight-fitting trousers. In this case, these models are worn not only by girls, but also by boys.
  • Hipsters can not do without such clothes, asT-shirts, sweaters, sweaters and T-shirts. The main rule is the presence of animal prints, images of cities or inscriptions in different languages. Many guys prefer checkered cotton shirts, which necessarily fill up in tight jeans or trousers.
  • An indispensable attribute of the hipster - sneakers of various colors (yellow, orange, green and so on). Especially popular is the brand "Converse".
  • As for accessories, this style is simplethey abound. Bright bandanas, plastic goggles, bandages, colored leggings and tights, voluminous long scarves, massive ornaments, earrings can all be seen on hipsters.

Followers of this subculture are young people withpronounced personality, positively related to fashion trends. This style of clothing combines both vintage items and modern models. dress style for teenagers kawaii

Kawai: the art of being a child

The very concept of "kawai" came to us from the Japaneselanguage and means it "fluffy", "cutie," "charming." Today this style is popular among teenagers not only in Japan, but all over the world. Traditionally, he is preferred mainly by girls, as they are more raskompleksovany in choosing clothes and always try to stand out from the masses, to show their individuality. Let's consider in more detail the main features of this trend in fashion:

  • To look like a cavalier is not enoughgo to the store and buy this or that thing. In this case, one should adhere to the rule - everything that is done by ones own hands is unique and valuable. Therefore, among adolescents who belong to this subculture, it is customary to sew clothes on their own and according to their sketches.
  • This youth style does not accept greyness andmonotonicity. Forever forget about the stamp imposed by society, that all items of the wardrobe and accessories should be of the same shade. Teenagers combine in their appearance all the colors of the rainbow. So, a bright scarlet bag and sneakers, and one of them should be, for example, blue, and the other - green - that's real kawai. However, it should be borne in mind that bright colors are recommended to be diluted with neutral ones - then the first ones will look even more colorful.
  • Irreplaceable attributes of the image are sweatersknee-length, worn over tight trousers. Another option - dark jeans, and on top a bright skirt. This style is distinguished by an abundance of lace. It is found in gloves, pantaloons, collars, cuffs, dresses and other items of the wardrobe.
  • To complete the image of the "Japanese cutie,all kinds of accessories are used: badges, colorful massive jewelry made of plastic, metal, with fur trim and so on. Makeup should be very bright and provocative, because the girls are repeating cartoon images. Another feature - for each nail is applied varnish of different colors.

Kawai in clothes is mostly found ingirls, but recently they began to get carried away and boys. Many teenagers, who do not want to perceive this world with its problems and troubles from the position of adults, try as long as possible to remain children, putting on bright, incompatible things. That's why kawaii is also called the art of being a child. Of course, there are many more teenage styles, but we named the three most popular today. Each of them is a way to express your individuality, so choose clothes that reflect your interests, desires and beliefs! We advise you to read: