Untitled-1 Using a unique complex of Collost® will help you to retain the beauty, youth and skin health for a long time without involving plastic surgeons.

His name is Collost®

When a woman turns 30, 35 and even more 40years in its appearance, there are obvious changes. Women are transformed, external beauty acquires other colors and shades. Even among the people, this is noted by a number of well-known proverbs, such as "in 45 ...... berries again." You can remember many famous actresses, who after 30-40 years look much more impressive than in their youth. But what exactly does not please any of us is how the skin changes with the years. It loses its color, turgor, elasticity, first appear small, then deeper wrinkles, the face oval changes, etc. Each woman has her own methods and ways to deal with age-related skin changes. Some are successful in them and remain externally spectacular and young, others have few results. We will not talk about the secrets of Hollywood stars, let's talk about the secret of women living in our country, who successfully use the time-tested Collagen® collagen complex. Collost® has different forms of release; in cosmetology apply gel. This unique 7% and 15% gel contains in its composition purified natural collagen, obtained from the skin of cattle. The natural structure of natural collagen - the finest fibers coiled in a triple helix - in Colloste® is completely preserved, and ballast substances that can cause allergies are removed. Innovative patented technology for the production of Colost® gel received international recognition and was awarded by the jury a great gold medal in medicine at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventors in Switzerland! On the benefits of collagen But what is good collagen, that it is so actively used by cosmeticians around the world? Collagen, perhaps, is one of the most multifunctional proteins of the human body. Especially a large amount of this substance is contained in the skin, or rather - in its deep layers. It is thanks to collagen that our skin is restored after various damages, and it is collagen "responsible" for its elasticity and elasticity. In youth, collagen is produced in the human body in sufficient quantities, but with age, the metabolism slows down and this quantity slowly but steadily decreases. And it would be sad if the Collost® gel did not come to our aid - a complex with collagen content, as close to human in structure and properties. Use of the unique complex Collost

When the skin gives an SOS signal

Collagen is effective in combating age-relatedchanges only in the case when it falls into the deeper layers of the skin, rather than remains lying on its surface. Therefore, the use of Colost® gel involves the introduction of the drug directly into the skin - with the help of mini-injections, collagen is delivered exactly where it is needed! In which cases should I think about using the Collost® system? The experience of using Collost® gel shows that it is effective in the presence of such age-related "symptoms" as:

  • Decreased total skin turgor;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Loss of clarity of the face;
  • The consequences of acne (post-acne);
  • Cicatricial changes;
  • The appearance of stretch marks.

... And more ... ... In addition to correcting age-related changesinnovative Colloxt® gel is successfully used for skin rehabilitation after such aggressive cosmetic procedures as laser resurfacing, fractal, chemical peelings. A good result of the use of Colost® gel gives and, if necessary, regenerates the skin affected by the adverse effects of the environment.

Effect? - There is an effect!

The effect of Collost® gel on the conditionskin will be, as they say, "it is obvious". Getting into deeper layers of the skin, Collost® does not just fill the lost collagen, filling the wrinkle, the main mechanism of action of Collost® is that it starts the process of formation of the body's own young collagen fibers. Thus, our skin "regenerates itself", and therefore looks much younger.