causes of hemorrhoids No one likes to be sick. And this is quite a logical statement. Moreover, one can even say that its essence lies almost on the surface. However, among all other diseases, there are a number of such diseases that are called "inconvenient." It is not customary to talk about them. Sometimes they are even embarrassed to go to the doctor, which significantly hampers the treatment and the subsequent recovery. To similar "inconvenient" diseases carry a hemorrhoids. And indeed, some people even find it hard to admit that they are suffering from this awkward, unpleasant, but extremely serious ailment. In today's topic will be considered treatment of this disease in women. Information will also be provided on some other aspects related to hemorrhoids in women. signs of hemorrhoids

The stages of the disease and its symptoms

It is unlikely that this disease can be confused withbecause there are so many things told about him. But, as already mentioned, this disease is considered shameful, therefore at the initial stages (when the problem can still be solved without pain and problems), many do not rush to the doctor. Meanwhile, precious time goes on, and the lack of timely treatment can lead to the need for surgical intervention. So, the stages of this sickness will be further presented, as well as the features that each of them possesses. The first stage is characterized by the formation of a small cone at the entrance to the anal opening. Gradually, it can grow in size. At the same time with each commit a defecation there are quite unpleasant sensations. It can be itching, tingling, burning and other signs that are not related to the normal state. If you pay attention to the disease at this stage, it can be cured quite successfully and practically without sacrifices in 15-20 days. But, as practice shows, at this stage only 15-20% of patients turn to the doctor. The second stage of hemorrhoids causes much more inconvenience and extremely unpleasant sensations. The cone at the anus considerably increases in size, with defecation they can even appear outside, and then come back in. Often, the anal opening exudes blood and yellow liquid. The latter, by the way, causes just an infernal itch. A person becomes nervous because of the constant and not passing for a minute discomfort in this area. It's time to go to the doctor, not to bring everything to the third stage. At the third stage, a person's life becomes merely a living hell. Now the nodes from the rectum fall out not only during defecation. This can happen at any time of the day and life: when walking, running, lifting heavy and other manipulations. A woman can no longer sit normally, relief does not bring absolutely anything. Already, the situation may become so neglected that it will require an operation. In the fourth stage, all the symptoms of the previous stage are aggravated several times. Here you can not do without an operation. However, until this time, a sensible person has long ago turned to a specialist and carried out treatment. By the way, the proctologist is engaged in this. It is to him and it's worth to make an appointment. treatment of hemorrhoids

Why does hemorrhoids occur in women?

Preventing the disease is always easier and easier,than after a long and painful treatment. This greatly spends both time and money and strength. It is for this reason that it is worth knowing about who is at risk when it comes to the occurrence of such an unpleasant illness. What provokes hemorrhoids? One of the risk factors for women is pregnancy. The thing is that constipation is a natural companion of an interesting situation. In addition to this, the fruit significantly affects the intestines of the woman, which only aggravates the situation. The best thing that can be done in this situation is to carefully monitor the situation with constipation, so that they eventually do not become something big. Labor during labor in women can also become a risk of getting hemorrhoids. To provoke the disease can also be addicted to unusual types of sex in girls, more precisely, to anal sex. This is due to the fact that there is no lubricant in the anus (unlike the vagina). Because of this, cracks, ruptures and other troubles may occur. Therefore, often practicing this kind of "love", you need to carefully monitor your status. In addition, the use of lubricant is mandatory. But it is better to leave this kind of entertainment for special occasions. Yet nature had it conceived somewhat differently. In addition, other factors can cause hemorrhoids: sedentary work and an inactive way of life, constant weight lifting, enthusiasm for power sports, hereditary predisposition, malnutrition, stress and some other reasons. surgical method of hemorrhoid treatment

Treatment of hemorrhoids in women

Most often, treatment of hemorrhoids does not require findingin the hospital. It will be enough to pass the therapy in the clinic. Sometimes a bed rest is prescribed, a sick leave is issued, so that the treatment is not interrupted. A whole complex of drugs is used to eliminate the disease. These include ointments, gels, rectal suppositories. These drugs are most relevant at the first and second stages, but can be prescribed at other stages. They relieve itching, irritation, reduce discomfort. Additionally, pills for hemorrhoids are prescribed. They can be supplemented with antibiotics and pain medications. Another way to treat is laser coagulation. Infrared radiation perfectly copes with the first and second stage of the disease. Excellent and cures sclerotherapy with hemorrhoidal phenomena. The drug is injected into the nodes, which greatly facilitates the course of the disease and brings healing closer. The method is also good at the initial stages of the disease. In more advanced cases, only surgical intervention can become the only option. During the operation, hemorrhoids are removed. However, recently there is an alternative to surgical intervention. This procedure is called minimally invasive therapy. Hemorrhoidal cones are enclosed in special rings. After a while, the blood flow to them is disturbed and they gradually fall off the anal opening. Together with traditional methods, some folk methods can be used to heal actively. But it is worthwhile to understand that they must go hand in hand with classical therapy. Only people's methods can only start the course of the disease. The folk methods of treatment include: treatment with leeches, baths from broths of onion or water pepper, trays with manganese, cotton swabs with honey and butter, ointment from pine cones of mountain ash, self-massage of knots and some other ways.

Than lack of therapy

Any disease can not be neglected, allit is necessary to treat. This case is no exception. What could be the lack of therapy? Perhaps, the following arguments for someone will be decisive. First of all, bleeding caused by hemorrhoids is dangerous. Any blood loss is dangerous to humans. Of course, they are not so great, but, nevertheless, can lead to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood. And this is fraught with anemia and other problems. The lack of iron in the blood adversely affects the work of the whole organism. In addition, there is sluggishness, constant drowsiness, a strong decline in strength. Another dangerous consequence is the death of tissues. Thrombophlebitis in acute form is the worst thing that can happen, if not treated. This is extremely risky. Through a wound in the anus, even a blood infection can begin. Purulent phenomena are also not uncommon. Well, the treatment of hemorrhoids can be quite successful and quick, if you pay attention to it in time. It is important to carefully monitor your health, how the various processes in the body occur. And if you find any oddities do not hesitate to contact your doctor. It is much better to do without a scalpel and start treatment in time. Health and well-being every day! And be sure to cure hemorrhoids, if any.