the right menu for every day The one who drinks coffee only in the morning, eats for luncha couple of pieces of pizza, and dines with cooked half-finished products, as a rule, do not care about their health. Gastritis, ulcers, obesity - this is only a small list of what awaits the fair sex, neglecting a full breakfast. But the right nutrition in our lives plays one of the main roles. So, if you eat only fat, high-calorie, spicy food, not only the digestive organs suffer. Lack of vitamins and excess fat leads to the appearance of acne on the body, to brittle nails and hair, to a bad mood and reduced efficiency. Conversely, if you only eat healthy foods, follow the rules and follow a diet developed by specialists, you can even get rid of some diseases. menu for every day

Principles of proper nutrition

Making up an individual menu, consider your ownphysiological features. Food should provide all your needs in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. So, for example, if you work at a construction site, eat more meat. Those who work mentally, it is necessary to lean on products with a high content of glucose. An important role in this case is played by the way in which a dish is prepared. Legs fried in a lot of sunflower oil are more harmful than those that are cooked for a couple or baked in a sleeve in an oven. Another point to pay attention to is the food temperature. Remember once and for all: the menu should not contain too cold (not lower than 15 degrees) and too hot (over 57 degrees) dishes. Otherwise, a couple of hours after breakfast or lunch you may have a stomachache or heartburn. So, the best option is 38 degrees Celsius. The next thing you should consider is the size of the portion. The main thing about which you must remember - you need to eat often, but little by little. Do not stretch your stomach, eating the first, second, bun and compote. In addition, the food mixed in the stomach is absorbed longer. When designing the menu, one should not forget about the daily calorie rate, which should be used by a completely healthy person (about 3000 kcal per day). So, 30 percent is for breakfast, 10 for lunch, 35 for lunch, 10 for lunch, and the remaining 15 for dinner. What you need to eat for breakfast As you already knew, in the morning (7-8 hours) you need to eat high-calorie food. For a day she manages to fully master and turn into energy. Thus, you will not fall asleep at work, but you can work without fatigue. If you drink only one cup of coffee with a sandwich, then after half an hour you again want to eat. And in the evening, when portions should be small, hungry women begin to absorb everything stored in refrigerators. The organism demands to restore the forces spent for a day. So, your breakfast should consist of carbohydrates. Bread, cheese, cereal, eggs and bacon or omelette are allowed. But from the usual sausage, sausages, semi-finished products should be discarded. They contain a huge amount of fats and various additives (dyes, stabilizers, fragrances), which adversely affect our health. What can I choose for lunch? At 11 o'clock in the afternoon, when appetite awakens again, it is better to eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. Such food is rich in calcium, magnesium and other microelements, which our body needs. Please note, the products must be natural, otherwise there will not be any benefit from it. However, there is also one here too! They must be local, not imported. Some delicacies and delicacies, delivered to us in the country from afar, only look like real apples, pears, peaches. They taste very differently. At the same time, they practically do not contain useful elements. What to eat at lunchtime For lunch (13-14 hours) on your menu must be a liquid dish: soup, soup (vegetable or chicken broth), the ear. They will not only quench your hunger, but they will not let you overeat. The main thing, as was already mentioned above - the temperature of such food. You do not want to burn the larynx and the gastrointestinal tract. You can also eat a small amount of boiled or baked meat. Fry foods completely eliminate from your diet. As a side dish, choose foods that contain starch. Let it be beans, potatoes, rice or pasta. On the third, after you ate hot dishes, it is better not to choose cold drinks (juice, compote, kissel, water). The fact is that such a temperature drop will slow down the process of digesting food. As a result - heaviness, swelling, pain, nausea, upset stomach. You can drink only hot freshly brewed tea (but not boiling water). As for the sweet, here the fair sex is free to choose what they want more. If you eat chocolate, your mood will improve significantly. But after an hour and a half the blood sugar level will drop, and you will want to eat insanely. What to eat on a mid-morning snack At 4pm, when the strength is already running out, you need a snack. But in any case, do not overeat, otherwise the dinner will be transferred two hours later, which is fraught with consequences. You can not eat at night, because in addition to unpleasant heaviness in the stomach and poor health, you will get extra pounds at the waist. Therefore, choose only light meals that satisfy your appetite and are quickly digested. It can be vegetable or fruit salads dressed with yoghurt, chocolate, mousse, cake. Do not get carried away with tea with biscuits or rolls, pizzas and cupcakes. What dishes are better for dinner Many women mistakenly believe that after six meals in any case impossible. In fact, nutritionists recommend eating food for an hour and a half before bedtime. Despite the fact that the sleeping person has all the processes slowing down, a twelve-hour break still does not benefit our health. So, give preference to boiled white meat, lean fish, vegetable stew. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of yogurt or warm milk with crackers, eat a banana. But in any case, do not get carried away by apples (especially sour ones). They cause increased appetite. proper menu food

Choose foods for your diet

If you cook for the first milk mannaporridge, and on the second you eat herring or cucumber, sleepless night you will definitely be provided. It is necessary to learn how to combine dishes, so as not to cause frustration or food poisoning in yourself and your family members. When developing the menu, be rational, logical and consistent. And consider the following rules:

  • Food containing protein is processed for a long time

To meat, eggs, fish and other products fasterdigested, you need to limit yourself to sweet, vegetables (do not interfere with vegetable and animal proteins). Also, it is not desirable for women to drink a lot of fluids. After eating, take at least 2 hours before you decide to refresh yourself.

  • Carbohydrates are quickly digested

Potatoes, nuts, vegetables, bakery, flourproducts and the like products rich in carbohydrates, accelerate the production of gastric juice. A few hours after their use, you will have a brutal appetite, so this food is better to enter the lunch menu.

  • Fruits are energized

If you want a quick snack, do not eatsandwiches or sweets. Fruits not only satisfy hunger, but also quickly energize. Plus, if you eat every day at least one apple, kiwi, oranges, then you will not encounter such a problem as beriberi. Please note, in this case, the break between snacks should be at least half an hour. By the way, sweet fruit perfectly combined with dairy products. But semi-sweet (watermelon, strawberry) is better not to combine with other dishes. With acidic, one should also be cautious, since they are not friends with protein foods and products containing starch.

  • Do not mix protein and carbohydrates

Of course, in our time it is rather difficultadhere to separate food. But try to correctly prioritize. It is better not to eat fried potatoes with chops or fish. Here there are two options: the first - a side dish and a salad, the second - a mashed potatoes with meat.

  • Diversity is the foundation of our health

Making a menu for a week, consider that a personneeds both vitamins and minerals. So, for example, phosphorus can be obtained from fish, calcium - from cottage cheese, and potassium and magnesium - from beans. Therefore, you should not lean on a single product, even if you love it madly. The only thing you should remember: vegetables (radish, cucumbers, salad) can be combined with all the ingredients, except milk.

  • Without glucose in any way

It is not necessary to eat some sweets and do very muchsweet tea. In this case, our body simply can not cope with the amount of sugar in the body, which can lead to diathesis, diabetes, etc. It is better to eat dried fruits, jam, pastille, honey, fruit juices. By the way, sweets can pamper yourself 20-30 minutes after a full dinner or breakfast, not earlier. An exception is honey. It can be added to tea or oatmeal. Do not forget that this ingredient slows down the process of rotting foods that are long and hard to digest. Pay attention, honey is better not to heat!

  • There are also useful fats

So, you can eat sour cream, cream, fat, fattyfish. Representatives of the fair sex, suffering from constipation, it is better to eat such dishes not at the beginning, but at the end of the meal. In this menu must necessarily be porridge, starch-containing dishes or greens. But in any case, do not combine with sweet. proper nutrition for every day

What should I reject?

Now you know how to be correctmeals for every day. But there are a number of products that should be excluded from the menu forever. Of course, sometimes you can pamper yourself a little. Listen to your desires: if you currently want a sweet, you can afford to eat a little chocolate or sweets. Just make sure that it does not turn into a double monthly rate. So, crisps, croutons and other delicacies containing sodium glutamates, a huge amount of salt and other no less harmful additives are considered harmful. On the second place - products of fast preparation (mashed potatoes, noodles, soups). It is convenient, but dangerous for health. Next on the list are baked goods and products that are stored for more than two months. Think about what the cookie consists of, which does not dry out within a year. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that canned delicacies naturally can be suitable for food and for several years. Also in your menu there should be no store drinks, mayonnaise, smoked products. And, most importantly - forget about alcoholic beverages. In our time, few companies produce really high-quality products. As a result, we constantly poison our body. We advise you to read: