how to bring yourself to anorexia Being thin, like a sliver, nothing to eat, climbin the zero size - this is sought by many women. For happiness, they lack only the guide "How to bring yourself to anorexia" in twenty days. True, some benefits for weight loss resemble similar literature. Do you consider all this ridiculous and stupid? In fact, this tendency is depressing. Unfortunately, every day anorexia is gaining increasing popularity both among young nymphetes, and among women of considerable age. Modern girls believe that bulging ribs and an entrained abdomen are fashionable. Each second exhausts itself with various diets and physical exercises, which leads the body to complete exhaustion. Someone wants to change their appearance to become like their favorite model, while others decide on such a desperate step because of their complexes. But, striving for perfection, do not forget about your own body and its needs. Those who regularly sit on diets, sometimes can not stop to return to the usual way of life and diet. In such a short time, the body loses not only extra pounds, but also useful substances. Therefore, it is very important to know what anorexia is and how dangerous it is.

Types of anorexia and its manifestations

Anorexia is a syndrome thatcharacterized by a lack of appetite or a conscious refusal of food. At the same time if you continue to lose weight, in the future the stomach simply can not digest food. Even a spoonful of soup will not be absorbed by the body. So, there are several varieties of anorexia:

  • Primary Anorexia

This disease begins with the fact that the girljust ceases to feel hungry. The causes of this condition can also be covered in hormonal disorders, and in neurological pathologies or malignant tumors. Therefore, if you have a long time, no appetite, urgently need to undergo a medical examination.

  • Mental anorexia

In this case there is a complete loss of feelinghunger or deliberate refusal of food. This is due to a sharp suppression of appetite because of mental illness: depressive, catatonic conditions, etc. Unfortunately, this is rarely noticed on time. A woman simply can not understand that she does not want to eat.

  • Anorexia nervosa

Stress, problems at work and in the family, strongpsychoemotional load - all of the above can lead to the appearance of anorexia. It requires intervention of a qualified psychologist who will help to understand the situation.

  • Medicinal anorexia

In some cases, such a state may belead various anorectic substances that suppress hunger. Often, the appetite of girls abusing antidepressants is lost. This type of anorexia is considered the most common and can lead to serious consequences. how to bring yourself up to anorexia symptoms

Symptoms of anorexia: diagnosis of the disease

The most obvious symptom of anorexia isa strong weight loss, which becomes noticeable when the patient's body is very close to exhaustion. It is possible to detect this pathology at early stages, but this, unfortunately, is not always possible. You should be alerted if a person often refuses food, referring to the fact that he recently ate or his stomach hurts. At the same time, he can talk a lot about different diets, calorie foods. Often, women after a dense dinner specifically cause vomiting, do enemas to cleanse your body. When the disease progresses, a person suffering from anorexia constantly experiences discomfort, quickly becomes tired, and sometimes even loses consciousness. Dull, brittle hair, a bluish tinge of skin on the arms and legs, sunken eyes - all these are also signs of illness. The patient is always cold because the body lacks energy to keep warm. Hands, back, stomach are covered with a layer of fine hair, with which the body tries to keep the heat. In addition, very often osteoporosis develops, the digestion process is disrupted, there may be malfunctions in the CNS. As a rule, patients with anorexia constantly experience a feeling of fear associated with weight gain. In doing so, it completely covers all feelings and emotions, and does not let go of a person even when he is a step away from death due to exhaustion. Mainly, the causes of anorexia are low self-esteem, which also acts as one of the main symptoms of this serious illness. The victim of anorexia believes that her body weight and figure parameters have a close relationship with self-awareness and personal status. Patients very often deny the danger of their own condition and can not really assess their weight.

Treatment of anorexia: Is it possible to cope with this alone?

On treatment of neglected forms of anorexia sometimes leavesnot one year. On average, the recovery period takes 5 years. In this case, the patient should want and strive to get rid of this ailment. Otherwise, after leaving the hospital, the girl will start starving again. Approximately 60% of the total number of patients starting treatment with anorexia return to their previous full life. More than 20% recover almost completely. However, in order to avoid possible complications, they are required to undergo regular examination and additional treatment. The first stage of therapy is to restore the patient's physical health. In some cases, patients are hospitalized in a particularly serious condition. And they need not only parenteral nutrition, which involves the installation of a system (droppers), but also treatment of the consequences of anorexia, often very dangerous. After the patient's condition is stabilized, he is helped to return to normal weight, gradually accustoming to eating. Then begins the psychotherapeutic treatment, during which the patient and an experienced specialist look for the causes of the ailment and the ways of its solution. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is used to rid the patient of the distorted image of his body. So, for example, in one polyclinic, girls were forced to constantly look in the mirror so that they could get used to their figure. In this case, all the fashion magazines in this institution were banned. Sometimes antidepressants can be prescribed, which help overcome fear and some other problems. However, their long-term use is undesirable. This is done in extreme cases, when a woman flatly refuses to admit that she has problems. how to bring yourself to anorexia species

Effects of anorexia: what is fraught with starvation

Today, anorexia has become something of an epidemic. This usually affects young girls aged 14 to 18 years. They deliberately resort to such torture to look just like their idols. And many women do not consider anorexia an illness. For them, giving up food is one of the ways to lose weight. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. What is dangerous is long-term fasting? In anorexia, a person undergoes a decrease in blood pressure and a slowing of the pulse. In addition, there is a weakening of the myocardium - the heart muscle, which leads to the development of cardiovascular failure. Very often the disease is accompanied by a decrease in the level of potassium, magnesium and sodium - minerals, which are necessary for the normal functioning of our body. Over time, persistent and severe dehydration occurs, and anemia also develops. In women, there is a disorder of the menstrual cycle and a decrease in the level of hormones in the blood. If you do not find this anomaly in time and do not perform the appropriate treatment, then the person suffering from anorexia can reach an extreme degree of exhaustion - cachexia, which very often leads to death. How do you know if you have weight problems? Find your ideal weight using a simple formula. Your normal weight = Your height is 100 cm. Your ideal weight = Your normal weight is 10%. For example, you are 175 cm tall. Your normal weight is 175 cm - 100 cm = 75 kg. Your ideal weight is 75 kg - 10% = 67.5 kg.