how to calm down and start living The twenty-first century dictates so rabidthe rhythm of life, that the number of diseases, nervous breakdowns and mental disorders is just off scale. You, probably, and for yourself noticed that there are almost no moments when you would feel in harmony with the world around you. It is no wonder, that the modern person more and more often raises a question: how to calm down and begin to live?

Causes of internal anxiety

Our head, as usual, is the source of allour problems. Of course, you can analyze the complexities of the surrounding reality for a long time and write off everything for nervous overloads. However, it will not be easier for you, because the world will not change from the fact that you simply waved your hand at it. It is much better and more effective to understand what is preventing you from living peacefully yourself. Many philosophers assumed that the main purpose of man is to live a long and happy life. However, this is obtained only in units. What is the reason? Why does someone get everything, but someone can not escape from the mournful buzz of a fly flying in a room?

The search for the meaning of life

Man is the only creature thatreflects on why he came to this planet. With animals, everything is very simple: they are born, multiply and die, multiplying their own population. Man has made a grand leap in evolutionary development, having built his own world on Earth. His psyche has also become more complicated, and one of the consequences is that a person can not live without a vital meaning. Have you noticed how eyes burn in those who know why they live? For example, a young mother: she fights with her son all day, does not sleep enough, is undernourished and at the same time feels absolutely happy. Or a doctor who is helping people is absolutely calm, getting in his hands is not an astronomical salary. Even under the most difficult circumstances, a person is able to maintain this inner light, if he knows that he needs this world. However, losing this feeling, he in one instant becomes drooped and unhappy. how to calm down and live happily

Neurotic character

There are people for whom happiness in principleunattainable because of the characteristics of their personality. They have so-called neurotic needs, which are unsaturated. Simply put, the needs of such people in love, care, respect, attention can not be met - a person every day will want more and more. Naturally, this is the reason for his concern, because he constantly feels uncomfortable. What is the need? This is a state of dissatisfaction, some tension and a desire to return to the former sense of mental equilibrium. A person with neurotic needs constantly experiences this anxiety, since he can not feel comfortable for a second. Yes, and thoughts about their own inferiority do not give rest.

Unwillingness to take responsibility

When you live in accordance with strangersideas, opinions and instructions, a sense of anxiety can become your constant companion. This is not surprising, because the lack of control over your own life is a cause for alarm: you can not even try to predict what awaits you for the next life turn. All the same can be said about a man who in principle takes a child's attitude towards his life. Remember how dangerous the world seemed when you were little? In the case of infantile people something similar happens: they are constantly waiting for "adults" who will come and save them. And those all do not appear, which increases the voltage, and the circle closes.

Blocked emotions

We are taught from childhood to restrain their feelings: "Do not cry - you're a boy!", "Stop being angry - it's indecent!", Etc. ... In fact, emotions - this is life. The child grows, develops, and as a reaction to the interaction with the world around him feelings arise, and the most diverse: joy, sadness, fear, anger, interest. And if positive emotions are supported by adults, then negative, as a rule, does not please anyone. When such manifestations are blocked, tension begins to accumulate in our body. It breaks out in the form of psychosomatic illnesses, neurotic habits and other psychological problems. All these things in themselves are a cause for alarm, but at the heart of it is still the psychological energy from the blocked feelings, which never found expression. how to calm down and start living

Life in the past and future

It sounds paradoxical, but, strangely enough, manypeople choose this style of thinking. The past delays a person with a load of events, both sad and joyful. Many people are calmer to stay in the past, since everything is known and understandable there. But, at the same time, there is vague anxiety due to the fact that a person with the edge of consciousness understands his omissions. More often people are experiencing because of the future. What I will get in the exam, when he calls, how many children we will have - all these and many other questions tear our charming heads daily, or even hourly. Of course, thinking about this, we feel anxiety and anxiety, instead of saying to ourselves: "Calm down!" And live in the present.

Live happily!

The list of possible reasons for the alarm is impressive. And yet, how to calm down and start to live really? Do not think that everything goes by itself. We hasten to upset you, but in order to start living happily, you will have to work on yourself.

  • Be natural. As it was already written above, live for today and show emotions. It is not necessary to restrain them and save them inside - this will lead to nothing good. Of course, do not yell at the head of a good motherfucker and sell an apartment in order to distribute the proceeds to the poor (unless you have wanted to do it all my life). But a certain degree of lightness and craziness should be present.
  • Do not think about the bad. We were taught this way from childhood - to predict the possible adverse consequences of our actions. However, those who are firmly in the habit, very often unable to feel good because of a constant sense of anxiety, settled in their soul. We do not encourage you to go to extremes and be an impenetrable optimist, but think: the longevity of the latter is much higher than that of pessimists.
  • Learn to accept criticism. Very often we are worried because someone said something bad about us. Only now it is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is a constructive criticism, a goal which is a real improvement of your activity or something else. And there is a destructive one, which is used to upset or humiliate you. So, from the latter it's just worth learning to abstract, and first to consider, and then your self-esteem will cease to suffer.
  • Sewage energy. Very often, anxiety is only a consequence of the tension that has accumulated within you. If this power is not installed anywhere, it will quickly find its use, and, as a rule, unpleasant for the carrier, that is, for you. Instead, listen to the banal recommendation to find yourself a hobby and go in for sports - it really works!
  • Learn to be humble. Yes, all kinds of business citations and success diaries teach us that you can not give up and you must always fight to the end. Do you know that the most common diseases among businessmen are heart attacks, hypertension and duodenal ulcer? It is those disorders that are peculiar to people who exist without relaxation and harmony in the soul. Therefore, if you want to live happily ever after, then learn to reconcile with what you can not change.
  • Calm down and observe our simplerecommendations - then the quality of your life will appreciably increase. And if suddenly you come across some deeper and more serious problem within yourself, then there is always an opportunity to turn to a qualified psychologist who will help you overcome this.