how to experience loneliness Loneliness ... Well, who among us does not know what it isis this? The guy threw it, the loved one left, the husband decided that he needed another woman. And that's all. And now it has already crawled into the house, settling in all its corners. Has got into the soul, depriving her of the opportunity to rejoice. Made the world dreary and gray. And you do not know where to go and how to live alone. And life seems meaningless and empty. What to do?! Before looking for the answer to this question, let's see what loneliness is.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness is the problem that arises inmany people's lives more than once or twice. It appears when you lose dear people when relatives leave you when you are betrayed by friends ... Any of these losses provokes a state of loneliness that oppresses, crushes, drives you to despair. However, from time to time, many of us experience this state even if loved and close people are nearby. It also happens that a person, staying alone for a long time, does not feel lonely at all. So, with loneliness, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance? Perhaps before you learn how to experience loneliness, you need to understand if you have encountered him. Yes, apparently, everything is not so simple. Someone in this state falls into despondency and begins to blame the whole world for their problems. And someone feels not only calm, but even quite happy. For some, loneliness is a very painful experience, for others - a comfortable and somewhere even desirable circumstance. This means that the reason for loneliness is not external, but internal, psychological. In a word, loneliness is nothing but a state of mind. If we take this into consideration, it is quite possible to find an answer to the question of why we differently transfer loneliness. When a person is inclined to him, alone with himself, he will not feel abandoned. On the contrary, such people periodically, consciously, whether not, seek to seclude themselves. People who are not predisposed to solitude, without friends and family, suffer greatly. About how the state of loneliness is transferred in the first case, one should not argue - these people sometimes need it. But in the second, everything is much more complicated. In general, loneliness is not a problem at all. It is a free choice of every person. Those who are well alone, in such circumstances, work more productively and feel better. Why should they get acquainted with someone, expanding their social circle, if they are comfortable without it? But how to withstand loneliness for those who do not accept it? Those who are alone with themselves feel discomfort? loneliness how to survive

How to endure loneliness?

So, you were left alone, and the world immediately lost allits colorfulness and attractiveness. What to do? Friends try to drag you out to a party, entertain, stir up ... But all in vain. Cheerful companies are annoying, entertainment is not attracted, new acquaintances do not cause any interest. You are indifferent to everything. In addition to his tormentor - loneliness. You do not understand it yourself, you protect it, grow it, nurture it. At the same time, in despair, asking yourself the question: with another disaster would cope, and how to survive alone? Is it dangerous? Certainly. If you do not find a way out of this condition, not far away and before the deep depression. And there already can not do without the help of specialists. So, we will try to find the cause and liquidate it, as far as possible. We have already said that these reasons are not in the outside world, but inside us. So let's listen to ourselves and determine what we really lack. It would seem that the answer to this question lies on the surface. There is not enough of a close person. Well, so what's the matter? You go somewhere in a fun place and try to unwind. Everything seems to be simple. But ... It's useless! Because inside all the same there is nothing empty. And if you do not determine what to fill it, all your attempts to become a happy person will not only be in vain, they can even exacerbate loneliness. The state of loneliness can be considered a kind of signal that there is a failure in our psyche. Initially, there is nothing catastrophic in it. From a sense of loneliness can quickly get rid of, if you find the right path to emancipation from such a depressing mood. But if it is delayed - it is necessary to sound the alarm. It can happen that we completely lose the taste for life and the ability to rejoice and be happy. And this is unacceptable. In general, the suffering that we experience from loneliness is due to the lack of some information and impressions, accompanied by tactile hunger. Therefore, a good way to get rid of it - a visit to the fitness club, massage room, theater, cinema, dance school. In a word, that which can have a beneficial effect on the body and the soul. This includes hiking in the pool, outdoor recreation, trips to other cities, sightseeing of some sights and so on. In no case should not spend all the evening at the TV - he is generally in a state of loneliness is contraindicated. Looking at the TV screen, we unwittingly begin to compare our own lives with what is happening there. And this comparison is, as a rule, not in our favor. We, they say, are not as beautiful as the telly. And they love us much less than a movie heroine. And luxury such as in the movies, we can not see how their ears. And so on and so forth. Hence - the fall of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and the desire to huddle somewhere in the corner. No one has seen you so imperfect. In solitude, one should always try with all his might to raise inner self-esteem. Well, and what, that the beloved person left you and the vacuum around you? Hence, it is time for improvement, gaining new skills and knowledge, putting in order its own appearance. In short, the time of full renewal. Attach to it all the effort and all your ingenuity. The day will come, and you will realize that loneliness has opened up to you a whole range of possibilities that you did not even know about before - to want what you did not want to do what you could not do before. The state of loneliness is not a vice or a drama. This is timelessness, a stage of life, when you have a chance to change yourself and change your life. Do not miss it, lamenting and wondering what to do next. If you are not alone, you usually do not have enough time to look around and realize that change is necessary. As a result, fate itself puts a person in front of such a fact, leaving alone with himself. And, if he is idle, a period of suffering is coming. Therefore, if you suddenly become lonely, do not drop your hands, hiding from the world in four walls. Walk, ride, dance, go in for sports, visit museums, theaters, swimming pools, salons ... And life, in the end, will become interesting and colorful. And one day, love will appear in it. And then you will remember with warmth this grace period - the time of loneliness. We advise you to read: