How to decorate a wedding table It is impossible to imagine a wedding without a weddingfeasts. And if you want the wedding table to look really festive and solemn, you should take care of its serving and decorating in advance. Let's start with the tablecloth and napkins. Traditionally, a white tablecloth is chosen for a wedding banquet. If you consider this choice conservative, you can prefer a colored, but not very bright tablecloth. Do not forget to put a thick soft cloth under it: the dishes will ring much more quietly, and the surface of the table will be better protected from hot plates. Napkins by color should be in harmony with the tablecloth. For the festive table, not only paper but also tissue napkins are needed. The latter (if you show imagination) will be an excellent decoration of the wedding table. In order to beautifully fold the tissue tissue, it must be starched. The way of folding napkins depends on the level of your imagination, but you do not need to abuse too "twisted" tracks. The most acceptable and uncomplicated methods are the envelope, fan, triangle and tent. On which option would you not stop, it should be one for all napkins. A required attribute of the wedding table is floral arrangements. By giving vent to your imagination while decorating them, do not forget that the flowers should be combined with the shape and size of the table, in harmony with the color of the tablecloth and dishes. In the composition, you can use , which will be in harmony with the flowers. Do not forget that there is a concept of "language of flowers", and not every one of your compositions - even very beautiful - may turn out to be inappropriate on the wedding table. Flower compositions can not only be placed on the table, but also fixed on the dangling part of the tablecloth. In this case, the flowers should not be too fragrant, and those that stand on the table - very high. Particular attention should be paid to the bridal table. During the whole celebration, it will remain the center of attention of all guests, and the atmosphere of the holiday largely depends on its design. Tall wine-glasses and glasses for the groom and the bride should differ from the others, the table itself can be decorated with elegant bouquets or a garland of flowers. And do not forget to leave room for the wedding cake. After all, it is not so much a dessert as an obligatory attribute of a wedding feast.