Mediterranean style in the interior Mediterranean style in the interior is styleEuropean countries associated with the warm sea, the bright sun and the rich flora. It is an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, coziness and at the same time simple-minded simplicity common to all Europeans. The main components of the interior in the Mediterranean style are:

  • Low wooden furniture in combination with forged items
  • Window decoration with muslin and blinds
  • Demonstration of ordinary dishes, used every day, on open shelves
  • Cane chairs in the dining area
  • The use of hand embroidery in the furnish of textiles (pillows, bed linens)
  • Flooring - wooden boards or terracotta tiles
  • "Naive" lace, used in the tracks on the dining table and cushions for pillows
  • "Earth" colors for the Italian interpretation of the interior and the "marine" combination of colors for the interior in the Greek style

Is this style right for you?

This style of interior you definitely fits,If you live in an old mansion or house with an abundance of sunlight in the rooms. Mediterranean style of interior is also suitable for you if you like country, but you would like to create it a more spacious and less colorful option. Such an interior will be a real godsend for people who adore the festive atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere in the house. But you absolutely do not need to contact him if you live in a house whose windows face north, that is, they are constantly in the shade and you do not tolerate the floor of the tile in any room. interior in the Mediterranean style

Color palette

To create an impression of freshness and vigorfilled with light interior is most suitable for "Greek" gamma of transparent shades. And to create a sense of coziness and sophistication more relevant is the palette of colors of the Italian style. Here are some tips to help you figure out the colors:

  • Mediterranean style in a home interior is best formed using the three primary colors used in each room for walls, floors and furniture
  • To create an urban "Italian" interior, you can use a larger number of similar shades of tone
  • The main color for the "Greek" home is white, it serves as a background for more vivid interior details

Coloristic scale of the Greek style: "Greek" palette is not so diverse and consists of white, turquoise shades of the sea, blue celestial shades and pink flowers of plants of bougainvilleas. This color combination creates a feeling of summer all year round, an abundance of light and air. To this color scheme is ideally suited roughly plastered walls, shiny whitewashed floors and painted furniture. Palette of the Italian style: The colors of this style are filled with the energy of the sun and the heat taken from nature itself. These are the colors of ripe golden wheat, olive groves, brick-red and terracotta shades. Such a palette is ideal for a house that goes out to the shade with its windows, as its warm shades can give more comfort to such rooms and create a soulful atmosphere in it. To the Italian palette are suitable wall painting, floors with terracotta tiles, simple furniture from old pine or oak and forged elements. Mediterranean style of interior

Decoration Materials

Wall decoration: Interior of the house in the Mediterranean style suggests matte and textured surface of walls, wallpaper or panels made of wood can be found only in high-class hotels. In Italian houses, you can find many different textures - from mosaic tiles to wall painting in fresco technique. Tile is an obligatory attribute of the walls of the bathroom, as well as tile is used for finishing aprons in the kitchen. Particularly relevant is the tile hand painted. Simulation of the brickwork or bare bricks left in their natural form, too, are applicable to this style, but only very dosed, for example, in the decoration of the mantel zone. To simulate a wall with rough texture, glue paints are most suitable, which also have the ability to play with light due to their opaque gloss. Finishing materials for floors: The Mediterranean style of a home interior can not do without tiles in the finish of the floor, terracotta and unglazed tiles are often used. To create a sense of warmth under your feet, you can use a heating system or Indian rugs. It is also possible to apply a laminate, but not soft vinyl coatings, as they look unnatural, especially for large areas. Materials in the decoration of the floor of the whole house usually present no more than two, due to what creates a sense of visual unity and integrity of space. To create a more festive interior you can decorate the floor, for example in the hall, with a marble mosaic that can be either monochrome or multi-colored with some drawing. The use of inexpensive white laminate on the floor in combination with the white color of the walls will also create a feeling of elegance and, in addition, will reflect the light as much as possible. Soft carpets made of wool or velor in the interior of the Mediterranean house are absolutely inappropriate, but you can use carpets of neutral tones and with a textured surface like sisal or coconut fiber. Use of textiles: Textiles in the Mediterranean interior carry a functional load rather than a decorative one. The most popular is crisp white cotton, and also a primitive lace of cream shades. It is used as pillowcases and cushions for pillows, tracks and tablecloths, but too much of it should not be so as not to create a feeling of excessive luxury and chic. Mediterranean style in the interior of the house

Kitchen in Mediterranean style

Kitchen plays a very important role inMediterranean house, since it is the center of life for most families. That's why it should be functionally thought out and fairly spacious. Kitchen furniture of this style consists of cupboards, open wall shelves and shelving. To give the kitchen a hint of antiquity, complement its decoration with terracotta tiles. The interior of the kitchen in the Italian style is best formed with the help of rattan and forged chairs and tables, as well as cupboards of racking type. In the Greek interior most organically fit chairs with reed seats. Important components of the cuisine in the Mediterranean style are: a self-contained central table-island for cooking, a Butler sink, rough wooden or painted furniture and buffets, kitchen utensils covered with ceramic glaze and utensils with a naive hand-painted.

Living room in the Mediterranean style

Many living rooms in the Mediterranean housescombined with dining rooms, "eating zone" in which organized by the principle of open planning. Window decoration in this style is unthinkable without trellised wood shutters, especially they are relevant in the doorway that opens onto the patio. Rough pine or from aged oak furniture fits perfectly into the interior of the living room, and forged elements should be inserted in it, if you want to give the room an Italian accent. An open bookcase with hand-painted ceramics stored in it is an important attribute of style. To decorate the windows, airy muslin curtains are ideal, but if you want to keep the heat in the room, you can add dense curtains. The grid on the windows will be absolutely inappropriate in this context, but it's quite possible to hang a translucent curtain to the middle of the window. The interior of the living room in the Mediterranean style includes: a low coffee table made of pine, a wood stove or its imitation, a sofa with an open wooden frame, a carpet of cotton and terracotta tiles or a whitewashed floorboard. interior of the house in the Mediterranean style

Bedroom in Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style of home interiorinvolves the use of the most elemental situation in the bedroom. This is certainly a low forged or wooden bed, a wardrobe made of solid wood and an elegant dressing table of small dimensions. To avoid the impression of excessive severity of the interior, it is worth adding embroidered and lace underwear to its design, and prints on the walls. You can also add to the interior elements such as tapestry on the wall, and in the corner of the room place a ceramic wash basin and a water jug. The interior of the bedroom in the Mediterranean style is impossible without shutters on the windows, simple cotton linens and only the most necessary furniture - a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

Bathroom in Mediterranean style

Interior in the Mediterranean style suggestsexclusively functional bathroom only to wash and wash, and not for relaxation and bliss. For such a bathroom is characteristic of the use of surfaces that are well washed and wall plumbing appliances. This plumbing is very practical, because all the boxes are hidden in the walls, besides the space on the floor is released and it is easy to clean. Priority is given to a large shower cabin, rather than a bathroom. Bidet is not a luxury, but an indispensable component of the interior. Floors and walls are finished exclusively with tiles, ceramics should be only white. The towel holder is chrome-plated, heated, and the towels themselves are best used using waffle textiles, since they are most suitable for the European interior and absorb water very well. We advise you to read: