modular living room furniture The living room in the house is usually a common room, wherehousehold members spend their free time together, receive guests, celebrate holidays. So this room can be called special, which means that it should be designed in a special way. The design of the living room should be carefully thought out, and the room itself should meet all functional requirements and reflect the aesthetic preferences of the owners. When it comes to furniture for the living room, then involuntarily there is an image of a standard set: a wall, a sofa, chairs, a coffee or a dinner table. Yes, of course, this set completely justifies itself, because it fully corresponds to our notions of convenience and comfort of the living room. However, even a room with such a typical set of furniture will make individual modular furniture for the living room, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a modern apartment. What does it owe to such popularity, and what are its differences from previous examples of cabinet furniture? Is it worth choosing such a furniture for the main room of the house, and if so, why? Let's find out.

What is modular furniture?

In everyday life we ​​are overgrown with a huge number of things, inwhich are not necessary everyday. And constantly demanded things require storage space. That's just for these purposes and we came up with case furniture, which is simply designed to be convenient to store things, even in a small space. Numerous cabinets and lockers, trunks and chests of drawers, shelves and shelves have firmly taken their places in our homes. And in the recent time they were replaced by lounge monolithic sets, with which the stereotype of the main room of the house is connected. But man is a restless being, which constantly strives to make his life not only comfortable, but also beautiful. In addition, we all follow the fashion, but we want to preserve the individuality (and our own, and our home). It was in order to destroy the stereotype of the living room environment and the modular furniture was invented. It is akin to a children's constructor, in which it is possible to create something new every time from the same details. Therefore, modular furniture allows you to differently arrange the elements and, as a result, make the interior original and unique. Each element of modular furniture (module) is a finished product that can perfectly fulfill the functions of an independent piece of furniture. At the same time, modules can be combined in different ways, allowing to create an interior in accordance with the features of the room and the tastes of the host. modular living room furniture corner

From the history of modular furniture

As is known, at the very beginning of furnitureproduction and production were not there. It was a laborious, laborious work, requiring high skill, and sometimes a well-known talent of masters. Manufacture of furniture products did not carry mass (and even more so streamlined) character, and therefore each piece of furniture was unique. This kind of furniture today is considered antiques not so much because of the high cost of natural materials, but because of the individuality and special handwriting of the master. It is clear that time is not in place, everything changes: needs, opportunities and technologies. The time has come when the demand for furniture has grown so much that it became necessary to mass produce it. Promoted to this and the development of industry: the furniture workshops were replaced by furniture factories and factories, and the production of furniture became a flow. Began to produce serial cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, and after them and finished furniture walls, hallways and kitchen sets. The main advantage of such furniture was availability: an acceptable price with a tolerable quality. The main drawback - the same and standard. Remember the story of the heroes of the movie "The Irony of Fate, or With a Light Steam!": The apartments furnished with the same furniture absolutely lost all individuality. One and the same furniture wall could be seen not only in its own house, but also with many neighbors, relatives and acquaintances. In addition, the standard dimensions of such furniture did not always allow it to be organically placed in the apartment, and the functionality for the serial production of the living rooms of the suits suffered. In addition, the rigid configuration of this furniture did not leave any chance of interior design. Therefore, many furniture manufactures began to move to furniture, consisting of individual modules, so that today we have the opportunity to make a living room to your liking and according to your needs.

Advantages of modular furniture

Modular furniture for the living room has thisfeature, like the lack of a rigid configuration. Perhaps, this feature can be called the main advantage of modular furniture. Judge for yourself: the usual living room set (wall) will grow old, out of fashion, but will remain unchanged - in the form that the designer (or, as it is now customary to say, the designer) of furniture conceived. The maximum that can be done with it is to update the facade or swap the cabinets. Modular furniture provides a chance not only to create the desired interior design, but if necessary, change it and even modernize. All items of such a headset are strictly adjusted to each other. And consequently, in whatever order the elements are not located, they will always look like a single whole. At the same time, the efficiency of the use of the living space is considerably increased. Another undeniable advantage of modular furniture is an unlimited number of elements. By purchasing such a set, the buyer decides how many and exactly which lockers, shelves and nightstands will be included in it. A ready-made modular system, if you wish, will be equipped with additional elements or duplicates existing items. By the way, in such modular systems, you can not only vary the configuration, but even change the color of the facades and panels. Unification of modular systems is also one of the advantages of such furniture. Due to this quality, modular furniture will cost much less than furniture manufactured on an individual basis. In addition, unified modular systems can fit into any stop, which means they are not afraid of changing the interior. For example, if the modular living room furniture is angular, then it is convenient not only to place it in one particular part of the room, but also to adjust the living room space. And with the change of design, such a system-transformer will do without buying new furniture. modular furniture systems for the living room

Distinctive features

What are the differences between modular furniture and the usualstill popular walls, to replace which it came? Strictly speaking, the wall is a set of cabinets attached closely to each other and located along the wall. Cabinets have a different purpose and different width, but the same height and depth. Modular furniture can consist of elements of different heights and different depths. In addition, any set of modular furniture can be expanded, that is, add new modules to it. In addition to this niche under the TV in this kit can be changed both in depth, and in height and width. Still, unlike the walls, the modular furniture sets are not equipped with wardrobes (but if desired, the buyer can be supplemented). In general, model furniture can significantly save, replacing or buying the necessary items. And considering all its advantages and distinctive features, such furniture can be considered not just a modern alternative to a bored and outdated wall, but also an instrument for transforming the interior. Experiment and look for your options for organizing living space. A modular furniture system for the living room will be one of the best assistants for you in this not simple but fascinating business.