interior design of apartments It's wonderful to live in a spacious apartment where there isa sufficient number of bedrooms, a spacious living room and utility rooms. But the price of real estate dictates a different reality - most young and not very young families look at one-room apartments. The only room in such an apartment is the bedroom, the living room, and sometimes the dining room at the same time. And we have to come up with various ideas on how to combine all this. In any case, no matter how small the apartment was, everyone wants it to be cozy and beautiful. Modern and properly chosen design of a one-room apartment will make a miracle. After all, he can transform the room, even if it is in one of the long-dated "Khrushchev" with a typical layout. Original ideas will certainly help you to give your home an individuality and coziness.

Studio apartment

The most progressive design solution forone-room apartments - is the creation of a so-called studio, whose single space without partitions is divided into functional zones. It is believed that the first author of such an idea was a French student. The question of the bedroom and living room in such an apartment disappears by itself. To organize a studio, most likely, will have to part with the usual partitions in the kitchen or in the hallway. By the way, especially fortunate for those whose apartment has a niche - it gives a wide scope for flying fantasy. This variant of the decision of living space in a studio apartment it is best to go to young couples, that have not got children, and people who are in a free flight. For them, this modern design of a one-room apartment is optimal for all parameters. After all, how many ideas will they visit? Such an apartment is easily transformed with the help of the most common drywall. In the west, in studios, most often live representatives of creative professions: free artists, designers, musicians. This interior is most consistent with their bohemian lifestyle. Studio apartments are loved by students and young people, because they consider them an excellent place to meet with numerous friends. Yes, and the presence of a kitchen - a condition is optional, because cooking is not their end. Incidentally, for a single girl this option is also very good - it should pay special attention. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that most girls are not thrilled with this idea - they prefer the classic version described below. Still, for them the presence of a full kitchen is very important. In order to equip a studio apartment in a one-room apartment, you can use the services of a designer or an architect, and if you want you can do everything with your own hands. Perhaps you will come up with any original ideas? First, you need to know, in the studio, all the space is divided into two zones, which in the classical version can be conditionally called: dining-living room, which also serves as a kitchen, and a sleeping zone. In order to clearly see the zones, usually use the ceiling or floor swings, podiums, columns, arches. They do not separate one part of the room, but only hint that this is a specific functional area. To distinguish zones also use different floor coverings, such as in the kitchen and dining area can be laid tiles, and recreation area - carpet or soft fluffy carpet. For a small apartment such zoning is the best option. The studio space is filled with furniture evenly, and do not place it strictly along the perimeter, as is customary in a normal room. The only rule is that the furniture in the middle of the room should not be high and overlap the space. Because the main advantage of a studio apartment is the feeling of space and freedom that it gives. Creation of a studio, as a rule, involves considerable expenses, as it is necessary to transfer or remove partitions, create or move ventilation, sewerage, lighting systems. Therefore, as you should think - if you just badly need a living room, you can do less blood. Most suitable design styles for the design of this kind of apartments - is a high-tech, minimalism, but one of the more pompous style, for example, the baroque can be used. But be prepared - you will not be able to avoid major repairs and obtaining various permits. Yes, and carrying out such repairs on their own - the occupation is very complicated. apartment design interior photo gallery

Classic Edition

A less expensive version of stylish designstandard one-room apartment is a classic option. The interior is thought out in such a way that in the daytime the room is a living room, a dining room, an office, and at night a bedroom. In the event that the apartment is intended for a family with a child, preference should be given to this option. True, the room will basically perform the functions of the bedroom and the playroom, not the living room. For three in a small one-room apartment is enough. And with a carefully thought out interior - not only for three, but for four. After all, bunk beds have not been canceled - they are popular even in the children's room, not to mention a one-room apartment. In addition, in the event that the apartment is intended for a family with a child, you need to remember about the playing corner for crumbs. In fact, unfortunately, there will not be a separate children's room for the baby. But if mom and dad carefully plan everything, the baby will not be any worse than in the nursery. Without zoning, it will also be difficult to manage, as in the case of the studio, especially if a workplace is required, or there is an urgent need for a living room. By the way, in a one-room apartment it's easier to give a living room a kitchen. Of course, considering this when choosing a kitchen design. Or, if the apartment has a niche, you can also put chairs and a table in it. By the way, if a man has the initial building skills, a niche can be made by hand, sacrificing part of the hallway or balcony. Well, a quality sofa with a spacious and even sleeping place will solve the problem of turning a room into a bedroom. Although, perhaps you have other ideas? The complexity of creating an interior of a small one-room apartment is that there should not be anything superfluous in it: not a single object, or any details. The cluttered room does not fit well with the concepts of beauty and comfort. Therefore, you need to calculate every centimeter of the area, if possible, think over the transformation of furniture, for example, turning the desktop into a table for holiday gatherings or a coffee table into a table for family meals. After all, the functions of the living room are also very important - for sure there will be guests in the house! If the layout allows, you can combine the kitchen with the corridor - so you get a semblance of a living room. But for the family this is not the best option. And in general, do not forget that the ideas can be quite peeped in the catalogs of furniture.

Interior design styles

To clearly match the stylistics, creatingthe interior design of a one-room apartment, of course, is not enough surface knowledge. At the same time, you can choose one of the most popular and understandable styles of interior design apartments, for example high-tech, modern, baroque or classical and create an interesting design yourself. The name "high-tech" or "high technology" speaks for itself. This style implies the use of metal, glass, plastic. The room in the hi-tech style resembles the space of a spaceship or the interior from the future. And many things you can create with your own hands. A balloon with silver paint, old furniture - and go ahead, create! Then with pride you will show your friends things made with your own hands. The modern style is characterized by smooth lines, elegance, elegance, muted tones, use of silk, satin in decoration. The room, decorated in this style, has a somewhat salon appearance. Typically, this style is most often used to decorate the living room. Women who love needlework - attention! A great chance to create decor elements with your own hands. Of course, creating these elements with your own hands will take a lot of time, but you will get exclusive things and an occasion for pride yourself! Baroque style - a lot of patterns, symmetry, stucco molding, incrustation, the desire for pomp and grandeur. The apartment in the Baroque style will look like a nobleman's chambers. And if the apartment has a niche, you can put a statue in it - it will complete the overall appearance of the apartment. By the way, you can make a lot of elements of this design with your own hands. Especially if you have the skills of modeling. In this there is nothing complicated, but the interior elements made by themselves, look very unusual. One of the most common interior design styles to date is classic. This style implies the use of arches, stucco molding, parquet, draped textiles. For special chic you can install in the room an electric fireplace that mimics the present. Especially if the apartment has a niche - the fireplace "fit" is just perfect. The options are numerous. interior design of a one-room apartment

Where to begin?

Before you start repairing the apartment,you need to create a project and think through everything: from finishing materials, colors, textures to furniture placement. The more thorough and detailed all will be worked out and calculated, the easier it will be to create an interesting image of the apartment and the less burden of repair you will have to experience. For the decoration of the interior can be used any of the known styles, it is important that he was to the soul, and not because it is steeper than the neighbors. Will help to spy the interesting design of apartments photo gallery of the interior, but do not completely copy the finished project, because the house, its content is a reflection of interests, tastes, views of its owners. For someone, a studio apartment primarily plays the role of a living room, and for someone - a bedroom. Do not completely copy - manifest a fantasy. A standard solution without creative additions makes it faceless. Therefore, creating a one-room apartment design, you can not be afraid of mistakes, self-expression in any of its manifestations - always worthy of respect. In any case, your interior will be much better than the standard one. And it does not matter that the apartment is in an unsightly panel house - it will be the best! After all, it is, in fact, made by own hands, and interior ideas reflect your preferences. And you will feel comfortable in your home. We advise you to read: