design one-room apartment for three Today, "think for three" are forced quiteworthy members of society, and not just wishing to hang out marginalized. In our case, this consideration concerns the arrangement of a one-room apartment, when its interior needs to be designed so that it feels comfortable with a family of three. The fact is that young families often have to spend a long time huddling in sovkhozhki, until they find opportunities to expand their living space. Imagine, the young couple finally finds a long-awaited separate living space (in most cases this is a one-room apartment) and enjoys the joys of life. Then a baby appears ... While the child is very small, the family lives harmoniously in one room. However, the time goes by, and the children grow. And there comes a certain point when parents are forced to plan the interior in such a way as to be able to hide (at least in the dark) from all-seeing children's eyes. If living in a one-room apartment is delayed, the child has time to go to school, then at least a similarity of a separate room for the student is required. In any case, the design of a one-room apartment for three involves dividing the room into a nursery and an adult half, or converting it into a two-room apartment. Let's consider the possible options for such a layout, as well as the rules by which such a design should be implemented.


Develop a design taking into account re-planningeasily enough. It is more difficult to implement this project. The allocation of a separate child or parent bedroom is possible, for example, by transferring the kitchen. The question is, where exactly should it be transferred? Strictly speaking, it will take only a plate, yes a sink. Where? In a spacious pantry or in the hallway (why not, if the area allows)? In the end, the kitchen can be placed in the main room, fencing off it with racks or an internal partition. The main complexity of this redevelopment is the transfer of communications. Do not want to move the kitchen, but want one more room? Perhaps, such a room will come from a loggia (in any case, there is enough room for the child). It's good to insulate it, to carry light and central heating - and here you have a compact children's room. However, not all single-room apartments have loggias or pantries. Then you can try to divide the main room. For owners of corner one-room apartments the task is simplified. Typically, these apartments have two windows on different walls. Then it remains only to erect another wall and turn a one-piece into a kopeck piece with small, but separate rooms. True, one of them will be through, but each room will look to the street with its own window. If there is only one window in the room, then the option with an additional wall to its owners is unlikely to fit. Then you have to develop a design in a different scenario. interior of a one-room apartment for three

We use racks

The use of racks is less troublesome,than the redevelopment, where you have to completely redraw the entire interior. After all, racks are essentially the same partitions, but more functional. Firstly, these are mobile partitions that can be rearranged from place to place, planning the interior and changing the design of the room directly "on the go", and secondly, they can be used for storing things. However, it is impossible to arrange racks in the way we want, namely:

  • You can not put shelves directly in front of the entrance to the room - they will violate the integrity of its space and serve as an obstacle, which will have to be bypassed;
  • You can not put shelves in such a way that they block the window, especially if this window is in a single copy.

The conceived design assumes also a choicea certain model of shelving. If your room is mostly wooden furniture, then the shelves should be chosen the same. Metal shelving will be good as a through partition walls, as well as for rooms, the design of which is designed in the style of high-tech or minimalism. Pass-through racks are preferable in dark rooms or in rooms with one window. Racks with a blind back wall will perfectly cope with the role of the wall, dividing the room into two parts. In any case, it is the design of the room that determines the choice of the model and the way the racks are arranged. interior of a one-room apartment


Interior of a one-room apartment (as well asany other) can be updated without major repairs, without the erection or demolition of walls, without re-planning and even without changing the finish. Such a magical update is called relinking (image change). Due to what changes the interior in the case of reluking? This, first of all, the rearrangement of furniture, the addition of bright details in the interior, replacement of lamps, a change of curtains. In our case, the rewiring should turn one whole room into a kind of a two-room apartment. Or zonirovat interior so that each zone was not only functional, but also noticeable (different from the other). Here is one example of reluking:

  • The room is divided into two equal (or almost equal)parts: child and parental zone. The parental zone is usually combined with the living room area and is separated from the "children's" double-sided rack, placed perpendicular to the long wall.
  • In the parents' room there is a berth(it is also a resting place). As a rule, it is a folding sofa, which is put back to the shelf-partition. Opposite the sofa, a hulk or a set of modular furniture with cabinets, cabinets and shelves can be placed at the wall.
  • Between the sofa and the hill there is a coffee table, and on a free wall, if there is no window there is a mirror. Such a design will make the room visually more spacious and lighter.
  • In the children's area there is also a bedroomplace, and a written or computer table (if it is necessary) can replace one of the shelves or a wide window sill. Ideal reluking is obtained if the interior of the apartment assumes in this area a window directly opposite the shelf-partition.
  • Each zone is supplied with additional individual fixtures (sconces, floor lamps), as well as bright interior items: carpet on the floor, reproductions or posters on the walls.
  • That's so without much trouble (or, conversely, withknown efforts) you can change the interior of a one-room apartment for three. And if you also develop a design in advance, the result will certainly justify all your hopes. We advise you to read: