artificial stone in the interior The ancient walls of medieval houses and castles,chaotic landscapes with a heap of boulders, palace and religious buildings made of stone always attract the eye of a man. The interior decor of this natural material amazes with a variety of colors and textures, bewitching with artistic perfection, born in the depths of rock. In comparison with the textures of natural stone, clear angles and lines of modern interiors seem boring. Our craving for natural stone designers realize, using an artificial stone in the interior. The popularity of such finishes has led to the invention of a new material that lacks the disadvantages of natural stone, but at the same time reproduces the color, texture and shape of rocks reliably, without missing even traces of time on the surface. Decorative stone in the interior is used for facing walls. At the same time, its similarity to sandstone or limestone, spilled stratified or chipped stones is striking. In addition, there are no restrictions on the required texture or color. Artificial stone is made of cement with the addition of various fillers - pumice, perlite, expanded clay or mixtures. To obtain the desired color, various pigments are added in them. The undeniable advantage of this material is its light weight, which is sometimes four times less than that of natural stone. A little rough and smooth back surface makes it easy to lay this material. The same technology makes and facing bricks. "Old" brick, as if made of rare clay, creates the impression that it bears the seal of past eras, and looks more stylish in the interior than the decorative stone.

Possibilities of using decorative stone

If you are a fan of exotics and dream, for example,place your small pool in a stone cave with stalactites and stalagmites, or in the evenings you want to enjoy in the winter garden resting under the murmur of a small waterfall running along a quaint stone hill, then you can make any of your wishes by ordering the products you need in special workshops. Creative workshops that manufacture artificial stone and decorative concrete perform sculptural work by hand. Individually treated surfaces acquire the maximum uniqueness and realism. Technological and decorative properties of artificial stone make it possible to create real miracles in the interior. For example, a dark cellar can be turned into a cozy billiard room, and from the usual kitchen to make a zucchini in old Prague. Everything depends on your desires and possibilities. The combination of artificial decorative stone, picturesquely decorated walls and living plants will give the winter garden an authentic tropical flavor. The landscape can be created with the help of a heap of decorative stone and a weeping rock, the trickle of which will complement the picture among the greenery of flowers. The ceiling can be covered with fluorescent paint, and with the onset of darkness it will begin to flicker and glow, creating the illusion of the southern sky. An artificial fireplace can be used to decorate an electric fireplace. Elements of decorative stone with its uneven surface and irregular shape resemble, for example, natural sandstone. Since the fireplace is electric, its chimney and portal are not subject to strong heating. This allows you to freely use an artificial stone for decoration of the fireplace. In the representative zone of the fireplace in the living room, a decorative stone creates both a solemn and intimate atmosphere. There is an opinion that natural stone can be used only in a luxurious interior. But this is not so. It is relevant in almost any home. The main thing is that it is properly selected and fully consistent with the architectural style of this room. The nobility of the stone sets a peculiar tone for the whole interior, which is sometimes difficult to follow. But it is necessary. The stone is used in the interior not only for finishing the floor, walls, columns of stairs and fireplaces. From it, and make other details of the interior - plinth, window sills, door trim. Decorate them and furniture - coffee tables, bar counters, top countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, stools. Use artificial stone and in purely decorative elements - mosaic panels, Florentine mosaics, ornaments in the style of fossili. All this fits perfectly not only in the entourage of the classical interior, but also modern. decorative stone in the interior

Using decorative stone in different styles

It is well known that a decorative stone is magnificentcombined with other materials - wood, glass and steel. In the classical interior, the lining of the floor or walls of artificial stone will perfectly harmonize with the wooden environment. In this case, you need to pay attention to the coloring of upholstered furniture. The pattern of its upholstery by geometry should be combined with a mosaic pattern of walls or floor. In the living room, in addition, a stone chandelier must also be fitted with a chandelier. In combination with the stone on the walls, the relief white plaster is good. But this is optional. Gobelin tapestries and wallpapers are acceptable. Do not forget that when covering the floor with a dark "stone", furniture is better to choose light and light enough that the interior is not "heavier". You can use an artificial stone in the decoration of stairs. You can use decorative stone and in the interior of the country. Here the most carefully processed rough relief stone next to a tree and a skin of natural shades will look more logical. High-tech and minimalism require restraint in the color scheme. The main materials of the style of high technology - steel and glass - are not inferior to the nobility of the stone in anything.

Stone in interior design of kitchen

Combines the artificial stone with othermaterials and decoration of furniture. There are known designs of design kitchens, where the doors covered with valuable marble are combined with the composite corian, from which the table tops are made. Recently, in general, the use of stone as table tops has become popular, which are based on bright laminated or lacquered substrates. This does not cause disharmony in perception and looks very impressive. Sometimes in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the stone is also lined with shelves. For these purposes, the same stone is used as for the walls, to create a sense of wholeness. But you can beat and contrast. Then much more appropriate will be a combination of dark and light shades, as well as different textures. Good looks in the kitchen and the stone floor. Light furniture and dark facing of the floor are appropriate in any interior area, not just in the kitchen. stone in the interior

Stone in the living room and bedroom

Use of decorative stone in the living room andbedroom has no special restrictions. For facing walls and floors and for decorating furniture, any stone: limestone, slate, marble, granite. The stone from time immemorial attracted the unique beauty that nature itself created. Sandstone, which absorbs the heat of sunny days, granite - from strict black and gray to blood-red and sky-blue, light-colored multicolored marble - all this splendor today repeats an artificial decorative stone.