cleansing jelly for flat stomach There were times when gorgeous womenenjoyed extraordinary success and were considered particularly attractive. It is worth recalling at least a picture of Rubens. On his canvases depicted are far from skinny girls. Completeness symbolized beauty and health. In our time, the ideal is considered to be the parameters of 90-60-90, and to each degree, every girl aspires to them. It's fashionable to be slim. Therefore, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are trying their best to lose weight. Nutritionists have developed a variety of dietary systems for weight loss: buckwheat and Kremlin diet, Atkins diet, protein-carbohydrate alternation and many others. Very popular among women is the so-called express diet and fasting days. Thanks to them you can get rid of at least 1 extra kilogram per day. They are useful for those who need to urgently lose weight before some important event. Very worried about many women, even fairly slender, fat deposits in the abdomen. To get rid of them, physical exercises are necessary. But you need to exercise regularly. But to quickly get rid of a couple extra centimeters in the abdomen, you can spend a day of relieving and cleaning the intestines.

Cleaning of the intestines as a method of losing weight

On the walls of the intestine accumulates from 2 to 4kilograms of "waste", the so-called slag. Therefore, due to cleaning, you can easily get rid of excess weight in the abdomen. You can even carry it out yourself at home. In addition, cleaning the bowels also helps the body to improve. Often we feel pain in the joints, constant fatigue. The blame for this is the toxins that have accumulated in the intestine. They must be regularly disposed of. The presence of slags in the body does not depend on the age of the person. Their appearance is associated, first of all, with the way of life. As you know, the modern rhythm of life and the quality of food products do not contribute to the preservation of human health and beauty. There are two types of harmful substances: exotoxins and endotoxins. Exotoxins enter the body with air, as well as with food and drink, which people use. These can be germs that are formed during poisoning. And also all those substances that are contained in poor-quality food, alcoholic beverages and medicines. Thus, exotoxins are a consequence of an incorrect lifestyle. Endotoxins are formed due to impairment of the functioning of any organs: renal failure, dysbiosis, throat and nose diseases, as well as with stress and other chronic diseases. cleansing jelly

What are the ways of cleaning the intestines?

There are a lot of ways of cleaning, and all of them act on the organism in different degrees. Therefore, everyone chooses for himself his own method, suitable for health reasons.

  • Dietary method of cleaning the intestine This is the mostgentle cleaning method. However, he has a drawback. This method will take quite a long time - at least 2 weeks. For this period you will need to completely abandon the floury, fatty, fried, hot and sweet. Better even to exclude from the diet salt. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and greens. They contain fiber. Drink at least 2 liters of still water or herbal tea. After 2 weeks you will feel light in the body and lose a few extra pounds. The body itself will be cleared of harmful toxins.
  • Cleansing the bowels with an enema Sostill used by ancient Indians. They used a pumpkin and a bamboo tube for this procedure. Now in any pharmacy you can easily buy a mug of Esmarch. It is poured simple boiled water at room temperature. You do not need to buy any special solutions in the pharmacy. This is nothing to throw out the money. To thoroughly clean the intestines, you need to do so. Pour 2 liters of water and try to absorb as much of it as you can. The more fluid there is in the intestine, the better it will be cleared. Keep the water in yourself as long as possible. It is not necessary to abuse such a procedure. Together with toxins, you risk washing and beneficial bacteria, which positively affect the intestinal microflora. Quite enough course of 4-5 procedures every six months.
  • Hunger for cleansing of the intestinesa complex method of cleaning the intestines. It can be used only for absolutely healthy people. For a few days it is forbidden to eat any food. You can drink only salted water in large quantities. In some cases, juices and herbal tea are allowed without the addition of sugar. Due to lack of nutrients, the body begins self-cleaning. In addition, during this period all the digestive organs rest. Hunger, as a rule, has a beneficial effect on the body. However, use this method of cleaning with caution and do not abuse it. Long starvation can adversely affect the work of internal organs. It is best to consult a doctor about the possibility and effectiveness of this method personally for you before starting this body cleansing. Remember that good health is more important than an elegant figure. And also with a specialist should discuss the menu in the period after the passage of purification.
  • Cleansing the intestines with natural ingredientsThis method is suitable for those who prefer to avoid using medications. Natural components act on the intestines more gently and do not have a large number of contraindications. The olive oil is well purified and the cabbage brine is heated. They must be drunk on an empty stomach. Oils will need 2 tablespoons, and brine - half a glass. Long since used as a good laxative, they use ashberry tincture. The recipe for its preparation is very simple. It is necessary to buy berries collected before the onset of frost. Rowan carefully washed and poured into a jar, fill with sugar. Cover the container and place in a sunny place. Sugar should completely dissolve. Then move the jar to a dark place for 3 weeks. Strain the syrup and dilute with alcohol. For half a liter of syrup - 2 tablespoons of alcohol. Rowan tincture is taken 1 tablespoon each morning before eating. Perfectly clean the intestines and flax seeds. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. The recipe for cooking linseed tincture differs not only in simplicity, but also in speed. 1 teaspoon of flax is steamed in 200 milliliters of boiling water and left overnight. This and all the fabrication. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a tincture. To improve the effect, you can eat seeds. But they are quite unpleasant to the taste.
  • Cleansing kissel for flat tummy ofprunes, beets and oatmeal This recipe deserves to be left on it separately. Many women who used this drink share excellent results. Oat sauce with beets and prunes not only cleans the intestines, but also helps to get rid of a couple extra pounds and find a flat stomach. Recipe cleansing jelly contains ingredients that you can buy at any store. So, take the flakes of Hercules. A simple oatmeal will not do. For the jelly, instant-flakes are needed. Get prunes without seeds. You will also need a raw beetroot. Chop the cheesecloth with a knife, peel the beet and grate it on a coarse grater. Take a handful of all the ingredients and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Send the mixture to the stove for a very weak fire. The weight should be cooked for 15 - 20 minutes. As it prepares, it will become like a kissel. Finish the broth strain and cool. It must be drunk completely 2 hours before bedtime. And in the morning, instead of breakfast, eat the remaining thick. If possible, it is better to place a heating pad on the right side, into the liver region for the night. Many are wondering why this is necessary. It is believed that heating contributes to the outflow of bile and, at the same time, the purification of the liver.
  • Recipe cleansing jelly has a specialadvantage over other means of getting rid of toxins and excess kilograms. It lies in the fact that it not only acts on the body gently and harmlessly. The recipe for this product contains ingredients that contain many useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the health of a person. It is common knowledge that oatmeal is one of the best products for combating obesity. It enters the top five of the most important cereals for the human body. But the composition of oatmeal, along with the substances found in any cereal, also includes zinc, iron, vitamins E and B. The use of "Hercules" helps to normalize the metabolism, cleaning the blood vessels and blood from toxins. It has long been known that oatmeal lowers the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood. Normalized blood pressure, cleaned and restored cells, increases immunity. It is also important that oatmeal benefits the skin condition. Therefore, it is necessarily included in the prescription of a cleanser. Prunes included in the recipe for cleansing jelly serve as a laxative. It contains dietary fibers that enhance intestinal motility and regulate metabolism. In these dried fruits there are also a number of useful microelements. They contain vitamins A, C, P and B, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium. Widely used prunes for weight loss also because it significantly suppresses the feeling of hunger due to the high content of fructose and glucose. Every woman who has ever tried any diet on herself is familiar with how much she wants sweet in the period of losing weight. Several fruits of prunes will easily relieve you of this problem, and the diet will not be carried so hard any more. Some even believe that women who regularly eat prunes are not afraid of the problem of excess weight. Finally, let us consider the properties of beets. Why was it included in the recipe for a cleansing jelly along with oatmeal and prunes? This root vegetable contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, P and PP. Pectins and cellulose give a good laxative effect, thereby supplementing the action of prunes. Beetroot has a beneficial effect on the liver, has a diuretic effect. The uniqueness of this root is that it contains an indispensable component - betaine. This element helps to preserve beauty and youth and prevent the problem of obesity. Under the influence of this substance, fat metabolism is normalized, protein food is easily digested, and, therefore, a sense of satiety comes much faster. Betaine has a positive effect on liver function. It is important to note that by the color of the root crop, you can determine how high is the content of this valuable substance in it. The darker the beet, the more useful it is for the body. Therefore, choose root crops of rich burgundy color. Each component included in the recipe for cleansing jelly is useful for the beauty and health of a person. In combination, they provide a particularly beneficial effect, complementing each other. There is an opinion that oatmeal ishes calcium out of the body. But our recipe solves this problem. In the cleansing cocktail is included prunes, rich in this trace element. If necessary, you can spend a whole day eating only ready-made cleansing jelly and thicker from it. Such unloading will clean the intestines and liver from the slags. In just one day you will get rid of a couple of extra pounds and find a flat stomach. So jelly is irreplaceable before important banquets, on which you want to look slim and irresistible. In addition, on such a fasting day you are not in a bad mood. Thanks to prunes and beets you will not feel hungry. Some people do not like the taste of cleansing jelly, but the results from its use are able to please any woman. flat belly pancake

    Contraindications to the use of cleansing jelly

    Cleansing with jelly, as well as any other procedure that helps to lose weight and get rid of toxins, has a number of contraindications. It can not be used in the following situations.

  • With renal and heart failure.
  • In case of colds and infectious diseases.
  • In the postoperative period.
  • With hemorrhoids and intestinal diseases.
  • In the period of menstruation, pregnancy and lactation.
  • It is necessary to know that after applying a cleansingjelly can not eat fatty and spicy dishes. Eat small amounts of light foods, rich in vitamins, gradually increasing portions. Cleaning the body can be a good impetus to maintaining a proper lifestyle and healthy nutrition. And remember, no matter how much you like the result of using cleansing jelly, do not use this method too often. Spend the fasting days not more than once a week, move more, eat properly, avoid stress and be in a good mood! And then a flat stomach and a thin waist are provided to you!