skin care after 25 years Up to twenty-five years old the skin of girls is fresh and elasticby nature, it shines with the natural beauty presented to us by the parents. But here closer to thirty years, we increasingly notice small wrinkles and loss of elasticity and elasticity of our skin. Of course, we can say that it should be so, that age changes sooner or later come to any woman. That's only with this approach in forty years you can look like a "woman of age" - with a grid of wrinkles on her face, saggy skin and a tired look. But all this can be prevented if you start taking care of your skin beforehand. Skin care after 25 years is a necessary procedure for all girls who want to keep their youth as long as possible. Fortunately, there are many measures to prevent premature aging and the onset of age-related changes. On the one hand, this is a deep cleansing and moisturizing, on the other - adherence to such principles as proper nutrition and the rejection of bad habits. In order for these measures to work, you need to make them part of your life, not a periodic attempt to make your appearance more attractive. And then at the age of forty you can safely take compliments and catch the interested views of men of all ages. useful skin care after 25 years

How to take good care of your skin

Protection of the skin from the action of ultraviolet raysThe most important rule, which should be remembered by a woman who wants to preserve the youth of her skin - not a minute in bright sunlight without sunscreen. We all like to feel the affectionate touch of sunlight on our skin, many simply do not think of themselves without an even golden tan in three hundred and sixty-five days a year. But do not forget that ultraviolet rays can cause considerable damage to the state of our skin: wrinkles, pigmented skin and even serious diseases, such as cancer. Therefore, going for a walk, do not forget to apply a protective cream on your skin - even if you go out only for fifteen to twenty minutes. Sunscreen is needed not only for your face, but also for the neck, shoulders and décolleté area - the skin in these areas is especially sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays. Proper nutrition - a pledge of healthy skin Eat a healthy diet, do not abuse sweet and fatty foods. Most of us are too hard to resist the temptation to add a couple of cakes to the evening cup of tea, and many can not live without potatoes fried in a good bundle of butter. Perhaps, many of us have got used to such a diet since childhood and do not imagine how you can refuse such yummy for the sake of useful carrots and broccoli. Nevertheless, it is the vegetables that contain antioxidants that can delay the aging of not only the skin, but the entire body. But the sweet cake is nothing, except for extra inches at the waist and nasty pimples on the face will not bring. Water - the best way to moisturize the skin "from the inside" Drink as much as possible pure, still water. It is known that water removes toxins from the body and improves blood circulation. If you drink at least two or three liters of water a day (not counting soups and drinks), you will achieve a wonderful result: your skin will look soft and supple. It has long been known that a person is what he eats, and in our case, you can add: "what he drinks". Do not save on water quality, because this is one of the most important elements of nutrition for any living organism. Think: none, even the best diet will not be effective if the body does not receive enough fluid. The fact is that when water is scarce, calories are burned much more slowly. If you are afraid of such problems as swelling of the legs and puffiness of the face - do not worry: if you do not have chronic illnesses, then such troubles do not threaten you. The swelling of a healthy person is more likely to indicate that there is not enough water in the body, and the body itself puts this important element "in reserve". So boldly drink eight glasses of water a day and enjoy a smooth, healthy skin. Use moisturizing creams for your skin type Moisturizing the skin from the inside, do not forget about external care: daily use lotions and creams. Do not buy up the whole arsenal of moisturizing and anti-aging cosmetic shop creams, just pick up the brand that suits your skin type the most. And do not forget that the skin of the face, neck and décolleté is not the only places that require your constant care. Use special tools for dry lips, as well as elbows, knees and other areas of the body that require moisturizing. Special attention is required by the skin around the eyes - perhaps the most delicate and sensitive on the face of any woman. Under the skin of the eyelids, there is practically no muscle and subcutaneous fat, so this area is most susceptible to stretching and the appearance of early wrinkles. Even if at twenty five years on your face there is still not a single wrinkle, and the skin around the eyes is smooth and smooth, you still need to begin to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging on the skin. To moisturize the skin around the eyes, special light creams and gels, as well as natural oils, sold in virtually any pharmacy, are perfect. Carefully study the composition of the purchased creams, giving preference to products containing vitamins A and E. proper skin care after 25 years

What not to do to avoid early aging

Alcohol and smoking are the main enemies of healthy skinFirst of all, give up bad habits. At the age of twenty-five years, the traces of smoking cigarettes and taking alcohol become very visible on the faces of women. Where did you see an attractive smoker with a tight, elastic skin without a single wrinkle on her face? And if she has fun before the morning, without neglecting alcoholic drinks of different strength, her swollen face, faded hair and a general rumpled look age her no worse than gray hair and rattling limbs. Gray face, yellowish teeth and bad breath - that's what bad habits like smoking and alcohol do to you. Give them up, and your skin will thank you. Is not the desire to be young, attractive and sexual for more than a decade - not enough motivation for this? Saving time and money will not make you younger. Do not spare the time, energy and material resources for a loved one. Do not be lazy to care for yourself, because this work over time will bring just wonderful fruits. Constantly refusing the necessary cosmetics in favor of goods for children and her husband, referring to their high cost, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to feel special - young and attractive, despite the age. Believe me, your family will never offend you, if in addition to everyday worries you will take yourself a little time and money to care for your appearance. In order to remain young and beautiful for many years, you need constant skin care, without interruption and weekends. After all, attractiveness and sexuality at all times were the main tools in the arsenal of any woman. Protect the skin from the sun, moisturize it from the inside and outside, abandon destructive habits, and then your skin will shine with health and youth for a very, very long time. We advise you to read: