hair extension effects More and more popularuse express lengthening and increased hair volume. After all, we do not always want to wait months, and sometimes even years, to accomplish the intended goal. From time to time there is an irresistible desire to change something in yourself. Most often, the object of change is the hair. If initially they are long, then the possibilities are almost unlimited, but if they are short, there is unlikely to be an idea to get a haircut, rather you want to wake up with a long and thick mop of hair. And not in a year or two, but right now, well, or, in extreme cases, tomorrow ... Modern technologies provide this opportunity to impatient women of fashion. However, not everything is as beautiful as it seems at first glance. After all, hair extensions can bring not only satisfaction, but also have irreparable consequences after removal. So all the same, hair extensions are a fashion trend or a fashionable danger? In order to understand this issue, it is necessary first of all to consider the types of build-up and the possible outcome of each of them.

Hot hair extensions

English technologyThis technology is carried out using a heated adhesive resin or special glue, which is applied by the gun to the intended place of connection of the native hair and the stacked beam. A capsule forms at the junction. Over time, as your hair grows, it is possible to correct the embossed, that is, the movement of strands closer to the roots, or the removal of attached strands. Correction is recommended to be performed every three months. Among the negative moments, there is a possibility of gluing the capsules, the native hair is spoiled, and to remove the narcotic, it will take a lot of effort. In the worst case, only scissors can save that will not only remove attached strands ... Also, the hair removal procedure is not always as pleasant as the salon masters promise, often even painful. Italian technology is considered more progressive than English technology. From the manufacturer, prefabricated strands are initially delivered with the capsules already attached to them, which the master can only fix. In this case, unlike the English version, the hair does not need to be distributed independently in bundles. Also, with this build-up, the capsules are much smaller, and the correction is done every six months. When building up, the temperature effect is used, which adversely affects the hair condition, worsens their structure. The removal process does not bode well, because the use of a chemical fluid can be extremely dangerous for already weakened hair. French technology The peculiarities of the French method of building up are as follows: strands are attached with special glue, which is selected depending on the initial color of the hair, and when hardened the glue becomes flat and inconspicuous, which facilitates combing both narrown and hair. Again, exposure to temperature and chemical mixtures for removal can lead to a disruption in the structure of the hair shaft. As a result, hair deteriorates and even falls out. Thus, the main disadvantage of thermal expansion is the use for a long period of time of chemical substances that can not withstand all sorts of hair. The scalp, the structure and the condition of the hair are damaged, and in the process of removing the excrescences, the consequences may be even worse than when attaching them. If the scalp is too sensitive, hair extensions can cause insomnia and other ailments. effects of hair extensions

Cold hair extension

South Korean technology New strandsare attached by means of metal rings, which are clamped with forceps. However, your hair with this method of building should be thick, so that joints are invisible. Often this build-up brings a sense of discomfort due to metal clips that are difficult to confuse with their own hair, can scratch your head. These foreign objects severely injure the hair, as the latter are rubbed against the hard edges of the clips. To remove the embossed strands use forceps, which unbend the compressed rings, often "by hand" and fall into natural hair. Spanish build-up The Spanish technology uses glue and fixer, and the master forms the capsule with his hands. In this method, many of the drawbacks of the above-described methods of building up are missing. However, this option is also not ideal. Experts say that the composition of the glue adversely affects the scalp.

Ribbon hair extensions

The safest way is nowBelt stretching is considered, in which the strands are attached to natural hair with a special tape. For removal, a solution is used that corrodes the adhesive on the tape. Among the obvious disadvantages can be called only personal unpleasant sensations of scotch in the hair, especially if (as sometimes happens) the corners curl, tangling natural strands. hair extensions

General contraindications and cautions

With hair extensions, there are contraindications. You can not be subjected to this procedure people suffering or prone to baldness, as well as people with vegetative-vascular dystonia. When taking some antibiotics and hormonal drugs, the procedure is also not carried out - there is a need for consultation with the attending physician. In addition to the above negative consequences, specialists and doctors express the effect of the procedure on the general state of human health. Another of the main factors that have direct and direct relevance to the result is the human. Not only the quality of the materials depends on the degree of damage, but also on the professional level of the master, whose duties include careful hair diagnosis, selection of the optimal material and the technology of growth most appropriate to a particular person. To avoid the sad consequences, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the care of newly acquired hair. If the build-up is done not qualitatively, the skin may be burned or irritated, perhaps a feeling of heaviness and even pain. The worst thing that can happen with unprofessional maintenance or improper care is the loss of hair that has been spread out with your relatives. In such emergency cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and then to a salon with a claim for cost recovery, both for the procedure itself and for treatment. Nevertheless, even if the build-up is done qualitatively and using high-quality materials - trauma to the hair is inevitable. After all, there is an additional burden on the native hair, as a result of which the follicle is damaged. Over time, the hair weaken, become brittle, thin, begin to be cut and thin. In any case, if you decide to increase hair, you should first consult a doctor, whether you can be subjected to this procedure. It is also worth noting that the hair extensions will bring you a lot of trouble. They need special care - these are special combs, shampoos and balms, a special coloring system ... hair after building

Hair restoration

How to restore hair after building -the issue is very urgent. Own hair during the buildup is significantly spoiled, becoming lifeless and brittle, strongly falling out. After removal of the adpressed strands, restoration, and in some cases intensive treatment, will be required. As never before, your hair will need care and respect after all that has been experienced. And this process takes quite a long time, because, in fact, in order to restore the hair to its former strength it is necessary to grow new healthy locks instead of lost hair. So, the first thing - going to the doctor, it is not superfluous to drink vitamins, which will not only strengthen the hair, but also nails. Yes, and have a positive effect on the body as a whole. It is also impossible to imagine treatment and recovery without various cosmetic procedures and masks. They not only help restore beauty and health of hair, but the process itself will bring pleasant emotions, because every girl likes a variety of spa treatments. Home masks for restoration Burdock mask After removing accrued head of hear it is recommended to make burdock masks. To do this, the oil is heated, applied to the hair and creates a thermal effect (wrap the head). After an hour, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Mask with castor oil Among the most effective masks is a nourishing mask of pepper and castor oil, which are mixed in equal proportions. Add a small amount of balm to the prepared mixture and apply it to the roots of the hair. In this case, the mask is not rubbed. In order to prevent the mask is recommended to do once a week, and when treating hair - three times a week. This mask nourishes the hair, strengthens the structure, restores after various damages, including after removing the hair extensions. Kefir mask You can make a mask based on any vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), yolk, warm kefir (half cup) and dry mustard (1 tablespoon). The mixture is applied to the pro-parts, wrap the head with cellophane, towel and hold for 20 minutes. Rinse as usual. Mask of essential oils Another recipe: peach oil, "Dimexid" and any essential oil (olive, almond, burdock, coconut). Everything is taken in 1 teaspoonful. The mask promotes hair growth, gives a natural shine. The resulting mixture must be well rubbed into the roots, and then spread over the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head with cellophane and hold for an hour. The mask is washed several times, you can also rinse your head with water and lemon juice. If the hair is strongly weakened, it is recommended to rub the peach oil into the roots in a day and leave it overnight.

A few more ways to strengthen

  • Rinsing with yeast will be very useful after removing the set strands. Even non-alcoholic beer will do;
  • Salt compresses (a glass of salt is poured with water and mixed) will help to make your hair healthy and beautiful not only after removing the accreted strands, but also for other injuries;
  • Infusions based on apple cider vinegar very well help in the restoration of damaged hair;
  • Decoction of nettles and burdock - used for rinsing. Can be used daily.

Be that as it may, everyone decides for himself whathe really wants and in what way to achieve what he wants. Of course, do not make rash decisions, initially you should consider the problem from different sides, weigh the pros and cons, so that you do not get disappointed afterwards. Think about whether to resort to an artificial way of "growing" hair, and then spend money and efforts on treatment and recovery after removing all that was "implanted" in the cabin. Yes, there is a high probability that everything will pass without any significant consequences. In that case, it's worth asking yourself: are you ready for risk? We advise you to read: