how to give volume to hair

Do you remember Eldar Ryazanov's film "Office Romance"? As the main character said: "Statistics is science, it does not tolerate approximations." And Lyudmila Prokofievna is certainly right. So what does statistics tell us about? She claims that 90% of the female population of the world is not satisfied with her hair. More precisely, their volume. The scale is impressive. Well, we do not like what nature has given us! Admit it, do you fall into these ill-fated interest? If yes - let's understand how to give volume to the hair. Hairdressers and stylists offer several solutions - the choice is yours. We will move from "simple to complex".

Means for the volume of hair

Perhaps the very first thing to do ischoose the "right" means for hair care. That is, those that are created specifically to solve this problem. To do this, when buying, you need to carefully study the label. On it there was an inscription "Volume" - volume? So this is what you need. To recommend some specific brands or manufacturers simply does not make sense - it's very individual. What is ideal for one person, can be absolutely contraindicated to another. Even if they have the same type of hair. Here we are all different! Ideally, if you have a "your" master, to which you have been walking for a long time. No one knows the features of your hair better than him. Just listen to his advice. If such a "wizard" is not around, you will have to use the "trial and error" method. All the means to help give hair volume can be divided into two groups. The first is shampoos, which contain silicone. This "miracle substance" gently envelops each hair from the roots to the ends, creating a film on it and making it thicker. As a result, the hair becomes not only voluminous, but also silky and shiny. The problem is one - "magic" is very short-term. Just for one day. The second group is professional shampoos. They contain "building material" for hair - proteins and keratin. The price for them is usually higher. This is understandable - they do not add low-cost, one-day substances, which make it possible to obtain an immediate effect. And quality and really "working" drugs are not cheap. But, thanks to its composition, this shampoo will strengthen your hair along the entire length. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use a balm conditioner or conditioner of the same line. Apply them from the middle of the hair, gradually distributing to the tips. To make the volume also suitable special mousses and foams. They are applied immediately before laying on slightly damp hair. Dry hair with a hair dryer, lifting them at the roots. You can do this simply with your fingers, or you can use a round brush. Another option - tilt your head forward, and dry them, combing against the growth of hair. When the hair falls into the habitual position, their roots will be slightly elevated. Fix the result to a lacquer of easy fixation. how to give hair volume

How to give volume to long hair

It is much more difficult to deal with long hair- in fact, the longer they are, the more subtle they seem to be - directly "the law of meanness" of some kind ... How to give volume to long hair? There are several tricks. Perhaps, the oldest, but not lost its actuality is the method. It is not recommended to abuse it - you can ruin your hair. But if you do not do it very often, there will be no harm. The main thing - to choose the right varnish or other fixative, otherwise get the effect of a "wooden head". It's unlikely you'll like it. Another original way to visually increase the volume of hair for sure will suit you, if you "look at all 100" is necessary in the morning. In the evening, wash the head, lightly dry with a towel and apply to, still wet, roots a means for fixation. Gently gather the hair in the "ponytail" - and, it needs to be done right on the vertex. And go to bed. When you break your hair in the morning, you will see that they look very lush. This is understandable - overnight the roots dried up precisely in this position. And one more interesting method. Do you have corrugating ironing? With their help, you can also give the necessary volume. Divide the hair into two parts - upper and lower. Those that are above, collect in the tail. Lower - divide into strands. Treat their roots with iron. Having dismissed hair, you will see, that the waves which have remained from плоики, lift the top hair. At the same time, no one except you will learn about this trick - on top of that, the hair is straight. And of course, do not forget about the "folk" recipes. They can also help out in a difficult moment. To implement this, you will need a full spoonful of gelatin. Pour it with boiled water at room temperature - just do not take too much! - and leave it to swell. After about half an hour, place the mixture on a water bath and stir until gelatin dissolves. Pour in a spoonful of your usual shampoo. Apply it to the roots of the hair, close the head with polyethylene and walk like this for 30-35 minutes. Rinse with water and blow dry with your head down. how to give volume to hair at the roots

Radical measures

As you can see, when asked about how to give volumethin hair, there are many answers. Surely one of these methods will suit you. If not, it's time to move on to more radical methods. For example, visually to make hair more dense will help melirovanie. You can do it on any hair, regardless of their type and color. However, it's better to choose different technologies for brunettes and blondes. Blondes are recommended melirovanie on the French technology "mazhimesh." The hair is stained with a special cream-based paint that does not contain perhydrol. As a result, you will get golden glare playing in your hair. Brunettes are more suited to American melirovanie. For him, as a rule, from two to four shades of the same color. The more shades - the more effective the result. The principle is that in one and the other variant, one - due to the use of different tones appears "depth" and the hair seems thicker and more lush. Another option is the correct selection of haircuts. Of course, only professionals can help. An experienced stylist, based on the structure of your hair and face oval, will pick up a hairstyle that visually adds volume to your hair. Best for this fit "stepped" haircuts. For example, for long and medium hair, different types of "cascade" are suitable. For short - asymmetric, "torn" options. Just trust the master. Another good option for those who want to learn how to give volume to thin hair is build-up. True, very short hair can not be made. It is necessary that the length is at least five centimeters. Strands will be selected in such a way that in terms of structure, color and length, they will best fit your own. They will be fixed on your hair, at a distance of one centimeter from the roots, with the help of special capsules. Capsules are thin and flat. You practically will not feel them. And certainly, they will not be visible from the side! Modern technologies make the place where the strands are fastened - very strong hair can be washed, curled, laid and even painted, like your natural ones. In order to give your hair the splendor you need 100-150 strands. True, this procedure is quite tiring - it will take three to four hours. But for about six months you can forget that they were unhappy with their hair. If you liked the result, then the procedure can be done again immediately after you remove the "old" strands. As you can see, there are no desperate situations. Even if nature "greedy" and decided to save on your head of hair - this is not a reason for despair. The beauty industry does not stand still, and the task on the topic: "how to give volume to thin hair" has several solutions at once - just like in school. Today every woman - of course, if at least a little tries - can look like she wants. Do you know what the brilliant Coco Chanel said? She claimed that: "If a woman is not beautiful - she's just stupid." Roughly, of course ... Roughly - but justly. We advise you to read: